Thursday, June 07, 2018

Justin Trudeau and the Shameful Surrender of Andrew Scheer

It's been a few days since Donald Trump declared economic war on Canada, and imposed punishing tariffs on our steel and aluminum exports.

And for most of that time Andrew Scheer has shocked many Canadians by appearing to cheerlead against his own country.

Claiming that Justin Trudeau hadn't done enough to stop Trump from declaring war, so it was all his fault, and he had failed. Again.

Which by undermining Canada's negotiating position, at a time when so many jobs are at stake, and the deranged Trump is on a rampage, must surely be considered either criminal idiocy or treason.

But so loud was the angry reaction of Canadians, and so great was the way they rallied behind Trudeau to let Trump know we won't be bullied.

The decision by US President Donald Trump to impose tariffs on Canadian steel and aluminum has caught public attention in Canada in a way that few trade issues ever have – and Canadians are mad.

Reaction to the counter-measures announced by the Canadian government has garnered a lot of support across the country. 41% strongly support the steps taken by the Prime Minister and another 30% support those actions. Only 19% are opposed.

That Scheer has been forced to surrender.

Forced to stop spewing out his grotesque propaganda, but as only the failing Scheer could, is still trying to snatch victory from the jaws of defeat. 

By claiming he had always strongly supported the government, and accusing Trudeau of dragging his heels and being too soft on the Americans 

By not imposing sanctions immediately.

Leaving it to Trudeau and Christia Freeland to explain to the hapless Scheer that Canada is trying to coordinate a tariff attack with the European Union.

The Canadian government is waiting to impose retaliatory tariffs after Washington announced stiff tariffs on steel and aluminum exports because, in part, it wanted to co-ordinate its response with the European Union, the foreign affairs minister said Wednesday evening.

While also giving Trump time to back down before he arrives at the G-7 summit in Charlevoix...

A place that thanks to our government's firm response he would clearly like to avoid.

President Trump is planning to fly to Canada on Friday. He is not exactly happy about it. 

The president has vented privately about Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau as their trade tensions have spilled into public view. He has mused about finding new ways to punish the United States’ northern neighbor in recent days, frustrated with the country’s retaliatory trade moves.

And is already so riled up at us, that he has even compared the situation to the War of 1812. 

President Donald Trump and Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau had a testy phone call on May 25 over new tariffs imposed by the Trump administration targeting steel and aluminum imports coming from Canada, including one moment during the conversation in which Trump made an erroneous historical reference, sources familiar with the discussion told CNN.

According to the sources, Trudeau pressed Trump on how he could justify the tariffs as a "national security" issue. In response, Trump quipped to Trudeau, "Didn't you guys burn down the White House?" referring to the War of 1812.

Which had me musing on Twitter, if the Canadians rather than the British had burned down the White House. And if the war was now.

You can imagine who would be defending us, and whose side Andrew Scheer would be on...

And we will remember that.

Remember that at a time of great danger one leader acted like a patriot, while the other one acted like a traitor.

It will be THE issue of the next election.

The one that exposed Scheer and his campaign manager, the ex Rebel Hamish Marshall, as the Trumplings in our midst.

The issue they will not escape.

And the one that will destroy them....


Gyor said...

It looks like Trudeau has bigger concerns then Andrew.

Anonymous said...

Kinsella hates Trudeau. He even had Conservative ads on his blog during the last federal election.

So, where's the context? Why didn't Kinsella bring this up previously? Details! Where are all the juicy details? (Maybe it's fake news, for all we know nowadays.)


rumleyfips said...

Wornout wants the cash. Wynne didn't pay him off for bad advice so its Slug all the way. Trudeau didn't pony up so Kinsellout will punish him. Why is this dork allowed on Progressive Bloggers. He's more of a regressive slogger.

Jackie Blue said...

"A hound on the hill chasing pretty people of both sexes"??? Seriously? I call BS. How convenient that this intentionally vague meme drops now. I smell blood in the water and a Levantine Schmear campaign. Newt Gingrich of the north. And we already know that con operatives were long ago planning to poison the well. They admitted as such on social media. "You don't have to provide proof. Just say the magic words #metoo and you can ruin anyone's career!"

Let's not forget Barack Obama's supposed dalliances with Reggie Love at the Chicago YMCA, the certifiable kook Cathy O'Brien's bizarre hallucinations about Pierre Trudeau and Hillary Clinton, or Hillary's sordid affairs with Huma Abedin. All very creative fan fiction from the prurient interests of the repressed right.

Kinsella is a bitter old hack who should go work for the National Enquirer.

Jackie Blue said...

If you want to see me again, don't bring signs saying "Trudeau is a pig" and don't bring signs that he hustles women, because I won't talk to you. I didn't get into politics to be insulted. And don't throw wheat at me either. If you don't stop that, I'll kick you right in the ass.

Pierre Trudeau, 1969

Someone ask Warren, does Justin have a child trafficking ring in the basement of every Tim Horton's too? After all, Canada did put tariffs on PIZZA! Inquiring "minds" want to know!

Jackie Blue said...

Regardless of who does it, the White House is going to have to be gutted again to get rid of the stench of Trumpstank and Russian pee. Let this be a warning to our former allies: the greatest terrorism threat you face is not from foreign boogeyman like ISIS or "MS-13" or "PG-13" or "WD-40" or "STD-45" or some other specter from far away and spelled with some cryptic acronym. It's the rot within. Domestic enemies. The call is coming from inside the House.

Donald is already complaining that he doesn't want to go to Canada, waa, waa, Justin's going to be mean, waa, waa, he wants to go to Singapore with Dennis Rodman to sit courtside and chum around with Rocket Man. He sucks up to tyrants and alienates the last remaining liberal Western democracies. Now Germany wants to kick out the U.S. ambassador for admitting to, who else, Breitbart that his goal as ambassador is to basically bring down Merkel and give the AfD a right-wing majority. Ein Volk, Ein Reich, Ein Dumkopfvefe!

The world has had enough of these nihilistic gutter-dwellers. Let him go to Singapore and authorize the construction of a stupid McBurger joint in North Korea if he wants, while the grown-ups sit at the table in Quebec. Far as I'm concerned, he can take Scheer, Kinsella, Levant, Harper, and the rest of the backstabbing Canadian traitors to Pyongyang and rot there. The Bannonite trash of Europe too.

Steve said...

May I imagine Warren is not welcome in the court so he is pissing on the rose garden.

Steve said...

To help a foreign goverment in a negotiation existential to the future of Canada can only be called Treason.

e.a.f. said...

Interesting comments regarding Kinsella. Hadn't read his column for some time because of his refusal to print opinions which he didn't agree with, which were in most part negative regarding B.C.'s former premier, Christie Clark. Now I could understand if the B.C. Lieberals were actual liberals but they're not. they're Conservatives. When Alberta's Cons lost to the NDP, they came to work for Christy Clark and it showed. then Harper lost and more Cons came to B.C. to work for Christy Clark. We became the most corrupt province in the country where the money laundering was "impressive", real Canadian, a guy came into a regular "money laundering casino" with $800K in $20s in a hockey bag. Old Kinsella never wanted to hear any of it. It is now accepted part of the problem with high real estate prices in B.C. is the money laundering from Communist China.

I'd suggest Kinsella has gotten to believe his own press, which he publishes and thinks very highly of himself and his place in the world, off working for democratic progressive during American elections, etc.

Kinsella is an old dude who thinks he is still with the times, unfortunately his times have passed and he hasn't kept up, so he attacks those who remain in the Ontario/federal Liberal party. He wants so desperately to be allowed back into the sand box, but times change and Trudeau is younger and has younger people working for him.

Scheer is too parochial to understand the world and that means co ordination with our allies. giving the U.S.A UNTIL 1 July also makes Canada seem more reasonable and gives those American politicians who don't support Trump's tariffs, time to work on things.

its usually better to play the long game.

All of the G-7 and E.U. countries ought to send the American ambassadors home for awhile to send Trump a message the rest of the world don't like him or his actions. The Ambassador to Germany has clearly violated international law.

Trump doesn't want to come to the G-7 meeting because there will be no conquer and divide time. He will be met with people who have better manners, better vocabularies and more economic experience. He has no defense. I do not expect him to actually show up. He may send Pence, who we might want to bar because he is so hateful towards the queer community.

Trump will go to meet Kim 3 and find out Kimmy is way smarter than he is and plays a mean game of hard ball. Don't be surprised if Kim makes a deal with China, S.Korea, and Japan and just freezes Trump out.

As to trade, we do have a free trade deal with the E.U. Lets take advantage of it and remember Iran needs trading partners also.

A B.C. blogger, Harvey Obverfeld, Keeping it Real, has already suggested we no longer purchase American goods, its the least we can do.

it is estimated Canadians throw approx. 40% of their food away. If we paid more, we just would be more careful with our shopping and still come out about the same. I feel bad for some of the American farmers, but they voted Trump into office.

Now its time to have a drink to get over the Ontario election results. to those in Ontario, B.C. has is a nice place to live......We got rid of the "con" government and new schools are being build as are hospitals and infusions of cash for health care.

Simon said...

Hi Gyor...Warren Kinsella is a very old and bitter man. He spent the entire election campaign engaged in some kind of weird vendetta with Kathleen Wynne's campaign managers, and ended up by slobbering all over Doug Ford. So I would not put much credence in anything he might dig up, and the only question I have is why is he still at Progressive Bloggers?

Simon said...

Hi I said above, good question: why is he on Progressive Bloggers. I've been around long enough to remember how he arrived here. At some point, and for a reason I can no longer remember, a group of bloggers split from Progressive and founded another rival aggregator. I refused to choose between them and joined both of them. But I remember how the PB administrators asked Kinsella to join their thinned out ranks, and were quite proud of having landed a "big fish." And that's how we got to this ridiculous place....

Simon said...

Hi Jackie...I am looking forward to seeing Trump in my buddy SĂ©bastien's back yard. And I'm hoping that Justin and the other leaders make his short stay as unpleasant as possible. It is time to stop humouring that deranged bully, and let him know that enough is enough...

Simon said...

Hi Steve...I hesitate to call it that, but what else is it? A lot of Canadians are worried about losing their jobs, their families are stressed out, and for Scheer to use the NAFTA negotiations for crass political purposes, is as far as I'm concerned, reason enough to demand that he either apologize or resign...

Simon said...

Hi e.a.f...From what I now I think you summed it up well:

Kinsella is an old dude who thinks he is still with the times, unfortunately his times have passed and he hasn't kept up, so he attacks those who remain in the Ontario/federal Liberal party. He wants so desperately to be allowed back into the sand box, but times change and Trudeau is younger and has younger people working for him.
And like other old Trudeau haters at Progressive Bloggers all I think he is doing now is driving young bloggers away.
For who wants to read another version of the Blogging Tories?

Anonymous said...

That news paper clip is from August 14, 2000.

There is absolutely no context, it may not be related to making moves at all. But even if we pretend it is:
-He wasn't married
-It's not a crime to show interest or make a move. Was he asked to stop and he refused? I highly doubt it.
-Kinsella is straight up accusing Trudeau of sexual harassment, despite the journalist saying nothing. "Certainly, one broke six months ago, and is about sexual harassment from a decade before that." -- He should be sued.

Anonymous said...

Actually scratch my last point, I misread it. I thought he meant one from 6 months ago, the other a decade.