Thursday, February 12, 2009

Batwoman and My Gay Superheroes

I'm delighted to see that the gay community has a new superhero ....the fabulous flame-haired lesbian Batwoman.

"A lesbian socialite by night and a crime-fighter by later in the night".

Because with all the enemies we have, we need every superhero we can get. The more diversity the better. And also because since Apollo and The Midnighter got married, adopted a child and disappeared most gay comic characters's been awfully dull out there.

But ....but....but...I NEED to know....what ever happened to Batman?

How did I miss that one? And how does poor Robin feel? Or should I say how would he have FELT.... back when Batman was gay?

And before the loudmouth prick Christian Bale killed off the Boy Wonder.

#!%&# !!

I can NEVER forgive him.

And I'm sure Batman can't either.

Wherever he is....

The good news?

ANYONE can be a superhero.

Even me...

And YOU.

Hold on Catwoman....I mean Batwoman..... here I come !!!!!

Happy Crime , Con fighting everyone....


h/t Voenix Rising

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