Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Harper and Obama's Slap in the Face

Well I imagine Stephen Harper must be in a tizzy tonight preparing for the Obama visit. Trying on a new frock, memorizing fifty different ways to say sorry. And practicing going down on his meaty knees over and over again.

Hoping that the Big O will forget that he is the last of the Bush Cons. The Canadian Republicans who tried to sabotage his primary campaign, supported John McCain and Sarah Palin, and would happily dance on his crushed bones if they ever got a chance.

Hoping that he will be able to convince Obama that both men have a lot in common. Like this Con fluffer claims.

In personal terms, there should be excellent chemistry between these two guys. In generational terms, they belong to the same baby-boomer cohort. Harper was born in 1959, Obama in 1961. They both come from modest backgrounds, where their mothers were the most important influence in their lives. They both saw themselves as agents of change, both made audacious reaches for power at a young age, and both have grasped the brass ring.

Which of course is absolutely absurd. The two men couldn't be more different. Or hate each other more, philosophically and personally. The idea of having even lunch with Harper is probably as attractive to Obama....as attending a Medici banquet without a food taster.

And this official visit , detour , brief encounter , doo doo stop is just Obama's way of giving Harper the biggest slap in the face a President can give a Prime Minister.

Short of never leaving the airport. Or never leaving the plane.

Just standing in the doorway as Air Force One rolls down the runway again just minutes after landing. Shouting at Harper with a bull horn...as Great Con Leader tries to keep up on a pair of elephant roller skates.

Because Obama hates Harper that much. And probably doesn't think much of us either for electing a Bush Con like that Prime Minister.

But...but .....but.... we LOVE you Obama !!!

Gawd. This is going to be painful.

I knew we'd PAY for leaving that pig in power.

But how much humiliation..... and disappointment can we take?

Before enough is enough...


sassy said...

If Obama didn’t have more important things to attend to, I’d say this was a pity visit. It’s more likely a dress rehearsal for when Obama first travels to meet with a REAL leader.

Simon said...

Hi Sassy...yes I like that a Pity Visit !!! He had to come he had npo choice. Although I'm sure that after a few hours with Harper even the great Obama was feeling sorry for himself... :)