Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Andrew Scheer's Phony Trumpling Capitulation

In my last post I looked at how hard it was proving for Andrew Scheer to end his treasonous campaign of cheerleading for Donald Trump, and undermining his own country.

The idea of putting his country before his party and his foaming hatred for Justin Trudeau being just too hard to bear.

But eventually the pressure from outraged Canadians proved even harder to bear.

And yesterday he appeared to capitulate.

When his Cons joined other parties in a rare motion of solidarity. 

The symbolic motion from NDP trade critic Tracey Ramsey called on the House to "stand in solidarity" with the Liberal government in its decision to retaliate against "illegitimate" tariffs imposed by the U.S. government on steel and aluminum imports.

The motion also rejects disparaging personal attacks by U.S. officials, saying they "do a disservice to bilateral relations and work against efforts to resolve this trade dispute."

But Scheer was not in the House of Commons for the vote, there was no mention of it on his Twitter site or Facebook page.

Just more anti-Trudeau hate pouring like sewage out of his rear orifice.

The only reason he folded like a cheap suit was because of the massive social media campaign we launched against him.

And the reason he didn't dare show his face was because he is a miserable coward.

A coward who spent the last month trying to win votes in Quebec by suggesting that Trudeau doesn't support supply management.

Which was of course nonsense, as the dairy farmers themselves made clear. 

President Donald Trump wants to eradicate this country’s dairy industry, the sector’s farmers said Monday amidst increased trade tensions between Canada and the United States.

“Canada’s dairy farmers stand with our fellow Canadians in rejecting the US administration’s personal attacks on our Prime Minister,” he said. “These attacks, whether on Prime Minister Trudeau, or dairy farmers in Canada, are founded more on rhetoric than fact.”

But did fatally undermine our negotiating position.

Which gave Trump an opening to escalate his phony dispute with Canada.

Who knows how much that will end up costing Canadians.

U.S. President Donald Trump says Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's assertion that Canada "will not be pushed around" will end up costing Canadians "a lot of money."

One particular source of his ire recently has been Canada's supply management system, which levels tariffs of up to 300 per cent on imported dairy products. 

"It's very unfair, and it's very unfair to our workers, and I'm gonna straighten it out. And it won't even be tough."

And for putting his party and his own selfish interests before the interests of his country.

And for playing cheap political games, Scheer can never be forgiven.

And must wear the mark of a traitor until the day he is defeated...


Jackie Blue said...

Larry Kudlow or should I say Larry Snortblow, the Wall Street coke fiend and Trump "trade expert" who called Trudeau a "backstabber" on the U.S. Sunday morning news programs, was hospitalized after having a heart attack last night. Much like Darth Cheney before him, millions of Americans were shocked by the news... that he had a heart in the first place. Although reportedly the doctors are still doubtful as to the existence of a brain or courage.

Ever the gentleman, though, Trudeau sent him well wishes, even though it's doubtful that a washed-up crook with permanently flared nostrils like Leisure Suit Larry will have an epiphany in the E.R. But obviously he was referring to the wrong Canadian parliamentarian, as Benedict Scheer has always been and will always be the cowardly backstabber, no matter what mealy-mouthed platitudes of fake solidarity he projects.

Perhaps Andy can make himself useful to Canada as an agent of... Scheer entertainment value, by showing up at Larry's hospital room in his usual cosplay garb as Trump's dancing puppet. Insert enough money in his ass and pull his strings, and he'll repeat the same lies over and over again. Such a pity for Pinocchio, he has never learned how to be honest and will never be a real boy. SAD!

Anonymous said...

Trump has just threatened to make all Canadians pay for what Justin Trudeau said at the closing newser of the G7 summit. So if Scheer has the slightest bit of integrity he must address the Canadian people and apologize for what he has done. And if not he should resign.

Anonymous said...

I’ll never understand how we got into this situation. I’d like to know how all those Canadians who supported Trump feel now. Happy?

e.a.f. said...

Scheer ought to have understood what Trudeau meant by "flexibility" its a nice word for I'm putting my country first and just letting you think I might go along with your crazy ideas.

Americans subsidise their diary industry to the tune of approx. ?$23B a year and Trumpster has the nerve to suggest we let their diary products into Canada. Not as long as I vote. this is partly to keep Wisconsin happy and to try to push the envelope. will Canada "give up" their diary industry to protect steel and aluminum? If we did, Trump would go after other industries. Canada ought to not back down on our Canadian system of managing diary and eggs.

It is best Americans see that Trump can not deliver on his promises, i.e. getting us to remove our tariffs on diary and eggs. it will be another signal to Putin, Trump can't deliver. dumpster wants Putin/Russian back in the G whatever and he made his public speech to keep Putin happy, but he can't deliver. No more than he can remove the sanctions against Russia and some of Putin's buddies. Trump really can't do much of anything except beat up on children by separating them from their parents and having Sessions send abused women back to their abusers.

Trump's meeting with Kim 3 simply reinforces dumpster is a failure, right now the reports are Kim 1, Trump 0. Canada needs to continue to send the same message, Trump can't win. we are seeing enough press south of the border, that many recognize the americans will suffer economically if Trump implements these tariffs. Canada can ride this out, many Americans can't. They don't have the social safety net Canada does. As one American industry analyist put it, the U.S.A. doesn't make some of the items which will have tariffs on them. Industry has become so integrated that Americans make some products and Canada makes others.

Trump's speaking off the top of his head is not work and things will become worse. The republicans now have a candidate running in the N.J. primaries declaring diversity isn't a good thing. With Ohio winning their case in the American supreme court, voter suppression is just fine, the next presidential election may already have been decided by them.

Now if the Russians would just turn over what they have on Trump, now that he really is of no use to them, we might all know what is going on. Abandon Trump and implement a new game plan with the west. Its not like China is going to let them play in their ball park, as an equal partner. Perhaps around the fringes, but then that won't play well in Russia either given their open and ugly racism. we maybe seeing a lot of it at the FIFA games, although they are trying hard to supress it on camera.

Anonymous said...

Scheer has just screwed himself, not even our gross media will save him now. He was always an alt right supporter and after the way he tried to shaft Trudeau and our country has made that obvious. The Cons need to be investigated to see where those traitors are getting their money from.

Frank said...

American dairy is garbage anyhow. If they did allow American milk I would pay a bit more for Canadian.

Frank said...

I know someone is still firmly a Trump supporter who is Canadian. I can't talk to him, he firmly believes that whatever will be good for the United States will be good for us. These people are a danger to Canada, these are the same people that think being a white male of European descent is a badge of honour for some reason.

Jackie Blue said...

@e.a.f. -- Not just racism in the GOP/Russia but over-the-top misogyny and homophobia/transphobia. As per usual. Russia Today is running an idiotic hit piece accusing Trudeau of wearing eyeliner or false eyelashes at his G7 speech or something else of the sort. "Ooh, the Tenderheart Care Bear Canadian teen idol wears girly makeup! Nyah-nyah, nyet-nyet, sissy boy!" Propagandist tabloid nonsense meant to soothe the insecure rubes after Trudeau humiliated Putin and his putain, pandering to the hate base to portray him as "not a man's man." Well, we saw how all those "nice hair" jokes worked out for Harper, didn't we.

Trudeau has obviously got bigger balls than Comrade Cheesy Puffs and the closet case czar riding a grizzly bear all around Siberia carrying his big NRA-branded Kalashnikov through the woods. He's tougher in that he doesn't have to exaggerate because he truly is secure. Whereas Vlad, Donnie and the rest of the "strongmen" are almost cartoonish in their macho, chest-thumping projection of what they think "masculinity" is supposed to be. They resort to playground insults while Trudeau (gasp) uses Latin phrases like "ad hominem." Who's really winning at chess, boys? Not the low-energy, weak, dopey losers, with very bad ratings and terrible management. Sad.

Steve said...

I supported Trump over Hillary. Clearly a mistake. Trump believes like many Republicans that it is a zero sum game, winners and losers.
In theory Free Trade makes more economic activity which makes a bigger pie and more winners. In practice in only works when equal rules of law and labor standards are enforced.

The fact is that thanks to Mulroney and the Cons selling the Free Trade fantasy, we are mostly defenceless in this war. The US will say like the black knight, just a flesh wound to our best attack.

Steve said...

Frank, whats wrong with being proud of your heritage? Scots invented the Modern World for example, should Simon be ashamed?

I know what you are getting at but statements like that are exactly what Trump is trying to produce.

Anonymous said...


JUNE 11, 2018. Canada and U.S. trade politics.

Jun 11, 2018

UBC economics professor Matilde Bombardini, former Canadian diplomat and NAFTA team negotiator Colin Robertson and BC Dairy Association chairman Dave Taylor on trade issues with the United States.

Anonymous said...

Historic Summit Underway In Singapore As President Trump Meets With Kim Jong-Un. Aired 11-12a ET

Aired June 11, 2018 - 23:00 ET

BERNSTEIN: It's inexplicable in terms of anything that has to do with traditional values that American presidents have shared.

LEMON: And the idea that an American president would have a week when he had tougher words, Jonathan, for North Korea -- tougher words with Canada, right, rather than for North Korea, that would have been unfathomable before this.

WACHTEL: One thing that we have to remember though, Trudeau is the representative of the Liberal Party in Canada. We had Harper before who saw the world in some ways as Republican, for instance, in the United States. Trudeau is, you know, going to espouse liberal ideas, ideas that the president will not like from the onset.

LEMON: Does that matter with an ally, whether it is Republican or Democrat or liberal or conservative? Does that matter?

WACHTEL: Your point is well taken that, you know, we have a wonderful relationship with Canada that we need to preserve and love and enjoy, and we need to move forward and try to set our differences aside.

But he looks at Trudeau presumably as yet another Democrat, a liberal Democrat who is espousing ideas that are an aftermath to what he believes in.

LEMON: Max, do you want to weigh in on that?

BOOT: Well, I mean, if you actually see what's happening in Canada, the conservative opposition is rallying behind Prime Minister Trudeau because they see what Donald Trump is doing. It's not just an insult to the prime minister but it is an insult to the entire nation of Canada that he is all of a sudden labeled a national security threat.

And just the sense of hurt that I see from the Canadians, to me, is very hurtful to me because, you know, I've been out there with the Canadians in Afghanistan. I know that they've lost 159 soldiers fighting alongside American troops in a NATO mission in Afghanistan and now to be treated this way.

What Donald Trump is doing is he is uniting all Canadians, liberals and conservatives, against him. And he is doing the same thing in Germany. He is doing the same thing in France.

I mean, there's a survey that came out that only 14 percent of Germans now view the United States as a reliable ally. That is a shocking development. And that's really the -- could spark the end of the western alliance which we've depended upon since 1945.

LEMON: Quick, just a few seconds. I will give you the last words.

VINOGRAD: Calibration is king. The president could be upset with Justin Trudeau and pick up the phone and say he is disappointed. The president could have a summit with Kim Jong-un and not serve him (INAUDIBLE). It's all about calibration.

Steve said...

Hubris personified is Trump. He actually believes in the American Exceptionalism myth.

On CFRB John Moore played all the pundits going ballistic at the thought of Obama talking to Kim. Same people praising Trump for being so Presidential. Its all a talking point.

Simon said...

Hi Jackie...I must confess, and I'm not proud of it, but when I heard that Kudlow had been hospitalized I was not displeased, and was only sorry it was not Trump. On the other hand, the thought of Schmeagol wandering around in a white coat is the stuff of horror movies. For let's face it, what all those Cons have done to the quality of life in North America is a horror movie. And it's only a matter of time before somebody makes a movie called Trump, half Dracula and half The Mummy...

Simon said...

Hi anon@1:00PM... I'm sure Scheer by preventing a united front gave Trump an opening to try to divide and conquer us. But he is a sneaky Con, and he is clearly not going to take any responsibility for what he has done. As I said in my post, it will be up to us to keep reminding Canadians of the treasonous role he played...

Simon said...

Hi anon@3:57...I'd also like to know how they feel, now that their beloved Trump is attacking Canada. But I suspect many of them are such Cons that their feelings would be unchanged. I happened to be in Britain before the Brexit vote, and I warned that the primary motivation of the Brexiteers was racism, but when I said that some of our precious snowflakes accused me of being racist, and claimed it was all a noble struggle against globalism. And I'm sure you'd hear a lot of our homegrown Trump supporters claim the same thing. i.e. Trump is the solution instead of the problem...

Simon said...

Hi Frank... I'm not surprised, Trump supporters are a stubborn lot, as are all fanatics. When Trump claimed he could shoot someone on Fifth Avenue and get away with it he was clearly not wrong. That statement alone should have been enough to disqualify him from being President, but somehow it did him no damage. And you're right, recent studies have shown that white racism and a desire to somehow turn back the clock is at the heart of the Trump movement. And as for the war on globalism, well that's an absolute farce...

Simon said...

Hi Steve...although I'm always pleased to see people remind the world about the Scottish Renaissance, I think what Frank is talking about are people like Faith Goldy who make being white something quasi mystical. I might be proud of my Scottish heritage, but I certainly don't feel that being white makes me superior to any others...

Simon said...

Hi e.a.f...I think many of our precious pundits have failed to point out that what probably enraged Trump more than anything else, was Trudeau leading the charge to deny his request to allow Russia to return to the G8. I have always believed that Putin must have something on Trump to get him to behave the way he does, and he's probably turning up the heat and demanding that his stooge do more to destroy the western alliance...

Simon said...

Hi Jackie...I noticed that RT the Russian propaganda network, as well as Stephen Taylor, the digital director of the Scheer campaign, were both promoting that absurd eyebrow story. For the truth on that story please refer all Trumplings to this reality check::


The story may be absurd, but the way it spread like wildfire through Con ranks is a sign that the next election will almost certainly be the dirtiest in modern Canadian history...

e.a.f. said...

Trudeau and false eye lashes, OMG those boys are desperate. Many of us have seen Trudeau since he came out of the hospital with his parents and rest assured, he always had lovely eyes. got them from his Mom. he doesn`t need make up. These idiots need to understand his father was not particularly good looking but he had intelligence, personality, etc. and got by quite nicely with it. These other men are so vain. they just don`t get it. Oh, right they lost their hair......they`re just jealous. Yes, Trudeau also got his Mother`s hair. He also has his maternal Grand Father`s brains. he was a Cabinet Minister in the Pearson government. We have a federal building named after him in Vancouver. Oh, right and his Father`s brains. Trump and Putin, who knows. Putin has brains, but `they don`t appear to be connected to anything which filters out bad behaviour and such. He`s as nasty as Trump but more brains, but he really needs to keep on his shirt. Not a nice picture. they guy is OLD and looks it.

speaking of young, Macron left a lovely thumb print on Trump`s hand after the G 6 plus one, caused Trump some pain by the looks of the picture.