Thursday, June 14, 2018

Why Is Andrew Scheer Trying to Kill Plans to Legalize Marijuana?

If everything had gone according to plan, marijuana would have been legalized in this country on July 1, Canada's birthday.

But now it looks as if we will have to wait until at least Labour Day. 

There is a slim but very real chance that it could take years before it is legalized.

And Justin Trudeau knows who is to blame.

The treasonous Andrew Scheer and his ghastly Con senators. 

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is accusing the Opposition Conservatives of playing games in the Senate with the Liberal government’s cannabis legalization framework. 

“It’s been months that Andrew Scheer, the Conservative leader, has been telling his Senate caucus — the senators that he still controls — to play games, to slow this down, to interfere with the will of the House, with the commitment made by a duly elected government in an election campaign, and it’s time he stops using his senators this way.”

And don't believe that miserable Trumpling when he says it's not his fault.

“If the prime minister is upset about the pace of legislation, he needs to talk to his own House leadership team and his Senate leadership team. The Liberals control the pace of legislation in both Houses.”

When he not only acts like a Trumpling he thinks like one too...

And his Cons have been voting as a bloc to delay the bill for two main reasons.

One, so they can legalize marijuana closer to the election, and hope that any start up problems will damage Trudeau and the Liberals.

Or two, if the bill is not passed before the election campaign begins, and Scheer wins the next election, he can kill it once and for all.

For Scheer doesn't care how many more mostly young Canadians he sends to jail.

And to make matters even worse, as Andrew Potter points out, the big danger is that once the window for legalization closes it may not reopen for many many years. 

For any major change in the criminal law to happen, public opinion, political will, stakeholder interests and the courts all need to be aligned. And as the case of marijuana legislation shows, we can go decades between favourable conditions.

Justin Trudeau is our best chance of ending this reefer madness.

Since he became Prime Minister in part by pledging to legalize and regulate marijuana, Justin Trudeau has been accused of political opportunism and of pandering to his hipster fan base. This is nonsense. What his government is on the verge of accomplishing is something that has been on the table, in one form or another, for almost half a century. If the current bill doesn’t pass, it could be decades before we get another shot at it.

Most young people in this country aren't prepared to wait months let alone decades, for weed to be legalized.

They as well as many older Canadians want to smoke a joint without being made to feel like criminals.

Especially since they know that binge drinking is a far bigger problem.

So as the Toronto Star editorial board says, those sodden Senators should pass the bill without delay. 

The senators have already delayed passage of Bill C-45 for too long. They debated and amended the proposed legislation for almost seven months before sending it back to the government for approval last week. 

Senators have already had plenty of input into this legislation, passed by an elected Commons. Any further delay runs counter to the spirit of sober second thought and serves only to thwart the will of the people and the democratic process.

It's time for this reefer madness to end once and for all...

And if the creepy religious fanatic and treasonous Trumpling Andrew Scheer still wants to jail Canadians for crass political purposes.

Then he is the one who should end up behind bars.

For making a mockery out of democracy.

And trying to exterminate this humble flower...


Jackie Blue said...

Well, that escalated quickly. So much for "uniting behind the prime minister"! None other than the KKKeebler elf himself, Jefferson Beauregard Secessions the Turd, has Canada and Trudeau in the crosshairs over magic trees and maple munchies. The David Duke of Hazard County has got his hands full right now putting migrant kids in Walmart concentration camps and breaking their families apart, but he hasn't forgotten about the War of Northern Progression happening above the border. To paraphrase one of his likely heroes, the racist 'Bama guvna George Wallace, criminalization now, criminalization tomorrah, criminalization forevah!

So once again Scheer puts his own backwards partisan interests, his personal hatred of Trudeau, and his evident intent to align with the agenda of the illegitimate U.S. régime ahead of what's best for his country. I'm tired of this real-life Internet troll LARPing as a legitimate political candidate and acting out his nihilistic habits of being a thorn in Trudeau's side, a pebble in Canadians' moccasins and a roadblock to everything good and decent that a civilized 21st-century country seeks to be.

Why doesn't he just pack up and move to some red-state Yankee (or... "Rebel"!) backwater instead of trying to export the worst of Amerika's control-freak tendencies back home? If anyone is a backstabber with a special place in hell, it's Andrew fuddle-duddlin' Scheer!

Anonymous said...

If Scheer causes this bill to be delayed or killed he will wear it like a glove in the next election. The billions being spent by the producers to ramp up production and the thousands of jobs being created because of it will evaporate as quickly as Scheer's chances of ever forming government.
Will common sense win out over partisan stupidity? With Scheer, who knows?

Anonymous said...

No one goes to jail for small amounts of marijuana. The worst thing that happens is you'll get a ticket for posession. I seriously think you make stuff up as you go along.

lagatta à montréal said...

Legalising cannabis will make life much easier for people using cannaboids, and be a boost for hemp production. Hemp is a strong fabric that can make anything from rope to elegant clothing, with an environmental footprint much smaller than cotton or polyester.

Of course binge drinking is a far greater problem, and nowadays, so is the fentanyl crisis and other synthetic opioids.

Anonymous said...

Scheer just lost the election and he doesn’t even know it. Nothing will unite the millennials and the boomers more than having that religious freak try to recriminalize marijuana. Is he crazy or what?
Like Harper the guy is a real fascist.

Anonymous said...

Possession of marijuana, even in small amounts, is a criminal offence and conviction results in a criminal record. Even if people don't go to jail, the record can result in them being denied employment in Canada and entry into the US. These are serious consequences.

There's no such thing as "a ticket for possession." Stop making stuff up.

Anonymous said...

Wtf! I'm not making it up. I have personally got a ticket before for getting caught smoking in a park! The ticket was like 125 dollars! And I didn't get a criminal record!

Anonymous said...

Any behind the scenes subversion the Cons can do to delay approval is a win for them as it becomes another broken promise. The Liberals have to step up and ensure the cons own the delays even if it means pushing the senators to hold party lines or face the back lash. Hopefully it will only require a gentle push such as publicizing the names of those delaying the legislation.

Anonymous said...

So the cop gave you a break and likely hit you with smoking in a non-smoking area, which is a provincial offence resulting in a ticket. Possession is a federal offence and a whole other ballgame.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone really care what the junkies think? Can they think?

Just sell them drugs laced with poison and be done with it.

They are in ‘pain’ anyways, society should do them a favour.

Steve said...

JT has to get this one to the goal line. I might have just passed the bill as it was. Get it legal. Then throw out the poison pills in a second bill.

Anonymous said...

Is that your "final solution" Anon 8:04? Such humane nazis we have nowadays.

mr perfect

e.a.f. said...

weed didn't kill me in my misspent youth and it won't kill any one else. anything done to excess will kill, whether its ice cream, candy, cake, wheat, meat, booze, cocaine, heroin, weed. Anything to excess for a person kills. Scheer needs to get over himself. he is not going to be P.M. and he may not even remain leader of the Cons since he has bounced one of the competition.

I wouldn't call his position on weed as treasonous, just short minded, antiquated and plain old dumb stupid.