Monday, February 02, 2009

Afghanistan, the Coffin, and the Box

As another Canadian soldier comes home in a box .

The 11th soldier to be killed in the last two months.

And the latest report from Afghanistan only makes the bad news official.

Since January 2008, U.S. and NATO troop deaths have risen 26 percent, according to the statistics. Afghan security forces deaths are up 64 percent in the same period.

Between coalition attacks on targets with fighters hiding behind insurgents and Taliban and al Qaeda attacks on Afghan civilians, 2008 saw a 60 percent rise in civilian deaths

Reinforcing the prevailing military view that although we know we can't win, we can't afford to lose.

An American soldier comes back from Iraq in another kind of box.

To surprise his young son...

Guess which ending I like?

They can say what they want about this Great War on Terror

But I don't believe it...


Update: Change the Great War on Terror to the Great War on Drugs.

The sooner we're out of there the better...

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MississaugaPeter said...

What is most staggering is the recent disproportionate number of Canadian casualties compared to other countries:

December 2008

9 Canadians
3 British
3 Danish
1 Dutch
1 American

Total since Coaltion forces entered Afghanistan (number, population of countries, deaths/M):

US - 576, 307M, 1.88
GB - 142, 62M, 2.29
CAN - 108, 34M, 3.00
GER - 30, 83M, 0.36
SPA - 25, 46M, 0.54