Monday, February 23, 2009

The Oscar Message to the Gay Kids of America

I enjoyed the Oscars.

I always do.

I'm glad Slumdog Millionaire won. I bet they're celebrating in the slums of Mumbai tonight.

I'm happy that Sean Penn won best actor for Milk. He deserved it. Although I was surprised he didn't mention the man he played. That could only happen to a gay hero eh?

I love Kate Winslet.

I knew I'd get choked up when Heath Ledger won, and his family accepted his Oscar.

But the speech that REALLY moved me was Milk screenwriter Dustin Lance Black's message to the gay youth of America.....

If Harvey had not been taken from us thirty years ago I think he'd want me to say to all the gay and lesbian kids out there tonight who have been told that they are LESS THAN by their churches, by their government, or by their families. That you are beautiful wonderful creatures of value. And that no matter what anybody tells you God does love you.

Yup. I think he would. Well said Dustin.

I bet gay kids all over the world are feeling good ...or just a bit better tonight.

Harvey would have been proud of you....


Beijing York said...

Black's speech was great. And I do hope those kids heard it. I'm pretty sure Penn acknowledged Milk by quoting him quite effectively. He also went on to castigate those who supported Proposition 8. Very good on all counts.

And I really loved how the acting awards were presented by past winners highlighting each nominees' strength. Such a refreshing change to the usual sterile award presentations.

I was almost certain that the freeze frame on the "In Memoriam" was going to be on Heath Ledger but he wasn't included. Weird, no? Still, I thought that having Queen Latifah sing through it was a nice unexpected twist.

Mark from Slap said...

Agreed; what a great message for all the kids out there.

(And Beijing, I think they didn't show Heath Ledger in the "In Memoriam" segment because died in 2007; he was shown last year, if I recall correctly.)

Mike said...

I actually spontaneously clapped when he said that. Well done.

And I particularly liked how they would intersperse the love scenes being shown in those "Oscar Diary" montages with two men kissing with out so much as a gasp or anything from the audience.

It was just...normal. As it should be.

Pearce said...

Feh. Rourke was better than Penn, hands down. Yes, it sends a great message to the gay community, but the awards show is supposed to award the best performance, not make a political point. Wait, it's the Oscars, never mind.

Oemissions said...

Yes We Can! tell our stories through film and in acceptance speeches for an award of excellence in contribution to the art of motion pictures.

Simon said...

Hi Beijing...I also thought Sean Penn's speech was good...just not as good as Justins.
But the most tragic thing is that I forgot to mention Wall-E which is one of the movies I most enjoyed last year. And my Wall-E robot is VERY upset. I may have to take some urgent steps...and post a picture of Kerouac trying to cheer him up... :)

Simon said...

Hi Mark...yes I have to admit that Dustin's speech REALLY choked him up. Especially since the Oscars are watched all over the world...and so many gay kids and their families must have heard it.
The Gay Agenda works in mysterious ways... :)

Simon said...

Hi Mike...OK I'm gonna have to admit it... I wept. And I checked out some of my friends...the ones who give me a hard time for being such a sentimental fool...and they weren't looking too good either... :)
But yeah wouldn't it be great if all love was just normal?

Simon said...

Hi Pearce...I haven't seen the Mickey movie. But the way I figure it is's easier for Rourke to play a washed up wrestler than it is for Penn to play a gay guy. So there... :)

Simon said...

Hi Oemissions...yes we can. Sometimes. But it was great to see a young gay guy win an Oscar for a story about a gay hero.
Damn him for being so young and successful. Now I'm JEALOUS !!! ;)