Sunday, June 10, 2018

Justin Trudeau, Donald Trump, and the Treason of Andrew Scheer

Nobody can deny that Justin Trudeau worked really hard to try to get Donald Trump to agree to a joint statement at the G7 Summit.

No Prime Minister has ever worked harder to try to convince a madman to see reason.

And for a while he thought he had succeeded.

And that the summit that so many Canadians worked so hard to organize was a success.

But it was clear that Trump was determined to act like a spoiled baby.

He had showed his contempt for women by turning up late to a meeting on gender equality.

He held a bizarre newser where among other things he compared his country to a piggy bank, before leaving early to avoid a meeting on the environment.

And when, from the heights of Air Force One, he heard Trudeau say this:

Even though our Prime Minister was only repeating what he had said long before the summit started, Trump went ballistic. 

President Trump upended two days of global economic diplomacy late Saturday, refusing to sign a joint statement with America’s allies, threatening to escalate his trade war on the country’s neighbors and deriding Canada’s prime minister as “very dishonest and weak.”

Threatened our country again, and insulted Trudeau for no good reason.

And to make matters worse, was once again aided and abetted by the sleazy Trumpling Andrew Scheer, who has been travelling around Quebec suggesting that Trudeau is soft on supply marketing.

Which at a time when the G7 summit was in progress amounted to nothing less than this...

A treasonous act of betrayal that could cause millions of Canadian working families untold suffering.

Which had even some crusty Cons like Charles Adler letting Scheer know what he thought of him:

While millions of other Canadians, and many many Americans, expressed their support for Justin Trudeau. 

And had me wondering why such a toxic Trudeau hater, who spews bile in every direction day after day after day, dare call his message a "positive" one...

When it so clearly isn't...

It's the negative message of of an alt-right sympathizer who would divide so he might conquer.

Which had me predicting once again that THE issue in the next election, will be the choice between a real Canadian Prime Minister, and a TRAITOR.

Andrew Scheer has lost what little credibility he had left. 

Him and Trump have come to resemble each other...

And in the name of human decency, Scheer should resign immediately.

Before him and his master both end up in the place where they truly belong...


  1. Abe is an important ally to Americans who want to isolate China. From the look on his face, I think Trumps may have lost Japan.

    1. Hi rumleyfips...yes, the look on Abe’s face is a classic. The Japanese appreciate good manners and the nasty orange oaf clearly has none...

  2. Anonymous11:26 AM

    I love how Trudeau trolled Trump by giving him a framed photo of his grandfather's Canadian, errr..., "hotel." The White House seemed so pleased about it too!

    1. Hi anon@11:26 AM...I was sorry I wasn’t able to fit that story in, because I know exactly what caption I would have used. Trudeau to Trump: “is that your grandmother in the window?”

  3. Anonymous11:31 AM

    I believe it was originally Trump - about a year ago the said treating Canada as a security threat would be insulting.

    1. Hi UU...Did he really? I’m not surprised because only Trump could claim we are a threat, and it’s only an excuse to try to bully us and the others into bowing to his will. Good luck with that one...

  4. Jackie Blue12:22 PM

    The cons and their enablers (looking at you, Warren, you backstabbing Judas, you) should be expelled from the country for being a fifth column within.

    Putin's putain said he wants to bring his pimp back into the "G8," which is basically now G6 for all intents and purposes now that the U.S. has proven its intransigence and willingness (or vulnerability) in electing a destructive moron who thinks everything is a personal affront.

    And get this: He also said he's thinking about inviting Li'l Rocket Man to speak before Congress! So if Comrade Andrei is willing to side with Kim Duck Don right or wrong (and it's always wrong), because Maple Mister Rogers is somehow that much worse, is the little Quisling willing to go on record and say that, by default, he also sides with Vlad the Impaler and the North Korean dictator who ordered a hit on his own brother? Sorry, Andy boy... no security threat, no security threat, you're the security threat...

    1. Hi Jackie...the way Trump is behaving can only have two explanations. One, the Russians want a higher return for their dirty pictures of him. And two, Trump is going senile, and like the mad king on Time’s cover, there is nobody who can restrain him. As for Scheer, he hates Trudeau so much for supporting women’s rights and gay rights, the alt-right sympathizers he has surrounded himself with can play him like a piano. The idea of show trials used to horrify me, but with Trump and his Trumplings I may have to make an exception...😉

  5. Trump is going for Empire. Is it not crytstal clear now that Free Trade as negotiated was a Trojan horse. Sooner of later some Republican was going to blackmail us.

    If we can spend billions on a pipeline, why not spend billions on a refinery? Up chain the oil, make more profits and be less reliant on US gasoline.

    1. John B.3:07 PM

      A good warning for the parties that are clamouring for more deals with China. The big dog makes the rules, ignores them at will and always eats first.

    2. Hi Steve...I suppose any deal can be broken, but we do need them to try to turn the capitalist jungle into something resembling a wild garden. But as for building a refinery, I’ve heard arguments against that, but none that would convince me that it wouldn’t make sense. We’re a big country but somehow a lot of Canadians can only think small...

    3. Anonymous9:18 PM

      The big lie is that the pipelines are required to stabilize supply to Asian markets which will result in better pricing. The reality is the price difference between bitumen and light crude is rooted in real technical differences which have little to do with pipelines. The real objective of the pipelines are to lower fixed production costs by ramping up volume. In a sane Canada, mining and refining a million barrels a day to meet our domestic requirements makes sense but short sighted capitalism is not necessarily sane. Import the million and rape northern Alberta to export 3 to 5 M/day enriches the smart money at the top of the investment pyramid and sticks the tax payer with the legacy issues. Crony capitalism at its finest, Trump would be proud especially if we ditched the dairy farmers at the same time.

    4. I would adjust chronologically: Trump imagines he already is the Emperor. What others think about that absurdity he obviously doesn’t care. It’s his crib and he’ll play in it how he wants. It’s all he has ever known.

  6. Anonymous2:53 PM

    The photo of Trump with spaghetti on his head being scolded by the school-marm is your classic photo of all-time. Is there a way you can send this a little farther afield than just this Inside-Baseball Blog?


    1. Hi Anonymous-A....I wish I could, but it’s not mine. I don’t usually borrow other people’s photo shop creations, but I couldn’t resist that one....

  7. Anonymous4:25 PM

    I think Justin Trudeau has captured the spirit of this country perfectly. We are more polite than most, but we will not be pushed around by anyone. I feel sorry for all those who worked so hard to try to make the summit a success, but nobody but Trump should be blamed for the way it ended.

    1. Hi anon@4:25 PM....I think Trudeau has always captured the spirit of this country, and That’s why so many aging boomers and young people voted for him. The boomers were trying to recreate what they believe was a better past, and the younger generation believed that he symbolized the hope for a better future. Also, despite Trump’s attempt to wreck it, the summit was not a failure. More than $3 billion dollars were pledged to help educate young girls in poor countries, Trump showed the whole world what a pig he really is, and Trudeau’s class was on display for all the world to see...

  8. Anonymous6:56 PM

    Now that the traitor Scheer has caused Trump to sense weakness and attack us like a werewolf, he must be held responsible for every job lost. That disgusting Con must not be allowed to get away with it. The MSM has covered for him, but if they try that now they must also be branded as traitors.

    1. Hi anon@6:56 PM....Don’t worry, we are making plans to pin the word traitor on Scheer, like children pin paper ears on a donkey. I can’t say more than that at this stage, but Scheer can expect to hear the song God Bless America or God Bless Scheer wherever he goes...🤡

  9. e.a.f.11:59 PM

    The American blog, Crooks and Liars has a fabulous picture up. Its of the thumb print of Marcon's after he squeezed into Trump's hand when they shook hands. The picture of the two of them is priceless. trump is grimacing and Marcon has a look on his face which says it all. Now whose the tough guy? it was a nice diplomatic way of giving drumpster a right hook.

    The picture of Merkel "lecturing" dtrump with Bolton standing guard is priceless. Like what did Bolton think Merkel was going to do, hit Trump? might have been there to ensure Donnie stayed in his seat and didn't hit Merkel.

    Trump is likes to create chaos when he isn't getting his way. He is trying hard to break up the G-7 and E.U. so that it will be easier for Putin to do what he wants/.

    Trump doesn't understand Putin has no more use for him than Trump does for the E.U. politicians. Once Putin has what he wants, don't be surprised if Donnie makes an unexpected exit for good. Its not like the Russians haven't done things like that before.

    In my opinion Trump was emboldened by doubie's election in Ontario. He sees this as progress, remember how happy Harpercon always was to accommodate just about anyone whose interests where not in keeping with Canada's? This assault on Trudeau is the first of a series of salvos we can expect from Trumkp and his clan leading up to our next federal election and the Alberta provincial election.

    of course we might not want to put much weight on Trump's musings. one of his American "musings" was that there were 16k Texans out sight seeing during the hurricanes which hit Texas next year. It was reported Trump made the comments while in discussions with Texans preparing for the upcoming hurricane season. Texans were not amused. (article on Crooks and Liars)

    Expect Texas to be treated like Puerto Rico come the next hurricane season, so don't expect too much from Trump and his klan regarding Canada and trade.

    The N.Y. Times is reporting W.H. analysists are predicting these tariffs will be bad for the American economy and inhibit growth. Their message is not getting through to dtrump.

  10. Hi e.a.f...Insaw that picture of Trump’s hand and I thought Macron was brilliant. And the best part is that it should symbolize the way Trump is treated from now on. No more trying to be nice to him, it’s a waste of time. Everyone should be as rude as possible, impose the heaviest sanctions possible, and the American people can deal him the first of many blows in the mid term elections. Bullies can never be made to be reasonable, they can only be beaten..l

  11. Anonymous10:48 AM

    Justa Heirdeau scuttled the NAFTA talks when they are almost wrapped up, because the Americans wanted a chance to look over the agreement in five years. What a fool, he causes division, while Trump makes deals. Heirdeau is more intractable than Rocket Man.