Wednesday, February 04, 2009

The Budget and the Judgement of History

Now that the ghastly deed is done.

And the ConLib Coalition has passed a third-rate amateurish budget that has about as good a chance of stopping the recession, as a pea shooter has of stopping a tank.

A budget that has condemned millions of Canadians to lives of misery and despair by failing to restructure the useless E.I. system. Even as the recession deepens.

Canada could lose as many as 325,000 jobs this year, sending the national unemployment rate soaring to almost nine per cent, according to Toronto-Dominion Bank.

Perhaps we should take another look at another set of figures to see what Ignatieff and his LibCons have really done.

The federal Conservatives raised a record amount of money last year, far more than all the other parties put together, figures released Monday show.

The cash-stuffed Conservative treasury has allowed for more staff, larger offices, more TV ads, and a campaign war room that operates year-round, even between elections.

Which is, after all the other bullshit is stripped away, nothing less than FUCKED themselves. By failing to take advantage of a unique opportunity to have a Coalition government take power WITHOUT an election.

Thus leaving Stephen Harper in a position to call an election whenever he wants. So he can use all that money to steamroller the divided left. Because after TWO votes of confidence...the Throne Speech and the the Governor General has no choice but to grant him one.

And how long do the Liberals think Harper will wait before he introduces some toxic legislation they just can't support? And what will they do then? Go for an election they can't afford....or support him anyway? Just like Dion did. Will Iggy be jiggy? Of course he will.

The Liberals could have toppled this foul incompetent Con government. Or at the very least forced it to present a better budget that did more to protect the lives of millions of Canadians.

But they didn't. The polls may be with them now. A frightened and desperate people are easily manipulated. Especially when they are offered no alternatives.

But every bone in my body tells me they will live to regret this day. Just like the rest of us.

History will judge them harshly.

And because I'll never forget what might have been. And I hate idiocy even more than cowardice.

I'll never forgive them...


Jim Parrett said...

History will indeed treat the parties involved in this unholy alliance harshly. What might have been. Sigh.

As anyone can see in the US with Obama's reaching out to conservatives, you only get shafted by cons. Always.

Oemissions said...

What is disturbing to me is that our media is being used only to promote this party or that party rather than for presentations on issues.
With the technology we have today, we could be having presentations, discussions by representatives from many groups,all presenting knowledge and experience and studies for all to ponder and discuss.
Even individual MPs could in one day do the same thing with their constituency and hold an online vote on an issue, after lively discussion.
The Coalition meant for me a new direction in politics involving participatory democracy focusing on problems and solutions and NOT party personalities.
Now we are back in the Dark ages with Old World politics.

susansmith said...

good but sad post Simon. Corporations like less democracy and passive ignorant public. No wonder they are fawning Iggy.