Saturday, June 09, 2018

Doug Ford and the Religious Fanatics

He came bounding into his first news conference as Premier-elect, looking as if he couldn't believe it himself.

He spent the next half hour waffling about some of the many wild promises he made during the campaign, claiming he needed to "look at the books" before he could say how he planned to pay for them.

And we all know what that means.

He's already looking for excuses to break them. 

The day after winning a sizeable majority in the Ontario election, Premier-designate Doug Ford began to lay the groundwork for that time-honoured tactic deployed by all new governments: blame the old bunch for why you can’t live up to your election promises.

But there's one promise Doug Ford said he was ready to keep immediately: Going after bullied gay kids in our schools.

By scrapping Ontario's updated sex education curriculum. 

Premier-designate Doug Ford is running into fresh flak for his plan to scrap Ontario’s updated sex education curriculum, a key election promise to appease the social conservative wing of his PC party. 

“We’re repealing it,” he said Friday when asked if the new lessons, implemented three years ago in the first modernization since 1998, would be axed in time for the start of school in September.

Even though scrapping it would leave all children more vulnerable...

Outgoing Premier Kathleen Wynne and the Ontario Public School Boards Association warned the move will leave children more vulnerable in the internet and social media era, because they won’t learn about consent, sexting or online dangers like cyberbullying.

“It is 2018, it is not 1965,” Wynne told reporters at Queen’s Park. 

“It is very, very important that children have information that keeps them safe, that allows them to sort out all of the wickedly variable information they get, some of it good, some of it just horrible. All that needs to stay.”

And removing all references to LGBT children, as if they didn't even exist, would only make their lives more dangerous 

So why would Ford do such a cowardly thing?

Answer: because he's in hock to the ghastly religious fanatics who made him Con leader.  

Ontario’s religious right is “jubilant” about their new ally in the Premier’s Office – and now they’re counting on Doug Ford to deliver on his promises and execute their radical social conservative agenda.

And their leader, the vile anti-gay bigot Charles McVety, is hungry for his pound of flesh...

Charles McVety, an anti-gay preacher who runs an organization that promotes homophobic conspiracy theories, told his Facebook followers that the election results show God “heard our prayers and delivered victory for the sake of our children.”

And when these bloodthirsty fanatics are finished with gay children, they want their Bubba Jesus to go after the women, and those who defend their rights.

Ford has stated he supports giving doctors the right to refuse to refer women for abortions, defunding universities that don’t give a platform to controversial groups and giving parents the power to block their daughter’s abortion.

Which makes it only too clear where Ford would take Ontario...

And also makes clear how badly our grubby Con media have failed the people of that province.

By being too slow to recognize the danger posed by grotesque anti-gay bigots like  Tanya Granic Allen...

And too quick to claim that Ford had fixed his SoCon problem when he was finally forced to drop her.

When in fact bigots like McVety are even worse than she is.

And she didn't go anywhere.

And all I can say is that if Ford and his religious fanatics think they can get away with this assault on women and helpless children he is sadly mistaken.

For we shall use that monstrous evil to hammer his government again and again.

And again, and again, and again.

Until he ends up in a hell of his own making...


  1. Jackie Blue12:19 PM

    McVety: God “heard our prayers and delivered victory for the sake of our children.”

    Allen: Doug Ford commits to working for the future of our children.

    I don't know why, but I had almost a premonition last night that Canada's cons, whether Ford, Kenney or the increasingly desperate Scheer, would resort to using those words or a variant thereof -- "to secure a future for our children" -- in campaign statements or commentary one way or another.

    ICYMI: "We must secure the existence of our people and a future for white children" is a notorious white nationalist slogan known as the 14 Words. None other than Rebel Media's Faith Goldy uses it VERY often in her YouTube broadcasts as RightWingWatch consistently points out.

    They know who they're signaling to. It's not the 14 Words verbatim, but then neither was Lee Atwater's Southern Strategy "overtly" about racism either.

    How truly deplorable indeed.

    1. Hi Jackie....yes, with friends like that who needs enemies? As I've said before nothing the Cons do bothers me more than when they go after children and try to bully them. For I will do anything to try to stop them and I mean ANYTHING. When the grubby Ford teamed up with the grotesque bigot Charles McVety he made himself an enemy for life. And I will not stop writing and organizing against him until he is defeated or jailed...

  2. Anonymous1:00 PM

    Aw yeah! The chickens have come home to roost.

    Down with the LGBTQ community!

    No more gays in Ontario. Get out, away with you!

    Wowzer wowzer wowzer! What a Premier!

    1. Anonymous5:19 AM

      What an asshole.

    2. hi anon @1:00 PM...I try to imagine what kind of little grubby man you must be, and whether you jump up and down, or sweat profusely, and type with one hand while playing with yourself with the other. But luckily I can't. You're just too grotesque and too pathetic.
      Now do me a favour, go look at yourself in the mirror, and ask yourself is that a loser or what?

  3. Anonymous2:50 PM

    Ontario is done.

    1. Hi anon @2:50...No, Ontario may be damaged, but it is far from done. And when most of the dummies who voted for Ford realize what a mistake it was, it will recover quickly, and all that will remain is the stench of a very dead Con party...

  4. The US supremos just ruled you can refuse to sell cakes to gays if God tells you its a sin. This is the world we live in. With all apolgies, its not an issue that going to decide. The death of the planet, or more correctly changing the planet so it will not support human life is more timely.

    1. Hi Steve...well that's your opinion. Mine is that I can and will fight homophobia and any other kind of bigotry, while still fighting those who would torch the planet at the same time. For they usually are one and the same...

  5. Anonymous8:58 PM

    I think when baby boomers are too old to vote or dead we can finally move on. Although that won’t be for awhile. Talking to the boomers in my family denying them the vote would be better for everyone involved.

    1. Anonymous12:46 AM

      Denying people the vote.....and you considered yourself a ‘progressive’ right? Nice agism there too.....but it isn’t bigotry when you do it right?

    2. Well, I'm a BB and very open-minded.......good thing You are Not in my Family!

    3. hi anon@8:58 PM... You must be really popular in your family. ;) But no, I don't think it's right to generalize. I have some issues with some boomers, especially those who think they're God's gift to humanity, and look down on all the younger generations. But the truth is there are good and bad people of all ages, and we are going to build a better world, we need to get all the good ones on our side...

  6. Anonymous9:53 PM

    Although Dougie owes them something, legislative spinoff from nutbar religious groups is not a big seller in Ontario. Crony capitalism is the new religion and two fisted thievery is the spinoff. Rather than pick on minorities it is more likely he will blame the Feds, past corruption,institutional mismanagement, unions, legislative overreach, etc for non delivery of the better middle class life he promised. Oh well at least there will be readily available cheap beer.

    1. Hi RT...Two years I would have agreed with you. It seemed then that the religious right was heading for the grave. But as you know in the United States its members are now Trump's most fanatical supporters, they have a lot of money to use against their enemies, and the same thing could happen here. I agree that Ford is unlikely to go after the LGBT community directly, but his supporters can do a lot of damage in a quiet but lethal manner. So I'm putting on my old steel toed boots and taking no chances... ;)

    2. Anonymous2:47 PM

      "it is more likely he will blame the Feds, past corruption,institutional mismanagement, unions, legislative overreach, etc for non delivery of the better middle class life he promised. Oh well at least there will be readily available cheap beer."

      Ah, the ol' Trump playbook. I think you're right that he'll pull out all the stops for deflection when he face-plants legislatively (with an unhealthy dose of blaming the media). The difference is that the media has dealt with his brother before and unlike the Washington media--which has become so complacent and insular that they wouldn't dare challenge power directly--the Canadian media (thinking mostly of any print outfit not owned by PostMedia) will be chomping at the bit to find any whiff of corruption. He's already shown several that, while not enough to sway this election, have not yet been explored fully.

      He'll also be paddling against the winds of change once he's in office. It was one thing to win against a 15-year-old Liberal regime that shot itself in the foot repeatedly, but they've been so decimated that nobody would buy them being obstructionist, particularly with a majority government.

      Granted, this will mean little to Ford Nation, who just want to inflict pain on downtown Toronto. But Ford Nation alone does not a majority make; with Wynne and the Liberals gone, any voters in "kick the bums out" mode will be focused on Ford instead. I don't expect Ford to maintain a majority or even his Premiership four years from now.

  7. Anonymous7:49 PM

    Special interest groups are chewing up our democracy.
    We need to start a national party that is void of 'guidance' and focuses on the basics.

  8. Anonymous1:02 AM

    Democracy Watch: Will be a waste money if Doug Ford pays accounting firm to audit Ontario spending. Better to change system

  9. Anonymous3:55 PM

    Just got two Con Robocalls. One call was a Faith Goldy recording, and the Other was Ford inviting us to a celebration of the ON Cons first 100 days. The scary thing is that I was surfing sites that relate how Ford and Gold are mixed up with white supremacists. Am I being monitored for ant Con surfing ? I guess I should stop answering the phone with "Never Ford"...