Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Doris Day and the Spam Factory

Gawd. I know we're in trouble when I have more confidence in what Wiarton Willy has to say about the length of this ghastly winter.

Than I have in anything Stockwell Day has to say about our economy.

Canada's international trade minister warned that products other than steel and iron could be swept into the "Buy American" clause of the U.S. stimulus bill, but he's hopeful U.S. legislators will retreat from the controversial policy.

Because even a groundhog could have predicted that one.....LAST year.

But then that's our Doris....

The Reform Party homophobe and all-round incompetent who has been making us laugh for years. And is now threatening to take his comedy act to Washington.

Our Doris who doesn't seem to understand how desperate the Americans are, as their economy continues to implode. With thousands of jobs being lost every day. Consumer confidence lower than it has been in almost fifty years.

And one of the few booming businesses is the Spam factory.

Our Doris who doesn't seem to understand how much Obama hates our Cons for trying to sabotage his primary campaign at a crucial moment. By leaking stuff suggesting that he was lying about his promise to do something about NAFTA.

So how sympathetic do you think he's going to be to the pleas of Canada's Republicans? Does anyone really think he's going to make it look like they were right....and he was a LIAR?

Oh boy. We should have ditched these Cons the moment Obama was elected. But now it's too late.

All we can do now is see if we can raise groundhogs for meat, stock up on Spam and Kraft Dinners. Try to grow vegetables in the bathtub.

And of course sing along with Doris...

Because with these foul incompetent Con klowns in power.

What will be will be.

And ANYTHING could happen...


h/t Let Freedom Rain.

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