Sunday, August 04, 2013

The Harper Regime and the Signs of the Apocalypse

I don't know how I made it to this long weekend in Ontario. But now that I've arrived I've got to say this is the weirdest summer ever.

After the searing heat now it feels like fall.

And after all the other extreme weather events all over the world, I'm not surprised to read that climate change is happening faster than anyone imagined. 

A new paper in the journal Science finds that climate change is now set to occur at a pace "orders of magnitude more rapid" than at any other time in the last 65 million years. That breakneck speed may mean extinction for species that cannot keep up.

For example, the paper's authors Noah S. Diffenbaugh and Christopher B. Field of Stanford write, consider the global cooling that took place beginning some 52 million years ago. That change was of a greater magnitude than even the worst-case global-warming projections for the 21st century. But that transition occurred over a period lasting 18 million years, not a matter of decades.

Speeding up like everything else in this frantic world, where one sign of the coming apocalypse seems to follow the other. From the bad news about the honey bees. 

To the oranges falling off the trees in Florida. 

And with governments dragging their heels on climate change, and Stephen Harper's foul Con regime actually working to speed it up, it's easy to be discouraged or feel helpless.

But even in all this gloom there are some points of light. Or several ponies in the heap of manure.

Firstly, the speed of climate change will bury the climate change deniers once and for all. Or at least silence them until the day they can be put on trial.

Secondly, Stephen Harper's planet burning policies will look ever more reckless or just plain crazy, as more and more Canadians understand where he is taking us. And they WILL be a big factor in the next election.

And thirdly, and best of all, the resistance is spreading.

The revolt is beginning.

And for all those like Great Oily Leader who have led us to the brink of catastrophe, the writing is truly on the wall. The Con apocalypse is truly coming.

But right now it's the summer that feels like fall eh?

And I'll soon be heading off to enjoy it while it's still here.

Sailing off like this guy and his dog...

With hopefully better results...

Although I must admit when I saw the poor guy bailing furiously, I couldn't help thinking of Stephen Harper trying to bail out his sinking Con regime. By sucking and blowing like a bilge pump.

And it really cheered me up eh?

Have a great weekend everybody.

It's a dangerous world.

But we will survive...

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Anonymous said...

Harper looks out for Harper. He is not about, what is good for the country, provinces nor the people. Harper is about his own, power, glory, his own benefit and, to hell with the people. Harper is willing to destroy the entire planet, with the foul pollution of the tar sands. There was another earthquake in BC, and the brain dead idiots wants to string a pipeline across BC.

Imagine the tar oil going to China? Much of China's farmland is contaminated and, 40% of their water is poisoned. Dead pigs were floating down, one of China's rivers. Chinese farmers are very upset about their poisoned farmland, how are they to live and feed their own families? Now, China is buying up our Canadian farmland. If Harper's FIPA deal with China is approved? We will have thousands of Chinese over here, working Canada's resources. China needs our farmland, to feed their people. China doesn't care about their own country being polluted. I imagine Canada will look the same, when China gets into Canada.

Harper's Omnibus Bill gives China permission to sue Canada if, anyone tries to block China's intrusions into our country. Therefore, Harper gave the 200 mining jobs in BC, to China

I signed the petition against, Harper FIPA deal with China..

Edstock said...

Golly — these sure are 'interesting' times. I could be wrong, but Mother Nature appears to hate conservatives, judging by the hints she keeps dropping.

The political zeitgeist, the power dynamic is building up to a 'perfect' storm. IMHO, the consequences of countless psycho-capitalist decisions made are starting to arrive together, as never anticipated knowledge leaks out and spreads through the web. It's like the last scene in the first Terminator movie.

e.a.f. said...

The climate is changing. It has in the past. If people want to deny the ice ages, fine by me, but we've had them. We have also had heat and warm weather where there wasn't at one time. We have had rain in areas which are now desert. The the impending climate change, we as humans have too many of us to surive a massive climate change. We have also polluted the earth too much to survive a climate change.

Canadians used to worry about becoming the next American state. Well, that was the good option. We are going to become the next country china controls/owns. It is just too bad we won't have a vote over what China does to Canada. The free trade agreement stevie slime wants to sign with China will have such vast impacts on Canada, most have no idea.

Chinese government/corporations are buying businesses in Canada, land in Canada, over we will not have much control. China has made in roads in Africa, but we are closer and we are safer. In 50 yrs when China is "finished" with Canada, we will have little left except polluted water, land, and air. We have a choice at this point in time. Move to another country/continent or stay and fight stevie slime and his plans for Canada.

Steve said...

Hi Simon,
I may be pissing on a tree you have already wetted. But its a call to arms, wake up this nation.

Simon said...

hi anonymous...well it's not just the Chinese. Harper and his gang will sell us out any foreign interests. The Keystone XL pipeline may end up sending oil to China, but the biggest beneficiaries are the Koch brothers...

Simon said...

hi Edstock... No, you're not wrong, Mother Nature is progressive. When I met with her recently she assured me she simply can't stand Harper, and intends to kick up an unholy ruckus until he goes away. I said "Maybe a Con-seeking tornado? Or a dark cloud that hovers over Harper's head and follows him around?"
And she said that is a GREAT idea. ;)
Seriously though, as you say it is starting to look like the perfect storm. I can feel history moving, and the Cons are on the wrong side of it...

Simon said...

hi Steve.... Pissing on a tree you have already wetted? Is that how you regard my carefully chosen words, my exquisite prose? ;)
But yes, the last thing we need is the sinister gang from the Department of Homeland Insecurity running around on our side of the border. Although I have only accumulated a traffic ticket in my life so far, somehow whenever I go through U.S. customs I feel like a criminal....

Simon said...

hi e.a.f...There can be no doubt that climate change is here, but what is truly sscary is the rate at which it is happening. We are disrupting a delicate balance and not giving nature enough time to adapt. And you're right about the Chinese throwing their weight around. But here's the thing, the Chinese are actually doing more investing in green technology than we are. So we'll end up with the worst of both worlds...