Saturday, February 14, 2009

Valentine's Day and the Song of Love

Well today is Valentine's Day and I hardly dare blog about it. Because so many bloggers seem to hate Cupid's Big Day.

I mean REALLY hate it

And they're not alone.

But for me it's different. When I was a young teenager I was the only one in my class who didn't get a Valentine's card. And I would have given anything to get one. Or send a card to someone and say I love you.

But gay boys couldn't or didn't do that. Not in high school anyway.

And I didn't get a card today either. Although I did send out a few to some of my friends who don't have a special someone.

But in a few hours when my Valentine comes home from work I WILL get to say "I love you S├ębastien. Happy Saint-Valentin mon amour !!!!! "

Eat lots of chocolates.

And in a cynical take it for granted world celebrate the little Cupid...

Whose lucky BRILLIANT shot made my Valentine dream come true. Just when I had almost given up.

Oh yeah I know... and I believe in a better world too... so that makes me a HOPELESS romantic. And I realize that not everyone has a Valentine...or wants one. I realize the day itself is tacky and too commercial. I know what it's like to feel left out....and lonely.

And that so many of my gay brothers and sisters are still fighting for their love to be recognized.

But in a world so full of hate and violence, a day that celebrates love can't be all that bad.

And it doesn't have to be a stuffed teddy, or flowers, or a even a card.

Or an opera or a great symphony.

Just a simple song that says love is for EVERYONE...

Remember chocolate is good for you.

Happy Love Day everyone !!!


Beijing York said...

A belated happy vee-day to you too, Simon. Last night, my sweetie and I put some of our favourite vinyl records on the turntable and danced. It was very sweet.

Tonight, we went to a friend's place armed with food and wine. Her husband is far away in Asia and has been for awhile plus she is not feeling top notch. We made dinner, played the happy movies we brought with us, and cleaned up her kitchen. It was a very nice evening.

Frank Frink said...

Remember chocolate is good for you.

It is a food group, isn't it? My favourite one. ;-)

Even though I'm a heartless cynical bastard I do hope you & S├ębastien had a most wonderful day, Simon.

Simon said...

Hi Beijing...happy belated Valentine's Day !!! It sounds like you had a lovely time. And VINYL records ? Now I'm jealous... :)
I wanted to say that I thought the day opposed to all the tacky just a good excuse to tell you loved ones and your friends how much you love them. Because we never do enough of that.
Of course then I would have to admit that the only card I got was from my mum...coz I sent her one...and that would RUIN my image... ;)

Simon said...

Hi Frank....thanks a lot and the same to you. And I don't believe you're a cynic...just a disappinted romantic as Oscar Wilde said.
But ...mmmmmmm....chocolates is DELICIOUS... And I had so MUCH.
Now I'm sleepy...but smiling....zzzzzzz ;)

Frank Frink said...

lol, Simon. Truth is I had a most incredible, and very much unexpected, Valentine's weekend. Not day, weekend :-)

And, yes, chocolate! ;-)