Friday, February 20, 2009

What Harper Didn't Tell us About the Border

I see that Stephen Harper is getting a lot of brownie points for trying to persuade Americans we're not a nest of dangerous terrorists.

Because we take security SERIOUSLY.

"I just want to make this clear to our American friends ... threats to the United States are threats to Canada," Harper said at a joint press conference with President Barack Obama.

"There is no such thing as a threat to the national security of the United States, which does not represent a direct threat to this country."

When in fact Great Neocon , RepubliCon ,Obama Friend Leader deserves NO brownie points...for addressing the American people .... who probably weren't even watching.

Instead of the Pentagon.

Military officials believe Canadian immigration policies are creating a "favorable" environment for what the U.S. government deems to be potential terrorists seeking entry into the United States from the north, according to an internal briefing crafted by a U.S. Northern Command joint task force.

Officials at the Joint Task Force-North believe a “large population” of so-called special-interest aliens, or SIAs, in Eastern Canada presents the “greatest potential for foreign terrorists' access to the homeland,” according to a Jan. 15 briefing available on the organization's Web site until recently.

Uh oh. Who is Obama to believe...Stephen Harper or his generals?

And who are all these "special interest aliens." Do they come from outer space or just Pakistan? And if as Great Leader says no threat to the United States is not a threat to Canada, are we in GREAT danger eh?

And if so how come we've never heard of these aliens? Why aren't they being ARRESTED ??? !!!!!! Is it safe to leave our homes?

And who the fuck is in charge of this dossier?

A spokeswoman for the Canadian Embassy in Washington referred a reporter's request for comment on JTF-North's assessments to the defense ministry in Ottawa. A spokeswoman there initially took questions from yesterday but later referred the issue to Public Safety Canada, a federal agency comparable to the U.S. Department of Homeland Security.

OMG. Not HIM...

Not Tubby Van Loan. Last seen carrying on like a fire hydrant in heat in the House of Commons. Accusing the opposition of being Taliban supporters.

So much for taking security SERIOUSLY.

And who's the Con Monkey responsible for keeping trade flowing smoothly?


So much for the open border.

Although you know I still can't WAIT to see what Peter Van Loan has to tell us ...or the Pentagon.

Who knew living in Con Canada could be so dangerous?

Over to you Tubby...


h/t Attackerman


Beijing York said...

Doris Day was moved/promoted to Foreign Affairs International Trade (DFAIT). Dunderhead Peter Van Loan is now minister of Public Safety.

Simon said...

Hi Beijing....thanks for that. I made the necessary adjustments... :)