Saturday, February 07, 2009

How I Feel About Living in Harper's Canada

You know as hard as I try I can never seem to express in words how much I dislike Stephen Harper and his foul Con regime.

How much I despise his ugly, meanspirited, hopelessly incompetent government. And how it makes me feel like I'm not living in Canada....but in some backward right-wing Banana Republic.

I try and I try but whenever I feel I'm getting close to the brutal truth, I read what I've just written, and I have to run to the toilet and vomit.

Because the truth is just too HORRIBLE.

But now at last I think I may have found a way to at least partially explain how I feel about living in Stephen Harper's Canada.

Like David feels after the dentist....

Is this real life?

Why is this HAPPENING to me??? !!!!!!!!

Will it last FOREVER?

Wow. Spooky.Those are EXACTLY the same questions I ask myself every day that Stephen Harper is Prime Minister.

What's a tooth ache compared to that? Anyone got some laughing gas?

I think I really need some...

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