Wednesday, February 18, 2009

You Know the Auto Industry is in Trouble...

When not only are the big car companies asking for more money in the gas tank.

They're taking down the clocks at Chrysler.

You won't see many clocks on the walls at Chrysler's headquarters in Auburn Hills.

The automaker took most of them down -- to save an estimated $20,000 a year on batteries and having workers change the time twice a year for daylight saving time.

Well that's something. Who need clocks eh? When they can use setting sun dials.

Next to go?

The calendars.

So they can pretend it's 1955 again....

Oh baby baby. Why was I born too late?

Why couldn't I have had a forty-foot car with FINS?

Instead of a clunky bicycle. *Sigh*

Oh where did the good times go?

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