Sunday, June 03, 2018

Justin Trudeau and the Treason of the Cons

You might think that at a time when the maniac in the White House has declared war on Canada.

And Justin Trudeau is fighting to save hundreds of thousands of jobs in this country. 

And by most accounts doing an admirable job of letting Donald Trump know that nobody bullies Canadians.

You might think that Andrew Scheer might be able to put his country before his ugly party and his obsessive hatred of Trudeau. 

But if you did you would be wrong, because sadly it seems, Scheer just can't help himself.

He's still twisting himself into knots trying to find any, and I mean any excuse, to try to blame Trudeau for Trump's insane trade war.

Or any excuse to call Trudeau a failure. Again. 

There was some consensus, it seemed, that this was a moment for Canadians to show a united front. Members of the federal Conservative Party, however, opted for a different approach.

With his hapless stooge Erin O'Toole taking that "different approach" to new heights of absurdity...

In question period in the House of Commons, meanwhile, Scheer’s foreign affairs critic, Erin O’Toole, went on the attack as well, accusing the Liberals of offering platitudes but doing “nothing” to prevent the tariffs.

Or new lows of political depravity.

As if Trudeau and his team hadn't worked tirelessly for over a year to try to get Trump to understand that tariffs are bad, for everybody.

As if the whole G7 hadn't tried to reason with the baby maniac...

As if this claim by the former Harper tool O'Toole, wasn't absolutely pathetic.

O’Toole explained that the official opposition was getting frustrated because Liberals had “specifically excluded” his party from the government’s efforts south of the border. 

“We’ve provided direct willingness to go down to Washington as a united front. The Liberals have taken up none of it,” he said.

When the last time the Cons sent a delegation down to Washington, they tried their best to derail the NAFTA talks...

For crass political purposes.

And as Dale Smith points out, they are still playing the same dirty game. 

This isn’t about truth – this is about building their narrative that Trudeau is a dilettante who is incompetent and that the Conservatives are the real grown-ups in the room (despite evidence to the contrary). 

And because people have let Scheer and company lie with impunity on all sorts of files for months now, they feel emboldened to take this course of action, despite how gauche or out of step with other conservative voices in the country it may be, because they see this as their long-term game plan.

Except that now it's even worse, because now Scheer's craven behaviour is weakening Canada's position in Trump's eyes, at a critical time in our nation's history...

Which could result in the loss of hundreds of thousands of jobs, and can only be described as treason.

And the good news?

That treasonous behaviour will come back to haunt those grotesque Con Trumplings.

For in the next election campaign the main issue, the one that eclipses all others, will be the question of which leader can best defend Canada's interests in the age of Trump.

And I think we already know the answer:

One leader is real Canadian who is doing his best to defend his country...

While the other one is a traitor who hates our Canada and its values...

And will from now on live in infamy.

Until the day he is defeated...


  1. Anonymous11:49 AM

    The Libs "specifically excluded" the Cons?! Wasn't former Con leader Rona Ambrose on Canada's NAFTA negotiating team?

    1. Well yes but clearly she is no True Conservative otherwise she would have been excluded. Q.E.D (well if you are Scheer).

    2. Jackie Blue12:25 PM

      She was, and even Moneybags Mulroney was on the team! Although by this point, even he knew better than to throw Donnie a rucksack full of rubles at the Golden Shower Hotel. Dunno if he made any progress warbling "Back in the USSR" at karaoke night either. Maybe he should have brought Ben along to make Donnie feel like a movie star. But I digress.

      Trudeau himself said in his memoir he has never had any problem working with (what used to be called) the Progressive Conservatives, even as far back as when he was on his high school and college debate teams. That even though his father and Joe Clark or Mulroney were on different sides of the political aisle, at the end of the day they still had a mutual respect as fellow statesmen. Justin wants to live up to the example that Pierre set for his sons. Which makes him a really rare unicorn in this day and age.

      Scheer is lying, as usual, when he says in interviews that he respects Trudeau, and I'm sure that feeling is mutual even though Justin always takes the higher ground. Justin has no qualms about bringing anyone on board the team if they have Canada's best interests at heart ahead of partisan sniping. That's not the case with what is, effectively, Harper's self-serving bully gang. He will not abide sabotage from within by regressive conservatives, who consider important things like environmental concerns and workplace protections for women and minorities as "pandering to special-interest groups."

      Et tu, André?

    3. Hi anon@11:49 AM...Rona Ambrose is a members of Canada's NAFTA Advisory Council, and from what I've read is doing a very good job. But then of course Scheer despises her, she's too liberal for him. He even intervened to nix the appointment of the candidate she had wanted to replace her, and appointed an alt-right sympathizer instead. Other former Con cabinet minister like James Moore were also invited to join the NAFTA council. So the tool O'Toole doesn't know what he is talking about, as usual...

  2. Jackie Blue12:37 PM

    Why should Trudeau enable traitors who don't want to be team players and aren't even on the same page in terms of what needs to be negotiated or fought for? Harper said it's his party and Scheer can lie all he wants to. Scumbag Steve time and time again was doing interviews and op-eds bashing Trudeau over NAFTA. Accusing him of pandering to "special-interest groups" because of course that's all Lego Hitler thinks of anyone who isn't an "old-stock Canadian." If that walking case of toxoplasmosis was at the helm he'd be licking Donald and his Nazis, and leave Canada with nothing but the hairball he coughed up.

    Meanwhile, Scheer goes on National Lampoon's Brexit Vacation to negotiate his own separate deal with the British government and undercut Trudeau, even as his stooges were jumping up and down in Question Period and yelling about OH MY GOD HE WORE AN INDIAN WEDDING DRESS!!!1!! IMPEACH!!!! like a bunch of snarky entertainment gossip reporters on the red carpet at T.I.F.F.

    The last thing Trudeau needs is a disturbance in the Force when he has to present a united front against the unhinged maniac. Scheer and his goons are stealth operatives, fifth-columnists, puppet storm troopers of the Conservative Rebel Alliance Party and therefore all traitors. Take them away!

    1. Hi Jackie...I agree, taking any of Scheer's treasonous gang to Washington, after what they did last time, would make absolutely no sense. Cons like Peter Kent and Michelle Rempel have shown themselves incapable of putting their country before their party, and in their never-ending attempt to bring down Trudeau would have played right into Trump's hands...

  3. Anonymous2:16 PM

    If Scheer had any self respect he would fire the alt right gang running his horror show, like his campaign manager Hamish Marshall and his digital director Stephen Taylor. But he won't because he is also an alt right extremist like they are. And after this episode it's probably too late. Scheer is now framed as a traitor to Canada, and he'll never recover from that one.

    1. Jackie Blue3:45 PM

      Don't forget Andy's "conversation partner" at Jason Kenney's Nazi Furry convention, Steven Alexander Gregory Adolf Heinrich Maneuver Riefenstahl Banana-Fanna-Fo-Fascist Myatt.

      Andy can wave his hands and go all "I'm not your buddy, pal" all he wants, but it's pretty clear to any casual observer that you can judge a man by the company he keeps. As though associating himself with the likes of Reddit trolls like Taylor and of course Ezra Levant and his crew of, as Gerald Butts so aptly described them, "Infowars and other Nazi friends of the Rebel" wasn't bad enough, rolling around with the present generation of Hitler's dogs just means you wake up in a bunker covered in fleas.

      MAGA = Marshall & Andrew, Guilty Assholes.

    2. Hi anon@2:16PM...When Hamish Marshall moved from the Rebel to the Cons I predicted that the Cons would become an even more extremist party. And sure enough, what you see is Marshall at his worst, data diving all over the place, and with the help of Stephen Taylor putting out a flood of videos to try to brainwash us like Harper tried to do with our money. And you're right, if the Cons are ever to become a respectable party again, Marshall and Taylor will have to be fired, followed closely behind by Scheer himself...

  4. treason is as treason doesn. The Cons have surrendered to Amerika every time on every file. They hate public health, the pension plan, gun control the right to an abortion. They do not want to live in Canada, they want Canada to become America. Exterminate them at the next election. Now that the Americans have shown their teeth lets get a dentist.

    1. Hi Steve...Exterminate is too strong a word, but crush would be just right, for it is a clash of values. The Cons do not share our traditional Canadian values, and if given half a chance would turn our country into a jungle. There are a lot of powerful American groups cheering on Scheer and his gang, and taking aim among other things at our medicare system. They really want to kill it, and it's just one more reason why failure is not an option...

  5. Anonymous6:39 PM

    If it was 100 years ago Scheer would be hanging from a tree for this act of high treason for which he is committing against this great country.

    1. hi anon@6:39 PM...Well I'm against capital punishment for whatever reason, but I wouldn't mind seeing Scheer strapped to a burro backwards, and heading south where he belongs...

  6. Anonymous11:19 PM

    Trumps vision for America is clear ... an awesome golden feudal tower with the masses slaving away in the basement separated by by many floors of worthiness protocol and security all the way to the top floor which houses the ultra smart crime syndicate. The Cons vision for Canada is somewhat murky. Golden feudal towers don't work... Canadians place just too much emphasis on individualism and not enough on gun toting evangelical patriotism. Harper saw a resource rich Saudi model where centralized handouts bought loyalty...but the oily idea collapsed. It seems the Cons don't have another nation building plan other than just tear out the central part of the country, join the US and fight with the rest. Fortunately Canadians have seen too many Foxless versions of the Trumpian clown show in action and most have decided they don't want any part of it. United we stand ... the alternative is treason.

    1. Hi RT...Like other Trudeau haters I think Scheer has lost his mind politically speaking. He hates Trudeau so much for his support of things like women's rights and gay rights, he is willing to bring down the roof on our heads if that's what it takes to get rid of him. Like Harper he has nothing constructive to offer, and seeks only to destroy. Until the Cons are history, this nightmare will not end...

  7. e.a.f.4:00 PM

    Scheer's twit comment reminds me of dump's comments. It says nothing, really. He doesn't give one e.g. of how he thinks Trudeau out to have "prepared". As to not the "required" words being in the budget, well the budget isn't about foreign affairs and an idiot named dump, its about the national budget and where the country is going. if the national budget starts to try to include all foreign affairs, we'll never get it done and it won't be a budget.

    If we can't trade with the U.S.A. I hear Iran maybe looking for a couple of good shops and as long as we pay in euros we will be in the clear.

    This tariff war isn't just between Canada and the U.S.A. its between our trade partners in the E.U., with whom we have a free trade agreement. As much as I don't care for Communist China's trade policies they also have a finger in this fight, well almost everyone does, so if dump thinks he can take on everyone, he needs to get on some meds quickly.

  8. Hi e.a.f... yes it's true. This trade war isn't just between Canada and Trumpland. We have the Mexicans and the Europeans on our side. So when we're all united we can put quite a dent into the U.S. and boost the fortunes all the Americans who are opposed to tariffs and trade wars. Trump never looks further ahead than the next day, and it will be his downfall. As for Scheer, like his former master Harper, he's good at criticizing but hopeless when it comes to proposing solutions...