Saturday, June 30, 2018

The Con Clown Stephen Harper and the Battle For Canada

It's the Canada day weekend, and it's going to be a hot one in more ways than.

It's going to feel like 45 degrees in the place where I live.

And July 1 is also the day when Canada fires back at the Trump regime. 

The federal government has released its final retaliatory tariff list and is offering up to $2 billion in financial aid to the steel, aluminum and manufacturing industries. 

In announcing which U.S. products would be slapped with either a 25 per cent or 10 per cent surtax, Foreign Affairs Minister Chrystia Freeland asserted that Canada "will not back down."

Not with guns but other things.

Among the items that made it on to the final list of miscellaneous American goods: specific types of yogurt, coffee, prepared meals, maple syrup, chocolate, pizza, quiche, gherkins, orange juice, soya sauce, ketchup, mayonnaise, whiskies, various household items and toiletries, sleeping bags, playing cards, ball point pens, and motorboats.

Our humble ammunition may read like a grocery list, but let there be no mistake, we are fighting for the right to call ourselves a country. 

I believe most decent Canadians understand that.

Even if Stephen Harper doesn't...

Who apparently doesn't even understand that Canada can only have one prime minister at a time. 

It’s clear that Stephen Harper has been waiting for his moment. Immediately after losing the 2015 election, he virtually disappeared from the public eye, showing up only in random spots, like a former crime boss on witness protection.

But, two-and-a-half years later, with the surge of right-wing populism internationally, Harper must be feeling that times are moving in his direction again. 

Having become an official member of the Donald’s fan club, along with Vladimir Putin and other great democrats, is it any surprise that Harper should be heading to Washington next week to meet with White House officials, without even bothering to tell the Canadian government or the Canadian embassy of his plans?

And  would rather blame Justin Trudeau than Donald Trump, like the other Con Trumplings who infest this country, and their treasonous leader Andrew Scheer. 

Back in Canada, the Conservatives are trying to pin the blame for this unfortunate state of affairs on the Trudeau government’s handling of the trade file. The Tories have vacillated between accusing the Liberals of not being amenable enough and not being tough enough.

And are always suggesting that that we roll over and play dead.

Last fall, former prime minister Stephen Harper accused the Liberals of “napping on NAFTA” by not being more open to U.S. demands.

And it speaks to the state of our shabby Con media that none of the panelists on this CBC show yesterday thought that Stephen Harper was doing anything wrong by blindsiding the Canadian government.

On the contrary, they practically fell over themselves praising him.

Can you believe that? How low can the CBC and those Con stooges go?

You know, in a few days time I'll be at this old battlefield in the Scottish highlands, not far from my family home.

Laying some flowers down at the mass grave of my ancestors who were mown down by the English in 1745, at this bloody place called Culloden.

But who although they were defeated, did by their sacrifice help make Scotland a real country.

Now I'm not trying to compare a bloody battle to a trade war, but hundreds of thousands of Canadians could lose their jobs, so it would be a human catastrophe.

Too many f us have become too complacent, too lazy, too greedy. But now only our brave spirit will carry us through.

Let's hope Canadians have it, and can unite behind our leader Justin Trudeau...

And show the beast Trump that no matter how much pain he might inflict upon us, we will NEVER surrender. 

Down with the dirty Trump, down with our Con Trumplings.

Long live Canada!!!

Have a great long weekend everybody...


Steve said...

There has been a battle going on forever, it became very clear with the signing of the Magna Carta. At this moment in history the pendulum is clearly on the side of the Greybacks.

Imagine the disaster for Canada if the Conservatives where negotiating with Trump. We would become an American colony overnight.

Happy Birthday Canada and God Bless Justin Trudeau and all the progressives trying to make the world a just society.

Jackie Blue said...

Happy Canada Day to you too Simon. Here in the 'States, I've seen reports that a number of people on the anti-Trump side are either traveling to Canada to celebrate Canada Day instead of the July 4th holiday (buyers' remorse?), or simply ignoring it altogether at home, having early barbeques today and tomorrow instead, and flying their U.S. flags upside-down. Some Americans have even taken to seeking out Canadian products to buy them imported, instead of the domestic variety. Either way, a win for Canada's economy (and for Trudeau), and a bigly loser fail for Hair Drumpfsterfire. Sad.

Most Statesiders have no idea who Stephen Harper is, but we do know Trump. EVERYBODY knows Trump, right down to the penguins in what's left of Antarctica, intelligent beings in galaxies far, far away who want nothing to do with the Space Force, and remote tribes that don't have electricity or access to the chaotic modern world (and probably for the better). Anyone on Trump's side is part of the dark side, and therefore a traitor working for his wretched hive of scum and villainy. Congratulations Steve and Andy, you're officially members of the Quisling Club.

So whoever those nonos are at the CBC, let them be aware that they're on the wrong side, of the wrong side, of the border -- and of history as well. Decent and patriotic Canadians are with Trudeau, and against Trump and anyone in his circle. And at this point, it'd probably do us a favor if we had a repeat of 1812, and fumigate the place of hooker pee, Kremlin wifi, and cheeseburger-flavored flatulence. But that's a subject for another day.

Happy Sesquicentennial Plus One. And... we're "soory."

Jackie Blue said...

Here, here!!! ���� ����

And hopefully we can be good neighbo(u)rs again.

John B. said...

At least the Mulroney creature is keeping its cakehole closed for now. Did you notice it scurrying away from an interviewer's attempt a few days ago? I was so looking forward to more blather about Peerless Clothing, Bombardier's innovative supply chain wage arbitrage successes or something else that Sheila Copps might have muttered twenty-five years ago. I guess he has to check with Beijing to see how they want this one handled.

Anonymous said...

It's incredible how the CBC can't even put together a balanced panel. Is it bias or is it incompetence? I think the Cons have infiltrated not just its management ranks, but also its editorial bosses. We need to get some names and shame them publicly.

Anonymous said...

Have a great trip Simon. I hope you’ll keep blogging every now and then when you are away. These days I feel the whole world is falling apart and I count on you to help keep me going. Are those purple flowers in that picture of Culloden heather? My grandmother was born in Scotland and she said the heather was what she missed the most.

Anonymous said...

Harper and his fellow Con traitors will pay dearly for this treacherous behaviour. For him to try and secretly meet with Bolton can only have nefarious intentions and anyone who thinks otherwise is delusional. To do it around this great country's birthday amid the impending trade war is unforgivable and history will not forget it.
Happy Canada Day Simon and have a great trip!

e. a. f. said...

clearly Harper isn't interested in follow protocol and advising the government what he is up to. Mulroney has found a role in the on going trade negotiations so its not as if the federal Liberals are adverse to receiving help.

Harper, in my opinion, just is looking for a bit of "glory" which is currently missing from his life. No one pays any attention to him, no one cares. In spite of Mulroney's past actions, he still continues to play a role within the country.

The Cons and others who want Trudeau and Freeland to "play nice" are out of their minds. Appeasement doesn't work, never has, never will. If we gave up our diary industry, we lose 14K jobs, decent milk and then they go for something else. Trump want totally capitulation. He wants us to lower all trade barriers while setting up his own. Its simply time to say no and accept the fact it may well be painful, but life would be painful for Canada even if we gave in to all of Trump's demands and installed Harper as P.M./dictator for life.

e. a. f. said...


Simon, gave a great vacation!

Simon said...

Hi Steve...Happy Canada Day to you, and yes you're right. If Scheer and his Cons were negotiating with Trump it would only be a matter of time before medicare was privatized, and we were known as the state of Saskatchewan...

Anonymous said...

We need our own version of the Logan Act.


Simon said...

Hi Jackie...thanks for the great Robert Frost poem Mending Wall and for the video of Mr Rogers singing Won't You Be My Neighbour
And don't be "soory" eh? :)
The good people in the U.S. are and always will be our good neighbours, Trump could never spoil that. And for those who read this blog, you are and will always will be our favourite neighbour. Thank you for all your great contributions, and Happy Fourth of July !!!

Simon said...

hi John...unfortunately the Con propaganda machine is using Mulroney to try to excuse Harper's behaviour, claiming they are both building bridges with the Trump regime. So we can't get rid of him as easy as that... ;)

Simon said...

Hi anon@6:17 PM...I don't know why the CBC's journalistic practices are so sloppy these days. I wish I knew the answer, since I'm a huge supporter of public broadcasting, and the Con clown running it these days are ruining the proud reputation of CBC News. I have always hoped that some CBC employee would drop me an anonymous note to help us understand what has gone so horribly wrong. But sadly I'm still waiting...

Simon said...

hi anon@8:30 PM...I will keep blogging, although not as regularly as usual, since I will be travelling quite a bit, and I do need to get away from it all for a few weeks. As for your Culloden question, that purple haze is indeed heather. Much of the battlefield is still a bog, as it was on the day of the battle when my ancestors charged across the field, only to get literally bogged down and cut to pieces by the English cannons. But all around the edges there is quite a bit of heather, which with the mountains in the distance makes it a beautiful place to visit...

Simon said...

Hi JD...I agree, Harper should have made his intentions clear before he set out on all fours for the White House. He hates Justin Trudeau so much we simply can't trust him to do the right thing. And with hundreds of thousands of Canadian jobs at stake, the damage he could do is incalculable. But you're right, he should have disappeared, and let time try to take the rough edges off his hideous legacy. But he didn't, and history will not treat him kindly...

Simon said...

Hi e.a.f...I think you're right, Harper is just looking for anything to remind Canadians that he is still around. For goodness knows enough Canadians have done their best to try to forget him. And of course I agree with you, anyone who surrenders to a bully only guarantees that he will keep coming back. If we love our country we should be prepared to stand by it in good times and in bad ones. Thank you for your good wishes, I'm looking forward to getting away from everything, although I just found out that Trump will be visiting Scotland when I am there. Oh well, you can' have everything. ;)
And Happy Canada Day to you too !!

Simon said...

Hi UU...hmmm good idea.

The Logan Act (1 Stat. 613, 18 U.S.C. § 953, enacted January 30, 1799) is a United States federal law that criminalizes negotiation by unauthorized persons with foreign governments having a dispute with the United States.

And how about we call it the Harper Act?

And use it to finally send him to prison... ;)

hinofan said...

Happy Canada Day Noddy!
There is an "Arrest Tony Blair for warcrimes" website.
I contend tha Harper is just as guilty of warcrimes as Blair.
The Afghan detainee affair and the involvement of Canada, on Harper's watch, as a member of the "quartet" that illegally bombed Libya, caused the demise of Gadafi and caused the migrant catastrophe we read about everyday are "War Crimes".
Like Blair, Harper is a self promoting "Elder Statesman", head of a spurious right wing international cabal of neocons. He deserves to be charged with war crimes along with the Bushes, Kissinger, Blair and Netanyahu, all members of the same warmongering clique!
Have a nice time on the bonny banks of the Spey!

Simon said...

Hi Hinofan...thank you, and Happy Canada day to you too!! As you know I used to dream of the day when Harper would be charged, put on trial, and jailed. But this is a complacent country, there was an enormous desire to put the Harper years behind us, which I can understand. But as a result Harper and his ghastly Con regime got away with murder. However, if Harper as the leader of another sinister Con cabal decides to return to Canadian politics, maybe we'll be luckier next time. And while I wait for that happy day, I will indeed be found trying out my non-existent fly fishing skills on the bonny banks of the Spey...

Anonymous said...

You had ancestors at Culloden? No way! I can't say for certain that I had direct ancestry with those that fought at Culloden, but I can trace my lineage to Clan MacDonald of Clanranald, some of whom did participate on the Jacobin side at Culloden.

Small world....