Monday, June 11, 2018

The Shaming of the Monstrous Con Trumpling Andrew Scheer

Ever since Andrew Scheer became Con leader he has been attacking Justin Trudeau like some kind of zombie from Hell, or Trump's America.

Day in day out with the support of the country's shabby Con media he has tried to debase him or portray him as a failure.

Or worse, tried to make Canadians believe that they should be ashamed of him.

For who can forget this ghastly campaign aimed at Justin and his family?

But what a difference a summit makes. 

For despite Scheer's attempts to undermine him by cheerleading for Donald Trump...

Like only a scummy Con traitor could. 

Thanks to Trump's bullying behaviour, Trudeau is now an even brighter star on the world stage. 

President Trump has helped bring together the most bitter of Canadian enemies, as he lashed out at Trudeau following the Group of Seven meeting in Quebec, and even the country’s most staunch conservatives have publicly backed up their Liberal prime minister for taking a tough tone in the U.S.-Canada trade conflict. 

“I think sometimes, you know, you have to tell the schoolyard bully that they can’t have your lunch money. And I think that’s what the prime minister did today,” said Jaime Watt, a Toronto-based conservative political strategist. “I think most Canadians would say that they were proud of their prime minister.”

And I suspect more popular than ever in Canada.

Canadians have had enough. 

It takes a lot to rile people in this decidedly courteous nation. But after President Trump’s parting shots against Prime Minister Justin Trudeau on the day he left the Group of 7 summit meeting in Quebec, the country reacted with uncharacteristic outrage and defiance at a best friend’s nastiness.

With even Cons like Doug Ford rising to his defence.

And members of the Con media like John Ivison realizing that something strange and wonderful is happening.

All of which must have had Andrew Scheer and his ex-Rebel campaign manager Hamish Marshall caught between a rock and a hard place.

And finally shamed Scheer into surrendering, sort of...

For if Scheer thinks that half hearted tweet, that doesn't even include a statement supporting our government, will excuse his treasonous behaviour, he has another thought coming.

For we will remind him of the way he betrayed his country all the way to the next election.

As for Justin Trudeau, he'll no doubt have his hands full dealing with the orange bully.

But dealing with rude American presidents is a family tradition...

And as I've said before, he is his father's son.

He has most of this country, and most of the world on his side. Including the president of the European Council.

And should the cowardly Trump ever challenge him to a one on one.

I'm sure Justin would be only too happy to oblige...

The cowardly man child Trump can threaten us all he wants.

But we are Canadians, we are not scared.

And we will NEVER surrender...


  1. Jackie Blue11:27 AM

    A small typo in one of the paragraphs, Simon: "With even Cons like Rob Ford rising to his defence" -- should be Doug Ford, although I wonder if he couldn't muscle his zombie brother into begrudgingly supporting Justin in a time of crisis. Might have to ply him with some of the strong stuff first.

    But, uh... speaking of catnip and other controlled substances, anyone else notice the conspicuous disappearance of Scumbag Steve on the NAFTA file? He who couldn't wait to undermine Trudeau by taking out ads in the NYTimes and going on television to drone on and on with the tired old "just not ready" meme... now he seems to have shrunk back into the alleyway (or jumped back into the garbage can), scaredy cat that he is.

    Good riddance to bad rubbish. He'll be back, though. Even the most feral of wild cats has nine lives.

    1. Hi Jackie...thanks for catching that typo, it was a bad one.🙄 Although I keep writing Doug Trump so as you can see all that Con news is getting to me, and I am just about ready for my annual trip to Scotland. Even if they have to load me on to the plane in a wheel barrow.
      But The good news is that Scheer must be in worse condition than I am. He got a big boost in the polls by claiming that Trudeau had embarrassed us abroad, but now it’s Scheer who is getting skewered for his treasonous behaviour, and Justin should get a big boost by standing up to Trump. And to read the Con fluffer John Ivison (the shame of Glasgow) heralding the rebirth of the Canadian identity was like bagpipe music to my ears.
      The Cons, and that includes Trump, are showing their true colours and falling apart, and I couldn’t be happier...🏂

  2. Trump suggested removing all tariffs to Trudeau. I suspect he meant remove all Canadian tariffs and retaining US tariffs and subsidies.

    1. Anonymous1:08 AM

      Don't think so. I know an American (Libertarian) who voted for Trump. He thinks all countries, not just those in the G7, should remove their tariffs.

  3. Hi rumleyfips...exactly, that dotard actually thought that he could impose tariffs on us, and we would just roll over and do nothing. I know Trump has Hitler fantasies, but he sure doesn’t know Canadians. Just thinking about that makes me so angry I may have to paint his face on my punching bag...😡

  4. Anonymous1:38 PM

    A serial abuser's strategy is to isolate their victims from those that are a positive influence. Its not unsurprising Trump would either deliberately or instinctively try to isolate Canada as well as others that might have a positive influence on his US electorate. Its also natural to push the victims into socializing with other abusers to normalize the behavior. Its unlikely Trump is a simple abuser but instinctively pulls out whatever works from his dirty bag of tricks. Cunning species of all stripes also instinctively are adept at the art of distraction to keep potential predators away from their home base where their weakness lies. Trump has also been very good at this and the harder his detractors try and bring him down by brute force the more he uses it against them. A more proactive strategy would be to stop empowering him by chasing where he has been and spend more time on what he is hiding. Journalists and the legal system cannot front run him as it is speculative and easily labeled as fake news but non journalists certainly can and if its done without bots and fake social media amplifiers the truth will float to the top. When fighting swamp creatures sometimes its necessary to to leave the high ground and wade in the swamp. For example who is Trumps Josephine / Eva, they all have them.

    1. Hi RT...All that you say is interesting, but it seems too intellectual when I believe the dirty orange beast operates in a more feral manner. I think he sees Justin Trudeau as the most popular of his opponents, and believes that if he brings him down he will demoralize the others. And since Trudeau led the way in rejecting Trump's idea of bringing Putin back to the G7 or G8, I'm sure he feels even more strongly about that. But as for wading into the swamp to fight the bestial swamp creatures, I've got a fine pair of waders left over from my so far failed attempt to learn how to fly fish, so I'm ready and willing... ;)

  5. Anonymous7:17 PM

    Your photoshop of Trudeau pounding Trump made my day, Trump used to take part in wrestling matches, so Trudeau should challenge him. The fight woukdn’t last long but I’d pay anything to see it.

    1. hi anon@7:17PM...Thank you, I'm glad you liked that little graphic. I realize it's just a fantasy, but I'm sure it's one many Canadians are contemplating fondly. I have seen some videos of Trump in a wrestling ring, and though at the time they fooled me into believing that trump could never be President. Now I would like a replay, and like you would sell everything I own for a ticket to see Justin pound the shit out of that grotesque orange bully...

  6. Trump is using Reality TV plots to try and take over the world. Blow up a conflict then solve a little part look like a hero and move on. Garthing crowds of useful idiots at every stop.

    1. Anonymous9:27 AM

      The other skill Trump mastered was how to misrepresent, skim, declare bankruptcy and then walk away a free man by successfully holding the legal system at bay. In his view he has no doubt that he can defeat Mueller or anything else the justice system wants to throw at him. He is a master of an illusionary world and the longer he can maintain it the better his chances of taking the charade to the next level. Eventually reality bites, its just a question of whether he has moved on when it does. For example a trade induced recession in the next few months would wipe him out but in a few years from now it would not matter as it would be built into the ever evolving reality show. As we have seen in the lineup of people he admires, the end state is not a very nice place.

    2. Hi Steve...It's a kind of reality TV plot, but I believe Trump is most influenced by the kinds of crude plots he once cooked up in the wrestling ring. Those plots are really simple, they create a black and white world of good guys and villains, and are probably the only plots Trump has the intellectual capacity and attention span to develop...

  7. Anonymous1:02 AM

    It is not often that one finds Stephen Harper, Andrew Scheer, Jason Kenney, Doug Ford, Jagmeet Singh and Elizabeth May on the same page as Trudeau. The overwhelming backing of Canada’s political class for the prime minister, standing his ground in the face of Trump’s demands, has solidified his position. But that show of unity may also have curtailed his capacity to make deal-breaking concessions on the NAFTA front.

    1. Hi anon@1:02 AM...You know, I read that column and my overall impression was that Chantal Hebert should retire as soon as possible. For while there is some truth to what she said, the column as a whole was so defeatist, I could see her typing with one hand and waving a tiny white flag in the other. For what she seems to ignore is that Trudeau doesn't have to make any concessions, Trump's complaints are all contrived and unfair. And why would Trudeau make any concessions on supply management when the Cons were hoping to use that against him? Not to mention that the biggest dairy problem the Americans have is over supply, or that their supply management of products like peanut butter makes our protectionist measures minuscule by comparison. Finally, by declaring war on Canada Trump stands to hurt many of the people who made him president, and with the mid terms coming up that is another weapon we can wield against him..

  8. Anonymous2:53 AM

    As the sword of Damocles, or in this case, Mueller, dangles over Trump's head, the thoroughly corrupt orange sack of shit squirms like a wounded sewer rat, lashing out at anyone who dares to stand up to him.
    Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has proven without a doubt that his first priority is love of country and protecting it at any cost. A truly proud to be Canadian moment.
    Though I wasn't surprised at Scheer's tepid statement, I was at Dougy's shoulder to shoulder statement. He gets points for that and who knows how many other pleasant surprises may await us.
    It's just a matter of time now until the orange oaf's world comes tumbling down and it'll be so sweet as he slowly tweets his way into oblivion.

    1. Hi JD...I agree with you, the idea of the Orange Oaf declaring war on us is not a pleasant thought, but the way Justin Trudeau and many Canadians have risen to the challenge makes this a proud moment. I like the way the bully has brought so many Canadians together, and Ford's statement was a good example of that. But as I explain in my latest post, Scheer's statement couldn't have been more tepid AND phony. And when we finally celebrate our victory over that rotten collection of tyrants and bullies, the only thing he will deserve is a trial for treason...

  9. Anonymous8:25 AM

    Verse 25 EK 2.0: Everybody knows Kim's very talented/Everybody knows Kim wants to make a deal/Everybody knows the war games are over/It's just The Donald's touch and feel/His bond with G7 leaders can't fail/Because it's ten out of ten on the scale/Just before it blows/EK