Thursday, August 15, 2013

Con Stories: Another PMO Operative Jumps Ship

They don't dare admit it of course, but there's one thing everyone who has worked in the PMO would say if they could be sure of being accepted into the Witness Protection Program:

It's not easy working for Boss Harper.

One moment you're in, and the next moment you're OUT. Like Harper's latest hand puppet and Chief Mouthpiece Andrew MacDougall.

Prime Minister Stephen Harper's chief media spokesman and director of communications Andrew MacDougall said Wednesday it is "time to say goodbye" to Parliament Hill.

Leaving the PMO suddenly, like so many others.

MacDougall, 38, is one of many staffers to depart from the Prime Minister's Office in recent months. Nigel Wright, Harper's former chief of staff, resigned from that role in May after it was revealed that he was the one behind Senator Mike Duffy's $90,000 repayment to the Senate.

And who can blame him eh? He must surely see the writing on the wall, or the paddy wagon coming. Or maybe they sent him a horse's chihuahua's head. Or a fish wrapped in a newspaper.

Because who can forget the tragic story of Harper's former flak Kory Teneycke when he was in the PMO...

Once he was a rising Con star, and Corn Cob Bob's daddy.

Until he no doubt failed to show Boss Harper enough respect. Or mixed up his and Jason Kenney's mascara, and made Great Warrior Leader look like a drag queen.

And now, as you know, poor old Kory has been reduced to selling fish for Sun News...

So you can imagine the pressure Andrew MacDougall must have been under. The Senate Scandal, the police investigations, the sagging polls. Great Ugly Leader rolling on the floor biting the carpet. And now Pamela Wallin.

In June 9, 2009, Wallin claimed Senate expenses for an awards dinner she said she attended for the Institute of Corporate Directors in Toronto, though the airline ticket indicates she didn't leave Ottawa until 8 p.m. and didn't arrive in Toronto until after 9 p.m. Through interviews and internet research, Deloitte determined Wallin didn't speak at the dinner in 2009, but rather one year earlier, in 2008, before she was appointed to the Senate.

For how DO you put a positive spin on something like that eh?

With spit, shit, or SHINOLA?

And of course this is the stuff of nightmares.

Pamela Wallin began her adult life working behind bars — not the kind you belly up to. It’s at least possible the senator could end up back there, as a guest of Her Majesty.

It must all have been too much. Especially since Boss Harper personally reviewed Pammy's expenses and told Parliament they were "reasonable."

And now he's running for cover.

The Opposition is blasting Prime Minister Stephen Harper for not speaking out publicly about the damning audit of Sen. Pamela Wallin’s expenses, even though he defended her earlier this year when allegations of misspending began to surface.

Golly. After that PR disaster I'm not SURPRISED that Andy wants to put the Atlantic Ocean between him and Great Sinking Leader.

In fact so grim is the situation, and so crazy desperate is Stephen Harper, that for one glorious moment this evening I thought he was also leaving town in a hurry.

After seeing this picture on his Twitter feed...

But sadly he was just putting his Enemy List in a grocery bag, and going home eh? 

No doubt after a long day at the office, plotting his NEW/NOUVEAU XXX assault on Justin Trudeau, praying with his inner circle, and monitoring the police radio.

But don't worry. One day we will have a picture just like that one, of Harper leaving office for the last time. So we can frame it, hang it lovingly behind the toilet, and moon it every day of the year.

Because that's where him and his foul Con regime are going. Have no doubt about that.

The flushing sounds are unmistakable.

And the writing is on the wall...

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thwap said...

harper does have a tendency to hide and hide and hide, whenever one of his many schemes goes off the rails.

He's gutless.

He's also been right that our national memory is very short and that whenever he re-emerges, it doesn't take long for us to forget about the previous scandal and allow him to continue to fleece us.

Anonymous said...

. . . and then you read the comments of the poor, misguided rubes in Wadena regarding porcine pammy and you realize just what kind of colossally ignorant and feudal thinking "elected" her. They won't even believe her guilt if/when she is proven guilty beyond a shadow of a doubt. No wonder Saskatchewan is so screwed up.

Anonymous said...

The little rats are swimming for their lives but the biggest rat is still onboard.

Actually, Simon, you must know that most kinds of rats live in the woods or fields, but there are a few kinds that like to live with people. And, unfortunately, the latter kinds of rats like to move in with the best of people, like those luvable Canucks once loved and respected around the world, and now, not so much because of those darned rats.

So, will Dear Leader be erecting a firewall around the PMO, as he had tried to do with his adopted province? Or will he suddenly reinvent himself as Pierre Elliot Harper, championing energy security for the Eastern bastards while not telling them that they will actually be paying higher prices once Energy East is developed?

I guess we will know when Halloween rolls around. Meanwhile, we should keep a lookout for those little rats swimming furiously in the water and point out to our friends and family alike "ah, there goes another one".

wazz said...

Well the guy knows a sinking ship when he sees one. The Senate fiasco is getting bigger by the second, with the Con spin that Wallin Duffy and Brazeau campaigned for the Cons and inappropriately charged tens of thousands of dollars to the Senate (taxpayers) all of their own volition. One cannot reasonably excuse Wallin and Duffy for their obnoxious behaviour, but they were without a reasonable doubt engaging in Con partisan activities as senators at the behest of Great Ethics Leader Harper. That was the deal they made with Harper, via the wink wink nudge nudge secrecy ‘they’ll never find out’ routine. The firewall the PMO would like to build around Harper is made of transparent glass. To Harper: We can see what you're doing. This is a case of fraud, of trying to scam Senate spending rules to get taxpayers to pay for fundraising and campaigning for the CONS. This is illegal. It should be fully investigated and charges should be laid, starting with Harper.

The Senate is NOT the problem. Harper abusing it IS. . The REAL PROBLEM here is NOT the Senate. The Senate works when it is run properly. The REAL PROBLEM is Harper appointed Wallin and Duffy for the express purpose of being full-time CPC fundraisers, on the taxpayer dime. This is so illegal on so many fronts it is incredible. HARPER needs to be held to account for this because he told the House Wallin’s expenses were OK. Harper has lied to the House and attempted to coverup this scandal from the Canadian public. This coverup is ANOTHER crime here.

Harper: I'll make you a Senator if you campaign for us during the election, because you're famous. Well, "Canadian Famous." You know what I mean.

Wallin: But I'm the ambassador to New York. Appointed as a Liberal. How can I do that?

H: No sweat. If it becomes an issue, well spin it as a common-sense change. The base will love it.

W: The pay isn't attractive.

H: High profile Senators don't make their money from their paychecks. Senators make their money on boards.

W: How do I get invited to boards?

H: Nigel handles that. Talk to him.

W: How do I campaign for you? I'm not running for anything. Do you have the ability to get me to all these campaign events? Who pays?

H: The Senate has the money. That's the beauty of this. You're just visiting constituencies.

W: Is this legal?

H: I'm King Steve King I decide and say what's legal.

W: Well.. ok.