Wednesday, August 14, 2013

The Census and the Dark Harperland Summer

I've never seen a summer like this one. So grey, so cold, so ominous.

And as it turns out so Harperland eh?

For more proof today that if Great Ugly Leader has his way we'll all end up living in perpetual darkness. 

Statistics Canada has postponed the third and final release of data from the 2011 National Household Survey, the controversial replacement for the cancelled long-form census.

The final release from the survey includes details about income levels, earnings, housing and shelter costs across Canada.

Because they can spin it any way they want, but EVERYBODY knows that the long-form census was better than the shrunken stunted version that the Cons replaced it with for no sane reason...

And that they can fiddle with the data until their fingers fall off, but thanks to Stephen Harper we will NEVER know our country again as well as we once did.

Yup. Before he gutted the census I knew he was deeply disturbed eh?

But after that I knew he was CRAZY.

And knowing how the Harperite cult operates, and how it intimidates those who work for it, I wouldn't be surprised if the results are being massaged by the sinister operatives in the PMO to try to make the Cons look good. Or hide the fact that the rich are getting richer and the poor are getting poorer.

Just like they destroy research stations to conceal the truth about what they are doing to the environment. Or muzzle scientists. Or lie all the time, or try to brainwash us with their neverending propaganda.

And Stephen Harper would launch a Great War on Drugs, even though the crime rate is going down, and even the Americans now realize it's INSANITY. 

If the Harper government needs more evidence it is heading in the wrong direction on marijuana laws, it was provided Monday by the U.S. attorney general, who conceded America's drug laws have been a failure and have wrongly punished and injured millions of young people.

For he enjoys the pain of others, and he would have us all live in the darkness of IGNORANCE....

In the jungle of his vengeful BESTIALITY.

Until the day we don't even know who we are, or recognize the country we're living in.

The country where in this summer that feels like fall, even in the Magic Forest, the leaves on some of the trees are already turning red or falling off...

It's so cold out on the lake the swans have moved into the police station...

And all know is that I'm so tired of the sinister darkness of Harperland.

Tired of the lies and the corruption of the filthy Con regime.

I can't wait until the light of truth shines down on their deranged leader...

And withers him like a vampire.

Let the truth set us free. When the fall arrives for real, let's attack him and his Cons harder than we ever have before.

Before he drags us into his netherworld.

And his madness becomes our NIGHTMARE...

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Rene said...

Quite a war on crime the Conservatives are waging there. And how is it that Quebec Conservative organizers had ties to corrupt businessmen, mob owned construction firms and the Hells Angels. Quite a feat for those who warn us of the dangers of legalized marijuana.

One might suspect that their current opposition to such proposal is the fruit of lobbying efforts by such criminal "associates" ...

Anonymous said...

Where I am much further north, we are have very hot, hot weather.

Knowing of Harper's earlier political days. He was Policy Chief for his, Northern Foundation of 1989. To me Harper's Dictatorship, goes with his territory. Harper hired Wolfgang Droege and his Heritage Front as, security for Preston Manning.

Harper is very, very evil in his design for Canada. Harper's designs are out and out atrocities, against Canada. Harper is indeed a monster, who needs a full mental evaluation.

Canada used to be a country, that was once welcomed around the globe. Harper has brought Canada so low other countries, don't even want to trade with Canada anymore.

Harper has no right to even live in this country, let alone govern. We went to war, so we wouldn't have Fascism and Dictatorship in our Canada.

Rene said...

As to the Conservative "war on crime", "war on drugs", "we need bigger stronger prisons" mantra and my assertion that the Reform base is composed of demented and depraved fascists who dismiss the actual crimes of their leaders, Reform's finest offer the following pearls of wisdom with respect to a recent media discussion on Yahoo Canada relating to the incarceration in September 2012 of a young pregnant woman in the Ottawa-Carleton Detention Center, arrested on charges of fraud and selling pot to an undercover officer. The young woman went into premature labour and had to give birth unassisted in her jail cell while her pleas for help were met with taunts by the prison guards, a scandal reported by Ontario Ombudman Andre Marin, himself the target of recent hate mail and death threats by Ontario Police detectives.

Our depraved and demented Reform fascists argue thus :

"Nice boobs. .. she has to feed the baby..."

"Just more dumb #$%$ liberals, sticking up for the criminals!! I guess the rest of us should be looking for hand outs , because we manage to stay out of jails everyday?? Where's our supporters?? How come we don't get any perks??"

"I wonder if the criminal gene will pass on to the baby"

"Nice hooters."

"If you're in jail, you deserve anything negative that may happen to you."

"Kind of surprised the male guards didn't take the opportunity to cop a feel or strip her naked, while pretending to help her give birth. However, she doesn't seem like someone fit to raise a child if she is jailed at 8 months pregnant for drug related crimes. Straight out of jersey shore."

"Criminals shouldn't have any rights in prison"

"Maybe people shouldn't break the law. Jails are bad places. Stay out of trouble. The sign says Jail NOT Daycare where you are babysat."

"Usually she would have been shot before she got there she should be happy.."

"the ombudsmen should be concerned with a women having custody of a baby who sells drugs at elementary schools!! and who rams drugs up her V, and that's why she went into early labour..... that chick is WHITE TRASH!! and her baby should be taken away... never worked a day in her life....LOSER who steals money from others to get by...and now will get a settlement that she will just use to buy more drugs."

"C'mon now....this cow is a criminal who defrauded somebody. She deserved what she got. .... The guards were wrong on this one, however, this woman is a POS human being and I don't really feel sorry for her. 8 month pregnant crackhead. Disgusting. I hope the child remains safe."

Rene said...

Continuing with the depraved Reform hatefest:

"So now the taxpayer is going to be on the hook for a few million because the corrections staff had to out criminal the career criminal."

"If she was in a segregated cell, it means she's a $hit disturber. She should have learned to get along nicely with the guards since she's carrying another human being & will require their assistance & compassion. Would you come to the demands of a screaming woman if she's been screaming about other b.s. for the 5 days she's been in her cell? You reap what you sow. And that poor baby is probably going through drug withdrawl."

"The sad reality is that this woman will now justifiably sue and be awarded a substantial sum of money that comes out of taxpayer coffers. She is a druggie and a fraud artist...not the type you like to see our money go to."

"Who cares she a criminal let her rot."
"Other than concern for the health of the baby I really do not feel bad for this woman at all. "

"As always, if you don't like the 'in prison' treatment then stay the heII out of prison."

"Damn, those are some big beasts!! :) ... Her milk boobs look spectacular! Has she been cleared for conjugal visits?"

"She can #$%$ all she likes about not being able to be a mother to her child..she only has herself to blame on that one. She likely has not intent of being a parent but finds this child a convenient excuse for leniency. Her lengthy criminal record indicates to me that this woman is not capable of taking responsibility for her behavior and will likely not take much responsibility for the baby either. "

"I hope the child was removed from her loser mother and given to a worthy family to raise it but, this being Canada she probably had 3 or 4 kids from 2 or 3 baby daddies waiting at home in their taxpayer subsidized public housing unit."

"meh...... she gave up her rights when she violated someone else's so severely she got prison time. Don't forget why she got there. "

"She is a drug addict.
She committed fraud to no doubt support her habit."

"She should have been in a hospital under armed guard.... We cannot forget that she was not a nice woman but dangerous criminal"

"we need to call on the ombudsmen to release the reports about inmate attacks and assaults on prison staff that are swept under the rug. a prison guard loses his job over a white trash loser druggie #$%$.... but yet an hiv inmate can bite #$%$ on and throw feces at guards and attack them and NOTHING CAN BE DONE. and that worker wont even get paid full when they are assaulted and need time off.... this is what is wrong with our country... we hug our thugs and penalize the hard working people who put their life on the line for others"

"Sorry but some of us just DON'T want to feel SORRY for "DrugRelated - Fraud" and "Pleaded Guilty!!!" CRIMINALS!!!.....YES nurses and correction officers may need lot of better training but lets don't forget they work everyday with those CRIMINALS!!! and If they plead guilty like JULIE BILOTTA!!! conclusion IF you want respect from society you must respect society too CRIMINALS!!! "

"She has huge bombs".... " Ladies often do when their lactating. Didn't you know that?".... "Well then she has awesome lactating bombs.".. "She has a GREAT rack!"

"was eight months pregnant when she was jailed Sept. 24 to await trial on fraud and drug-related charges" How the heck is she the good guy? Fact is: That baby is going to protective services and that mother is going back to her lowlife druggie lifestyle. If you don't stop your drugging at 8 month pregnant , then you will never stop."

Rene said...

And for further Reform depravity concerning dangerous pregnant "drug criminals" selling pot as opposed to the drug dealing associates of Conservative Party organizers in Quebec :

"Boy she is hot!It's too bad she is a junkie and criminal ,poor baby..."

"So?....she feels disrespected she about the fraud she committed....that's just a way of disrespecting someone else??? So it's OK for her to disrespect someone else...but not OK if someone disrespects her???"

" C'mon now....this cow is a criminal who defrauded somebody... She deserved what she got....Didn't know earning a medical degree was part of the training to become a jail guard."

"don't like the way they treat you in jail? don't go there!..nobody told her she had to commit the crime ..that said, prison guards are not experts on pregnancy and should not ignore pleas for help. i hope that this doesn't happen again. "

"Hmmmn...... no mention of the fact she was granted bail during her pregnancy and still went out and tried to sell a s**t load of pot to an undercover cop.
No mention that she had her "house arrest" revoked after the birth... at the E-Fry house and was sent back to jail.
No mention that she received hefty sum of $$$ after she "fell" at a grocery store.
The poor baby is the loser in all this."

"wow nice rack , wouldn't mind feeding at that trough"

"What woman who is 8 months pregnant is out commiting crimes, for a start ?"

"Inmates deserve the bare minimum of necessities (shelter, clothing, food, medical care). It really is a shame how much love gets doled out to these societal misfits who wreak havoc on the public."

"firstly, what is a woman on drugs doing getting pregnant? secondly, the jail is not a hotel, as many criminals are treated like some tax-free, freebie hotel , some i am sure get better treatment than many 3rd world countries where people live in poverty and are not criminals."

"Stay out of trouble, stay out of prison"

"Jail was a provincial not a federal jail. Correctional Officers are not doctors or nurses.
She is pregnant which is not their problem. If they do the wrong thing, then they could be in very serious trouble. bet you that their union will get their jobs back."

"if she had thought at all of her child she wouldn't have been in jail when she had it"

"She's 8 months pregnant and STILL involved in fraud and drug crime. She should have thought of her baby before she stayed involved in criminal activities. She will be the winner with a nice monetary apology courtesy of taxpayers." ..

"Another child born to a lowlife mother.
She doesn't deserve this child who hadn't a choice but to be born in jail."

"This pic is very nice of her and I must say very beautiful. Then she tarted it up to go to court? Still a hotty but the milk boobs make her hotter. Just sayin. BTW im a pig thx"...

"She was jailed for fraud? stupid (b)itch"....

wazz said...

'Statistics Canada has postponed the third and final release of data from the 2011 National Household Survey, the controversial replacement for the cancelled long-form census.' - Yeah, and this 'survey' data would be the one with data compiled by govt staff who had their eyes blindfolded and one arm tied behind their backs by the Con Klowns. This data is thereby not any more believable than Con senate 'reform,' F35 pricing, what Wallin, Duffy, or Harper says about anything, or Con action plan propaganda ads.

Rene said...

I think we have properly established with the above selection of hateful comments by legions of Reformers rejoicing in the inhumane treatment of a young expectant mother incarcerated in an Ottawa jail pursuant to "drug charges" the sort of fascist gutter-trash and hatemongers, utterly devoid of humanity or any basic decency, who are attracted to the banner of Reform. They constitute the scourge and bane of civilized society, the epitome of evil, violence and depravity...

astone said...

Well said Rene!!! I used to be a proud Canadian, I hope some day I will be again!!!

Simon said...

hi I said in my post I firmly believe that gutting the census is one of the worst crimes the Con regime has ever committed. An act of ideological warfare beyond all reason. And the tragedy is that Stats Can, that was once admired all over the world, can no longer be depended on to tell us who we are. For that alone the Cons deserve what will surely be coming to them...

Simon said...

hi Rene...well I think you summed up all you said before very nicely indeed. When I read those Con comments they first make my blood boil. And then when I think how pathetic they are, I must restrain every decent bone in my body from feeling sorry for them. For their lives must be small indeed...

Anonymous said...

Rene, you are a great example of why people hate Quebec. But as seeing your "nation" is determined to abort and suicide itself out of existence, who am I to complain?

In another 50 years I wonder if there will be any Quebecers left?