Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Andrew Scheer's Tainted Racist By-Election Victory

Andrew Scheer finally won a by-election last night by appealing to Quebec nationalists and playing footsie with former separatists. 

But don't expect him to brag about it too much. For it was a tainted victory.

And there is a reason he didn't mention this at the Con's victory party.

Scheer has said he'd give Quebec more power over culture and immigration and has promised to crack down on the influx of irregular refugee claimants, which has become a particular problem at Quebec's Lacolle border crossing.

For once again Scheer has been caught cuddling up to right-wing extremists.

Or more specifically members of La Meute, a sinister group of anti-immigration and anti-Muslim extremists.

For first there was the scandal involving the Con's Rivière-du-Nord riding president Hugues "Werewolf" Bonneau.

Who is also a leader of La Meute's Clan 15.

And who in a closed Facebook post unearthed by the Quebec Resistance is seen claiming he is a friend of Scheer's press attache Catherine Major, and asking whether he can give their non-La Meute names to her so they can attend a party function.

And while the media have been quick to cover the Con reaction to this revelation. 

Andrew Scheer’s Quebec team is distancing itself from an online post in an anti-immigration group, made by a local riding president who claimed he was helping campaign for the federal Conservative leader in a provincial by-election on Monday.

And Major's indignant protestations.

“We are not affiliated with [La Meute] at all. They are not part of our party,” Ms. Major told the Globe on Monday. 

“Our positions are clear. We don’t accept this, we condemn any racism. So those people can do what they want but we don’t agree with this.”

The media seems to have missed what Paul Pineault, another La Meute member and local city councillor, had to say in response to Werewolf Bonneau's invitation.

I have also registered to participate, and like the others I will not be wearing the clothing of La Meute. I will present myself as a municipal councillor. And you can give my name to your friend Mme Major.

Or somehow missed this one:

According to what I've heard Éric Dubois (the NDP candidate) is an antifascist, we don't want more of Trudeau and his team, so the logical choice is the Conservative Richard Martel. Let's start removing the Liberals from power and show them what awaits them in 18 months. 

And sure enough, here is Pineault yukking it up with Andrew Scheer...

While adding this caption for the other members of his La Meute Clan:

Here's proof that I'm telling you the truth, and that Andrew Scheer is close to his people...I asked him to lower himself to my level and he did.

Which of course couldn't be more true, because Scheer has been lowering himself and playing the racist card as I have warned on Twitter.

The Cons are infested with high level low life bigots.

This is the second time in a month that a Conservative riding president in Quebec has come under fire for comments made online. In May, the president of the Louis-H é bert riding, Francois Labrecque, resigned after making anti-Islamic and homophobic comments on Facebook.

And who can forget this?

In January, Mr. Trudeau referred to La Meute as “bozos” during a one-year commemoration of the Quebec City mosque killings. 

At the time, Quebec Conservative MP Pierre Paul-Hus said the attack on La Meute was unbecoming of a Prime Minister, saying groups should not be targeted because of their vision of the country. 

 “Canada’s Prime Minister must speak in a way that is respectful of people. Calling people bozos, those are not words that should come out of the Prime Minister’s mouth,” Mr. Paul-Hus said after Mr. Trudeau defended his comments.

Or forget how Scheer never said a word to condemn what Paul-Hus said, or act to rein him in.

And yes, the Quebec Resistance has much much more material to use against Scheer and his bigot Cons.

But I hope you've seen enough already...

Andrew Scheer is a traitor Trumpling who tried to stab his country in the back, an alt-right sympathizer, and a friend of some of the worst bigots in this country.

He is unfit to be the leader of any Canadian Party.

And he must be forced to resign as soon as is humanly possible.

Before he sets this country on fire...


  1. Obviously I agree about La Meute, an ignorant bunch of racist, backward, semi-fascists, but it seems odd to me for you to be attacking advocates of independence after all your praise for Scottish Yes supporters. Remember that Québec solidaire, and progressive PQ members such as Véronique Hivon, are also "separatists" and have absolutely nothing in common with la Meute (which is also a horrible insult to canines). And the notorious neo-Nazi outed in my neighbourhood is part of a far-right current that is sharply pro-federalist and against peoples' right to national self-determination.

    1. Hi Lagatta...Where am I attacking pro-independence supporters? My only reference to "former separatists" is directed at the hypocrisy of Andrew Scheer who is saying one thing in Quebec, and another in English Canada. And since the anglophone MSM's coverage of Quebec is so poor I thought I would point that out. So please don't distract from the main thrust of the post, which is that Scheer and company are hanging out with one of the many racist groups that now infest Quebec...

  2. Anonymous12:30 PM

    The Cons will do anything to gain political power. One of their strategies is to use social media to target fringe groups that are large enough to swing the vote in a particular region. Member lists, sign the petition, and click if you Like can all be used to keep the messaging confined to the target group without alarming the general public. A few percentage points from a captured fringe group voting as a highly motivated block can swing an election. In the end they cannot deliver on the implied promises but like Trump they will feed off the chaos and negativity they have created to bolster repressive security forces and laws. Canada is not the US and will splinter if this type of political strategy gains ground but Scheer and the Cons do not care! Its all about smart winning; in their view human qualities such as compassion, honesty, integrity, rational analysis are for losers.

    1. Hi RT...you're right that the Cons have always used social media to target fringe groups, and in an election where only 39% bothered to vote that can swing an election. What concerns me is how much the Cons have increased this approach ever since the Rebel's Hamish Marshall became their campaign manager. Marshall is an expert in the kind of data mining work that Cambridge Analytica does or did, and that means that messages can be tailor made and directed to individuals to a degree never possible before. And of course coming from the racist Rebel I'm sure that Marshall has no qualms about what he is doing. But what we saw in the Chicoutimi-Le Fjord by-election is a preview of what we can expect in the federal election and Canadians better wake up...

  3. Jackie Blue1:06 PM


    An earnest message from a concerned Yankee to all our friends in Québec:

    Dans la guerre entre la «Paw Patrol» de Justin Trudeau et «La Meute» de Andrew Scheer, soutenir la «Paw Patrol». Andrew Scheer et ses amis nazis du chenil sont des morceaux de merde de chien.


    1. The rightwing shitheads' name is an insult to canines and their complex culture.

    2. No. La Meute doesn't hid their racism at all.

      You do know that the most leftwing party in Québec, Québec solidaire, is indépendantiste. As are most trade union confederations and social movements. And more than a few of us turned out against La Meute, and scared them out of demonstrating. And against a prominent local neo-Nazi (federalist) who had been uncovered; creep had met up with his fellow Nazi and KKK fascists in Charlotteville.

      Are you denying anti-Québécois and anti-francophone racism in English-speaking Canada?

    3. Jackie Blue9:05 PM

      No, nothing to do necessarily with the independence movement or any friction between the English and French, just swatting the nose of the cons' werewolf Nazi biker gang faction in particular. And whoever the right-wing assholes were on social media were who went so low as to harass Trudeau's little boy for his adorable costume last Halloween. (Apparently the misuse and abuse of Paw Patrol videos and other children's TV characters is a thing among the worst of the Internet nihlists.)

    4. Hi Jackie...unfortunately our hate laws are too tame to tame our homegrown racists and fascists. In Britain most of them would have been jailed or fined out of existence. But here thanks to people like Stephen Harper and Ezra Levant they have been rendered useless. So much so that when some maniac tried to burn down a mosque in Edmonton the other day, the police were hesitant to say it was a hate crime...

    5. Hi Lagatta...what are you going on about? The wolf has long been used as a Nazi symbol, and who is denying that there is still anti-Québécois and anti-francophone racism in English-speaking Canada? But let's be clear, La Meute and other fascist groups are a serious phenomenon in Québec, and growing stronger by the day. I am always happy to see anti fascists go after them at demonstrations, but what troubles me is the way they are infiltrating government and political parties. As for the independence movement in Québec it's practically moribund compared to the one in Scotland. The PQ separatists are old, and out of it, and bordering on the reactionary. And I should add, however well intentioned Québec Solidaire may be, at less than ten percent in the polls it's also going nowhere. Quebec, with the exception of Montreal, is starting to look like a b-movie version of Le Pen Land, and that should concern all of us...

    6. Oh, it certainly does.

  4. Jackie Blue2:43 PM

    P.S. -- Simon, two brand-new mouth farts from the tweeter-in-chief of the meth lab downstairs. No, it's not from The Onion. The Onion is obsolete.

    First: Trump hugs an American flag like Linus to his security blanket, and rages about Canadians "smuggling" shoes -- yes, that's right, he wants a war with Canada over... shoes. (So far he hasn't said anything about Justin's socks -- well, not yet anyway.)


    Second: Trump steals "peoplekind" comment almost verbatim, right-wing bobbleheads nod in approval despite going batshit about "censorship" when Trudeau said the EXACT SAME THING.


    Video: From this past February, Tucker Carlson of Fox News whines alongside Jordan Peterson that Trudeau's harmless joke and greater efforts to promote gender-inclusive language in Canada are a slippery slope toward Orwellian "political correctness." But only when a liberal says it. When Trump says it? IOKIYAR and *crickets*


    All this on top of Andrew Scheer hanging out with... a werewolf Nazi biker gang. Did the universe have a bad acid trip (or forget to take its Rolaids) this morning?

    1. Hi Jackie...Sometimes it does feel like one long bad trip these days. Trump has gone off the deep end and is channelling Hitler as far as I'm concerned. His mental instability is so advanced, I truly believe he is capable of anything. And it's depressing to see that despite that his rabid racist base still loves him. But five months from now we'll see how he fares in the mid term elections, and I'm still hopeful that his madness can at least be tempered....

  5. Excellent reportage, Simon! You are doing the hard lifting of the rocks under which these creepy crawlies like to hide. And the dirt will stick.

    1. Hi Scott...thank you. Most of the research was done by others in Québec , but I hope I can help get out their message to the rest of Canada. We have fascist groups growing stronger by the day, and Scheer and his Cons are a threat to everything this country used to believe in...

  6. Anonymous3:34 PM

    I thought it was very revealing that the Cons dodn’t send anyone to a Power and Politic discussion on Trump’s prison for kiddies yesterday. They don’t want to criticize Trump because if given a chance they would do the same thing.

    1. Jackie Blue4:40 PM

      If Scheer had his way, he'd call up Betsy DeVos to invest in "charter" residential schools. "Kill the Indian, Save the Child" has got to be one of his campaign slogans... at least in those "private Facebook groups." Very fine people. Be best.

    2. Hi anon@3:34...yes, I noticed that too, and it was very revealing. They don't want to find themselves criticizing Trump, when they are planning to harvest racism for their own ends, and they know their racist base wouldn't stand for it..

    3. Jackie, I guess that is what Trump plans to do with those Central American people, largely of Mayan descent. Some of the children spoke only their people's Indigenous language, not Spanish, and found themselves unable to communicate with anyone.

  7. Anonymous3:48 PM

    I don't know what Scheer would promise in Québec culture, but I know that like Stephen Harper before him, he will tarnish Radio-Canada's programs, will give more to sensationnalists shows such as the ones we had on the TVA network and not to forget¸(and I kid you not) will support american cultural importations with french from France dubbing. I know my comment is more focused on television but music artists would be in an ultimate struggle against more popular ones, aka mostly the ones who would fill the Bell Centre. I don't know how to really say it otherwise but check the ''Bye Bye'' parodies of the past years to understand this more (2010 and 2011 mostly).

    1. Hi anon@3:48...Scheer only brings up Québec culture to suggest it is under threat from those "invading" the province. And I shudder to think what he might do if he ever becomes Prime Minister. For starters, since his leadership platform included a promise to kill off the CBC's news department, I imagine that Radio Canada would be similarly mutilated. Scheer knows that he must win more seats in Québec if he is ever going to form a government, and he will say or do anything to do that...

  8. e.a.f.3:57 PM

    And this is perhaps a good reason to not call an election at this time. We saw several M.P.s up on their pins today calling for the Liberals to revoke the American's status as a "safe country". One of the leads for the NDP was Ms. J. Quan. Not a woman to be trusted, in my opinion. While a member of the NDP Leg. in B.C. she helped set up the revolt against Carole James, our current Minister of Finance, and at that time the leader of the NDP. Had the NDP not switched leaders when it did, the NDP might well have won the following provincial election. We didn't and got 4 more years of "graft, corruption, and money laundering".

    Should Canada determine the U.S.A. is no longer a safe country, we will see an influx of immigrants because Trump will bus the detainees to our border. If people don't think that can happen, trust me it can. In the 1950s, during the Hungarian revolution, people were fleeing the country, the dictators opened the prison doors and told people to go or be shot. Canada gained immensely with the influx of Hungarians. Hey, we got their whole Forestry dept. from one of their universities. Faculty and students. they all went to U.B.C. when they got to Canada. When Castro decided to let people leave, he also opened all the prison doors and told them to go.

    It causes problems because the receiving country is overwhelmed with new arrivals and unprepared. So for the Liberal government to not change their position right now, is the smart thing to do.

    Now back to the topic at hand, where I was going. These racists from Quebec will have a field day and Scheer will have found his election platform and it will work. I am old enough and have studied enough history to see this can all happen again and it will gain traction in Canada. If we call an election, we need to ensure the public knows full well who Scheer is associated with and how the Cons won this election. It is doubtful the CBC, CTV, etc will cover any of this aspect. However, it might be up to those who read here to send this information along via facebook, letters to the editor, etc.

    Scheer has found his base and it is the Canadian fascist. His current base will not be unwilling to go along.

    We may put this down to quebec nationalism. All provinces have their racists and in Quebec its just easier to hide the racism, behind Quebec nationalism.

    1. hi e.a.f...I'm afraid I can't disagree with anything you say. Immigration is a huge issue in the U.S, and in Europe, and it has the capacity to bring the worst kind of fascists to power. The NDP is playing with fire by suggesting we should revoke the "safe country" agreement, for while that may sound like the decent thing to do, it could bring another wave of asylum seekers pouring over the boarder and play into the hands of people like Scheer. We need to be really smart and not let our emotions cloud the fact that we are living in a very dangerous time, racism is a ticking time bomb in Canada as it is in other countries, and if we are not careful it could blow up in our faces...

    2. We may have had this exchange before. Jenny Kwan was no villain in the BC NDP schism: she was one of about a third of the caucus who expressed concern at leader Carole James’ passivity when Premier Campbell was writhing on the ground under the proverbial straw that broke the camel’s back, his HST lie topping many, many sins, including ripping BC citizens off for a $billion public railway. James demonstrated she was not ready to govern by doing this stupid thing: when her caucus members told her their constituents wanted her to attack Campbell more aggressively she turned her aggression toward her own MLAs instead. It cost her her job. Her successor Adrian Dix again showed he wasn’t ready to govern by advertising what voters fear most about the NDP: his foolish “positive politics” election campaign policy which prohibited negative comments about the BC Liberal government—a stubborn idealism that confirmed many voters’ prejudices that Dippers are infested with flakey ideologues and allowed the bubbleheaded prancing majorette Christy Clark to win by default. Former NDP Premier Mike Harcourt actually tore up his party membership card because of this stupid, idealistic passivity. You’re right: we got four extra years of BC Liberal destruction because of it.

      Now, contrast Dix’s acclaimed successor John Horgan: When Christy typically accused the NDP of hacking the BC Liberal website on the eve of the last election she immediately found that the new NDP leader was unlike her prejudicial opinion of her rival party—he attacked back with a threat to sue her and, after having to apologize abjectly, she never recovered her usual bombast for the remainder of the election campaign—which she lost.

      I spoke with John (he called me) and said we wanted to see some blood and teeth on the floor and we didn’t much care whose as long’s we were the last one standing. He promised he would do his best in this regard.

      High ideals are fine between elections, not during them. Especially in BC where voters are so disaffected they need bloodsport to get them out to vote. It’s not ideal, it’s reality. They don’t call campaigns campaigns for nothing.

      Bad politicians need to be aggressively raked over the coals. That’s political fact that only losers don’t get.

    3. And beware if Jennie Quan is up on her pins yakking like its the end of the world. She is bound to be trying to destroy something.

  9. John B.8:55 PM

    The CRAP Party has understood the value of this asset since the inception of its precursor. If they want to be involved in politics and elections, they've no other place to go. You have to force the leader into offending them. And it has to be definitive. Note that when Trump's critics tried to force the issue with him following his gutless response to the Charlottesville rallies, it was Bannon who was tasked to make a statement distancing the administration from the torch bearers in which he described them as "idiots". You'd never hear it from Dear Leader and I don't think you'll ever hear such a pronouncement from Sheer.

    The segment is too valuable and motivated, and was too easy to earn. It's theirs and nobody else's and they know it. You'll never get to them because they're the kind of closed-minded conclusion-seeking halfwits who'll never admit that they've been wrong. These guys have been making me puke since the days of the Edmund Burkers and the Western Guard. But of course, I'm probably just a crazy old virtue signaller.

    1. The supposedly "respectable" rightwing CAQ here in Québec does get called the CACA = CRAP.

      What is it about reactionaries and scatological names?

  10. Hi John...I agree with you, you will not hear Scheer denounce those fascists because he himself is an alt-right supporter and not only does he need them, he enjoys their company. But our crappy media won't denounce him or them either, so we are heading down the road to a very dangerous place. If the border situation becomes a major issue, Scheer and his Cons could win the next election, and we could end up like another U.S. or Hungary...

    P.S. I hate the expression "virtue signalling" so much that should somebody somebody say it to my face I'm afraid I might be capable of assaulting them... ;)

  11. e.a.f.2:37 PM

    It is things such as this which ought to be filed away and re opened when the next federal election is called. People need to know what Scheer and his party are all about in some parts of Canada. Most people don't know any of this if they are in western Canada.