Friday, February 06, 2009

The Cons and the Budget that Can't Fly

OK. Here's an easy question for a Friday night. If the pilot who landed his plane in the river had done that because he forgot to gas her up, would he still be the Hero of the Hudson?

Or would he be a criminally incompetent and irresponsible bum like Jimbo Flaherty.... the Idiot from Oshawa?

Who forgot to put enough boost in his useless smoke and mirrors budget to keep it in the air for more than a few minutes. And now wants to try to takeoff AGAIN.

“I'm open to the possibility of doing more,” the Finance Minister said Thursday.

“We said in the budget that we would do whatever is necessary. We said there was a large degree of uncertainty in the world economy – which there is.”

Even as the recession claims more and more victims.

But at least Jimbo was willing to concede that maybe he didn't have enough real boost to takeoff.... and clear the trees at the end of the runway. Until Great Economist , Leader , Crazy Captain Harper seized the controls.

And shot that idea down in flames.

"We have got to be able to stick to the course," Harper said."We're not going to get blown off track every time there is some bad news."

Because of course, this isn't about our economy, or what's good for our country. This always has been and always will be what's good for Stephen Harper. The pathetic klown ideologue who didn't see it coming. And doesn't know what he's doing.

You know I heard a story today about a woman in Nova Scotia with two daughters, who had to wait nine weeks for a E.I. cheque. Now multiply that suffering by a million times or more. Remember that most Canadians aren't even eligible for E.I.

And ask yourself what kind of a heartless psycho monster is running our country?

For the sake of every Canadian. For the sake of our beautiful Canada.

Somebody please grab the controls from these criminally incompetent and brutish Cons.

Before they kill us all....


susansmith said...

Well the reason why so many can't collect EI, and why the delay in collecting, as to do with the liberals, or change eligibility criteria around the mid 90s. So just anybody grabbing the controls should be considered with that understanding and history.

Oemissions said...

Global had a good clip showing that Canada's job loss is actually now twice that of the US.

Simon said...

Hi're right about how the Liberals turned EI into a sham...but I'll support anyone who gets it back to what it should be. A way for an unemployed person to survive with dignity...

Simon said...

Hi that so? I wouldn't be surprised. Thanks to the Cons and their Big Oil sponsors our manufacturing base has been dying for years.
And then of course there's the hidden losses...the people who still have jobs but have had their hours cut so they are making barely enough to survive...