Friday, June 22, 2018

When Will Andrew Scheer Ever Stop Lying?

As you probably know, I began portraying Andrew Scheer as a compulsive liar long before the Cons made him their lying leader.

For who can forget this scandalous story? 

Conservative leadership candidate Andrew Scheer exaggerated a cute story of sleeping at his parents’ home while working in Ottawa, his office said Monday after The Huffington Post Canada raised questions about potential discrepancies in his expense claims.

Where he tried to make himself look cute, only to end up looking like a Con artist.

So I'm not surprised that after about a million other lies, he has finally hit rock bottom.

And is now not only trying to portray Harrington Lake as "Trudeau's cottage." 

When in fact it's an official residence for Canadian Prime Ministers maintained by the National Capital Commission.

He's also going after the Trudeau children, again. 

By making it sound like Justin billed the taxpayers for a swing set...

When in fact Trudeau paid for the swing for his children, and presumably the children of other prime ministers who succeed him.

And Scheer should be the last person to complain when he has lived in comfort in tax payer funded buildings for more than five years.

First in the building known as The Farm when he was the Speaker of the Commons...

And now at Stornoway the building reserved for leaders of the opposition...

Which is no shabby shack either.

And the suggestion that him, his wife, and five children (and counting) are living in humbler circumstances than the Trudeau family couldn't be more absurd...

But then those are just the small or smaller lies, the ones that have earned him the nicknames of Little Schmear or Nasty Schmeagol.

Then there are the other ones like this one...

Which are far more serious and even more disgusting...

Because they clearly show that Scheer is trying to imitate Donald Trump who spews so many lies out of his rear orifice it's almost impossible to keep up with them...

And in this country our shabby Con media doesn't even try.

It's a depressing situation, but there is some good news.

Sooner or later his lies will catch up with him. 

His long lying nose will give him away...

Canadians will understand, as I did long ago, that we are dealing with a grubby serial liar who cannot be trusted with anything.

A Con artist who sooner or later will have to decide whether to resign before he is arrested for fraud...

For let there be no doubt, the truth isn't complicated, the man is a low lying creature.

He is a danger to our democracy.

And that is where he belongs...


  1. Jackie Blue3:50 PM

    Cyberbullying scumbag! How dare he incorporate the Trudeau kids in his attack ads AGAIN! They should be off-limits, period! There is nothing that gets me angrier than when "adults" harass CHILDREN. But as long as we're playing tit-for-tat, don't his kids go to some private Christian school? Who's paying for his de facto PR man Ezra Levant's money pit mansion in Toronto? When's he going to reveal who his fundraisers are? His pathetic excuse that "I shouldn't have to because the conservatives aren't in government" is bullshit. And what "standard of living" does he expect of the prime minister, anyway? For Trudeau and his family to live in a trailer park and wear barrels for clothing? Or does he want a more sinister form of "budget cuts" to, perhaps, the security team???

    Since NAFTA has been in the headlines lately, let's talk about U.S./Canadian exchange rates and other "shoe smuggling" deals from over the border, shall we? The Fraser Institute is a Koch-funded propaganda outfit. Ezra himself is the product of Koch sleepaway camp in the 1990s where he literally wrote the book on using the then-nascent World Wide Web to cultivate a 21st-century Hitler Youth like Rush Limbaugh had done with his dittohead cult and AM talk radio, and Fox did (and is still doing) with cable TV. Press Progress reported that the Rebel produces content sponsored by an Islamophobic hatemongering operation owned by none other than Robert Mercer, the Bond villain behind Cambridge Analytica. Follow the money and do the math, and we're talking about foreign meddling towards a soft coup, or at least foreign meddling "adjacent" by dark-money proxy.

    Quit lying and relying on Yankee oligarchs or resign in disgrace, Andy. AND FOR FUDDLE-DUDDLE SAKES, LEAVE JUSTIN AND SOPHIE'S CHILDREN ALONE!

    1. Hi Jackie...yes, unfortunately Scheer seems to have no moral compass and will do anything to try to destroy Justin Trudeau, even if that means going after his children and lying like a thief. I thought Stephen Harper was bad, but Scheer makes him almost look good. Some friends of mine are working to get the names of the cockroaches who are producing those sleazy attack ads, but already they have found signs of a covert internet campaign that may lead to criminal charges. Which isn't surprising, the Cons are desperate, and the more desperate they become the more mistakes they will make. I think it's time the Scheer gang got a taste of their own medicine...

  2. Anonymous4:45 PM

    The desperation is clearly showing as Schmear tries to counter the huge wins JT has as of late in weed legalization and standing up to president Asshole.
    Their state news National Shitpost is also on board with their howls of outrage over the 1.5M dollar cost of the India trip, or about what it cost Harper to fly his armored limousines on his India trip. Truth is, Harper's trip was the debacle, not JT's.
    So now the gang-up on JT is back in full force and the mouth breathing Con supporters will lap it up like any simpleton would. Too bad for Schmear that the majority of Canadians are not idiots and will repay his latest insult to our intelligence with a resounding defeat in October, 2019.

    1. Hi got it, the Cons are desperate as they see Justin Trudeau becoming more popular, and all their feverish work to try to destroy him go down the drain. The Con media is also in a frenzy digging up stuff from the past to try to smear Trudeau, only to end up smearing themselves further, if that's possible. It's depressing to see how the Cons have degraded the politics in this country, but as you say, I'm pretty sure their disgusting behaviour will backfire and end up costing them in the end...

  3. e.a.f.4:53 PM

    Ah, here is the problem. Scheer can not differentiate between what I is public/government property and what is private. Hence should he become P.M., he like Trump, will use all of the public/government property as if it were his personal fiefdom. Never a good thing.

    As to the swing set, that can only clearly demonstrate how low this guy will. Going after the swing set is ridiculous. Its very funny, given Trudeau paid for it. When it is left behind, it will become a gift to the house. Guess Scheer in his petty mind would take it with him. Even if the swing set was paid for by taxes dollars, I personally don't have a problem with it because kids need to play and it would stay with the house, just like the dishes, the furniture, etc. Scheer needs to get over himself and find something useful to do. Hey I know, he cAn go protest dtrump's concentration camps............well its suggestion...

    1. Hi e.a.f...The situation couldn't be more appalling. The PM's plane is falling apart, 24 Sussex is unfit to be lived in, and now Scheer is complaining about the NCC's attempt to upgrade a summer residence? It's so petty, so cheap, it makes Canada look like a banana republic. And as for going after the Trudeau kids it's simply sickening. But then considering the fact that Scheer hasn't said a thing about Trump's caging of immigrant kids, it's hardly surprising. And it should be yet another sign that the man is unfit to be the leader of a Canadian political party, let along Prime Minister of Canada...

  4. Doug Ford and Trump tell more lies than truth yet they exist. Now in Ontario I can see why Ford was elected. The NDP which I would have liked to see in power where not a serious choice. According to the Star the gas tax won the election. We are now voting to have crumbs apparently.

    So Scheer thinks he can lie and lie and be the alternative if the Liberals
    have anything wrong on election day. Very surprised no sunglasses tweet yet.
    Thats self control.

    1. hi Steve....yes, Doug Ford's campaign showed how low one can go, and still win in this country. And while the NDP and their leader Andrea Horwath ran a lousy campaign, after a few months of Ford they are going to look really good. As for the sunglasses, I can't believe that it's considered a story, and is only in my opinion just another sign that the Con media are willing to use anything to try to destroy Trudeau. We may live in a big country, but many of its people are small and greedy, and unless we can crush them will take us all to a very bad place...

  5. Personal attacks on others is a sign of desperation......Whether politically or otherwise.

    1. Hi Kathleen...the politics of personal destruction were introduced like a virus to this country by Stephen Harper more than ten years ago. And Scheer is only taking this disease to its logical conclusion. Whether Canada will survive it remains to be seen..

  6. Anonymous9:07 AM

    And he pretends to be from Saskatchewan, when he’s Ottawa born bred and raised and he’s STILL THERE!

    Like Kenney and Harper he conned the western rubes into sending him back to Ontario via easy to win Conservative commons seats.

    J. W.

  7. Mind if I use the image of Scheer with a pinocchio nose for a Facebook tag group?

  8. How disgustingly hypocritical every line of this satire piece is. Trudeau's entire platform is to bully and assault women when they dont obey his every command. How any man with a drop of pride and work ethic could ever vote red just amazes m . Your parents must have brainwashed you terribly with the welfare lifestyle of staying home on the couch watching soaps all day while us blue bloods go to work to support the entire right half of the country. Disgusting