Monday, August 19, 2013

Stephen Harper's Desperate Great Escape Tour

Well I guess he knew he couldn't hide forever eh?

And that he had to get as far away from the media and the Senate scandals as he could, without looking like he was fleeing the country.

Mike Duffy's threat to drag him into court and grill him like a sardine seal must have driven him over the deep end.

So up to the North he went on his Great Escape Tour. And now he's bellowing like a walrus !!! 

Prime Minister Stephen Harper started his tour of Canada's North on Sunday with a full-throated attack on both Opposition parties, test-driving themes expected to carry the embattled Conservatives into the next election.

Or just sounding crazy DESPERATE.

"What I am telling you is that with the NDP and Liberals, what you see is what you get; dangerous ideas and vacuous thinking that would reverse all of the progress we have made," he said, ticking off bread and butter Conservative themes such as the economy, and law and order.

Because now he doesn't even pretend to care about our Arctic sovereignty, or the people who live up there, or the ability of the military to patrol our own territory.

The military, usually a main plank in galvanizing Conservatives, merited only passing reference Sunday, as the defence department conceded the recent purchase of snowmobiles for troops will be the last for nearly a decade.

Now it's all about clinging to power, smearing his opponents, and winning the next election. Which judging from his deranged speech might be closer than most people imagine.

Although I suppose to be fair, these stealthy snowmobiles just might scare the bejeesus out of the Russians and the Chinese.

The Canadian military has been secretly test-driving a $620,000 stealth snowmobile in its quest to quietly whisk troops on clandestine operations in the Arctic.

For a few minutes. 

And make at least Great True North Leader feel SAFER...

Unless like the F-35 program, those expensive babies bankrupt us first. 

Or the Chinese come by boat. 

Although its border goes nowhere near the Arctic, China recently gained observer status in the Arctic Council, a group of nations – Canada, Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway, Russia, Sweden and the United States – with major interests in the region. 

China, whose total foreign trade was worth $3.87tn (£2.5tn) last year, can see clear economic benefits from exploiting the warming that is gripping the planet and shrinking its northern sea ice shelves.

So Stephen Harper can stand on guard for us eh?

And wave at them as they go by...

Because that's all his so-called interest in the Arctic has always been about. Selling us out to foreign interests and Big Oil.

This economic time bomb is just a business opportunity. 

And this poor polar bear who died of starvation in a collapsing ecosystem... 

Is just collateral damage. Or part of his Great War on Crime, Marijuana, and Bears to make Canada SAFER !!!!

Oh boy. And the good news? This Great Escape Tour won't work. Judging by the subdued reception he's been getting, people in the north are about as tired of him as most other Canadians.

He'll never escape the sordid scandals, and the damaging questions from the media. Or maybe even the police. 

He may be dreaming of an early election. Before things get even WORSE.

But the ice is melting under his feet.

And Great True North Leader is going DOWN...

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Anonymous said...

"Judging by the subdued reception he's been getting, people in the north are about as tired of him as most other Canadians."

Some friends of mine went to Parliament Hill on Canada Day. They said that when Steve and his entourage drove onto the hill, through the crowd, nobody cheered and few clapped. Mostly silence. Apparently, a lot of people also turned their backs to him. Given that a good chunk of that crowd were probably out-of-town Canadian tourists, I find that kind of reaction towards a PM on Canada Day strange. But strange in a good way.

Anonymous said...

There will be a demonstration in Hay River tomorrow. It won't be covered by the main stream media, I suppose. I wonder if there was one in Whitehorse. It's a pretty liberal town.

thwap said...

He is gutless. Every time there's a scandal, he so obviously goes into hiding.

Anonymous said...

As well as Harper bringing China into the High Arctic, Harper is also selling our farmland to China as well. Harper gave the key to the tar sands to China. He already gave Nexen to China. Harper's Omnibus Bill permission to sue Canada if, anyone blocks China's huge inroads into our country. China can even sue Canada in the International courts. China sued for the 200 BC mining jobs. Harper's FIPA deal with China, has China in Canada for a minimum of 31 years. China wants the timber and the mines on, Vancouver Island.

I signed the petition against, Harper's FIPA deal with China.

If Harper ratifies the FIPA deal with China, we can all kiss Canada good-bye. What China isn't taking, the U.S. will.

Anonymous said...

I see. Harper the evil is, proroguing Parliament AGAIN.

Wendy said...

Harper is such a weasel! Prorogue #3 coming up. Let's hope our GG has the guts to 'Just say no' to Harper's prorogue request.

The salaries of the PM, Senators and MP's should also be prorogued. And don't let Harper out of the country while Parliament during that time period. Gawd knows, he's done his share of (largely unnecessary) travel on our dime. Selling us out, chunk by chunk.

Stand up, Canadians! Haven't you had enough?