Tuesday, August 06, 2013

Rob Ford and the Scandal That Won't Die

I thought it was strange that at a time when Toronto was convulsed over the police shooting of Sammy Yatim, Rob Ford had nothing to say about what had happened.

Nothing to say about the way the police acted that night.

But instead ducked reporters, and when finally cornered while campaigning for Tim Hudak's Ontario Conservatives seemed incredibly nervous...

But then who can blame him eh?

When that old crack video scandal just won't go away. 

One of the men who tried to sell the Rob Ford crack video was arrested as part of the Project Traveller raids in north Etobicoke. Now, Mohamed Siad, 27, an alleged drug and gun dealer, sits in segregation after being stabbed in jail just days following the massive police operation.

It just keeps getting worse and more violent.

While this picture of Rob and his homeboys...

Just keeps getting more and more incriminating. 

Forget the video for at least a moment. Think about the photograph. In the picture above, there are four men. One is dead, two are under arrest, and one is the mayor of Toronto.

One murder, two shootings, one stabbing, one home invasion and beating with a pipe, four arrests, many search warrants, and the mayor of Canada’s largest city. Forget the video. The photo provides enough troubling questions on its own.

And to make matters worse, as the Toronto Star editorial board points out, not only does Ford need to come clean, so does the Police Chief.

And the alleged video? Police Chief Bill Blair is refusing to confirm or deny that officers have obtained a copy of it. He’s refusing to say if Project Traveller raids unearthed connections to the Ford administration. And he’s refusing to confirm or deny that there’s an investigation into the conduct of people in Ford’s office.

Blair claims his silence is necessary for legal reasons. But there’s ample legal opinion indicating that this is not the case. The public is deliberately being kept in the dark on the activities of Toronto’s mayor.

And it all makes me wonder what's going on? Could Rob Ford now be at the mercy of violent criminals ..... AND the police?

Could that be why he doesn't want to say anything about the way they killed Sammy Yatim?

And why does everything in Con Canada seem so corrupt and so sinister?

Honestly, on a summer afternoon that feels like fall, when I stare at Toronto through the haze, and at the speeding police boat.

I can't believe what's happening in this city...

And if it wasn't for the canoes I might even have trouble figuring out what country I'm living in.


Where the summer feels like fall. The Cons are still running Canada. Rob Ford is still the Mayor of Toronto.

And Sammy Yatim is still dead...

And the good news?

Tim Hudak's Cons lost big despite Ford's support.

So Hudak is still a LOSER.

And now there are two of them...

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Anonymous said...

and there's no explaining this

Approval numbers NORTH of 55! wtf?

Steve said...

Case in point is the Whitey Bulger case.
Maybe the FBI has informants who are Mafia Dons, and this makes them omni something. We will never know as Whitey never testified or brought witness. But what we do know is the same people have 1500 special informants. OK move on nothing to see here.

Anonymous said...

All lefties should ride the street cars in Toronto, that ought to thin out your ranks.


Simon said...

hi anonymous...You know I don't want to sound like Warren Kinsella, but I have trouble trusting a Forum poll. Especially since other polls show that at least two as yet undeclared candidates would beat him handily. In fact, in my opinion, the only way he could win the next election is if progressives split the vote. Which is possible, but remember if that famous video ever turns up, he probably won't even be running...

Simon said...

Hi Steve...One thing people need to remember is that the Mayor deals with all kinds of developers and powerful economic interests, it's a multi billion dollar business. So there are all kinds of hidden hands pulling the strings, and they will do ANYTHING to keep their stooge in power....

Simon said...

hi anonycon...Gawd. Don't tell me they let you out of prison again. The revolving door of our justice system is absolute SCANDAL !!!! But I'm curious. Where you come from do you have anything resembling a street car? Or are you still riding chuck wagons? And BTW from what I hear it's the old Con base that's thinning out. Dropping like flies. Oh well, that's life. Here today *croak* gone tomorrow... :)