Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Mr Harper Goes To New York: The Sequel

As soon as I saw this photo of Great Ridiculous Leader in New York City I immediately hated it.

Not just because it's such an obvious and absurd photo-op. Another desperate attempt to be noticed in the Big Apple. So he can thank Americans for noticing us. And sell his dirty oil.

But why was he walking on a subway grate? And why was he SMILING? You know that horrible thing he does when he opens his mouth and shows his teeth...like that other psychopath Putin.

When his tour is such a dismal flop.

Then I read the back story.

And all I can say is this....one....why couldn't Great Phony Leader have fallen into that manhole? The sight of him disappearing into a sewer would be so....um.... fitting.

Two...nothing will EVER convince me that he wasn't trying to pull a Marilyn...

Or a Carmen Miranda...

And three....why was the Con Ministry of Propaganda shooting ALL that footage?

Oh wait....I think I understand.

Hmmm.....you don't think he's gearing up for an election do you? You don't think it's time for the Liberals to start GROVELLING? And so soon eh? Just like I predicted.

Oh boy.The day we blew our chance to use the Coalition to topple this foul Con government will be a day we live to regret.

Just don't say I didn't warn you...


Frank Frink said...

If Fearless Leader really wanted to do something about Vancouver's gang related crime problem here's what he should do. Even a hoary old Social Creditor turned angry-white-guy-talk radio host says so.

Anything less is either another photo-op, a gear up (as you said) for another election, or both.

Simon said...

Hi Frank...yup and thanks for the link.The Great War on Drugs is an absolute farce that not only doesn't work...but has always been used as a weapon against the marginalized.
And legalization IS the answer. I was so proud when Canada seemed like it was going to decriminalize marijuana...but our lousy politicians didn't have the guts to actually do it.How disappointing...