Wednesday, August 07, 2013

Stephen Harper and The Nightmare at 24 Sussex Drive

OMG. It's another Con scandal AND a horror show at the same time. A Nightmare at 24 Sussex Drive.

The old mansion is crumbling, but Stephen Harper is refusing to move out !!!

With Prime Minister Stephen Harper declining to move his family out of 24 Sussex Drive, the National Capital Commission has been unable to perform substantial renovations to curb rising energy costs at the official residence.

He won't leave the Big House, even though it's costing taxpayers an arm and a leg to keep it at body temperature.

The NCC last year spent more than $69,000 on heat and hydro for the 145-year-old home, billing records obtained through the Access to Information Act show. That’s up about 20 per cent from the Harpers’ first year in the home, largely because of increased energy rates.

And even though it means the next Prime Minister will have to be the one to move out. Or wear a hard hat in the house, and a fur coat to bed.

Or sleep in a box like he does...

Can you believe that eh? Is that a selfish energy hog vampire or WHAT?

And just at a time when he's trying to convince Obama to approve the Keystone XL pipeline.

By posing as an environmentalist...

While blowing hot air out of every chimney and every ORIFICE.

Gawd. It's so horrible, so embarrassing, so humiliating.

But then what what do we expect eh? When we live in the Banana Republic of Harperland where public servants have to use their OWN money to find out what the Con regime is plotting.

Officials at Parliament’s budget watchdog office say they are using their own money to file access to information requests in order to reduce government interference.

Interim Parliamentary Budget Officer Sonia L’Heureux recently said in a statement that a majority of departments and agencies are still withholding information on the impact of billions in federal spending cuts.

Because he would blind us while he kills our country.

Strangle our values like a python.

And force us to live in his own sinister darkness...

“This is a government which controls all information, all access to information, all material upon which a reasonable voter could make up his or her mind with factual information, and they just shut that down in favour of the massive Conservative propaganda machine.

Where ignorance is strength, madness rules, and hope goes to die.

Oh boy. I hope the day Stephen Harper is forced to move out of 24 Sussex Drive it's live on TV eh?

Because it's going to be the BEST moving day this country has ever seen.

And when he dares emerge from his dilapidated mansion in the fall, if the police haven't taken him to live in THEIR Big House.

Let's make sure he gets this message:

Monster, Monster, the sun is rising.

Steve, Steve, it's time to LEAVE...

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