Monday, April 30, 2018

The Many Lies of the Con Artist Andrew Scheer

As you may know, I consider Andrew Scheer to be a serial liar, a man who lies almost as much as Donald Trump does.

A liar who should have a flashing red light attached to the end of his large pointy nose to warn others he's coming.

But this latest lie is so bad it's ridiculous.

And can only be described as the work of a Con artist. 

Despite not yet having the details, Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer says he will be unveiling a climate plan ahead of the 2019 election that will meet the Paris targets without a carbon tax.

"We will be unveiling a very detailed and comprehensive plan because we believe that Canada has to be part of the solution. We are about a year away from the next election, a little bit more. I guarantee you we will have a comprehensive message to Canadians," Scheer said in an interview with Evan Solomon, host of CTV’s Question period.

And although reaction ranged from the real...

To the sublime...

It's not the first time Scheer has been caught lying.

Like the time just a few months ago when he accused Justin Trudeau of calling Canadians "Tax cheats."

Only to have his own House Leader, the ghastly Candice Bergen, admit he had been fiddling with the truth.

Which no doubt caused Schmeagol to start sweating again. 

But what's so stunning is that our Con media allows Scheer to get away with these whoppers again and again.

My favourite being the one where he claimed to be more tolerant than Justin Trudeau.

Which coming from a man who spent hours bouncing up and down on Ezra Levant's knee, or blowing him like a trumpet. 

But now claims he hardly knew him...

Couldn't be more disgusting or more obscene.

And can only lead to one conclusion.

Andrew Scheer is a serial liar and a Con artist, who would be our Trump.

And is now, and always will be, unfit to be a Canadian Prime Minister...


Anonymous said...

If Scheer's lies on meeting our Paris targets make him unfit to be PM, then so is Trudeau. There's no way that Trudeau's plan will meet our 2030 GHG targets either, because it has yet to be implemented and will exempt tar sands producers. Our "leaders" have fiddled for so long that even if we stopped all tar sands activity as of today, we would still likely miss our targets - just as we missed our 2010 targets and will miss our 2020 ones.

Anonymous said...

No different than the con mindset that you can cut taxes and still have the same social services.

Anonymous said...

Are you blind, senile, or just incredibly dumb? No Prime Minister has done more to try to get a carbon tax than Justin Trudeau. In case you haven't noticed, getting all the provinces to agree to one is not an easy task. Also why are you blaming Trudeau for everything when 80% of Canadians use their cars to commute. This is a Canadian problem not a government one.

Anonymous said...

Seeing the loser Candice Bergen making her leader look like a liar was priceless. And BTW aren't religious fanatics supposed to tell the truth?

Anonymous said...

It never ends with Schmeagol. One bullshit story after the other with the occasional doozy thrown in there for good measure.
My dear departed Daddy used to describe the likes of Schmeagol with a fitting example for when they opened their lying yaps and it was: "Here we go, looks like another shit-house door just blew open!"

e.a..f said...

perhaps its time Canada had Michelle Wolf come up and do a comedy routine on our Conservative politicians.

The Conservative party has never been one to do much to preserve our environment and one can not expect a leopard to change its spots at this late date. Both major political parties are friends of the major corporations in this country. Its just the Cons haven't been so good at trying to look like they're balance things out.

I do not believe in a carbon tax. that great big sucking sound is money leaving the average Canadian's pocket and going into the federal coffers. Now if its simply another method of taxing, then make it a bigger income tax so it gets spread around. As it now stands the carbon tax simply hits lower income people more than higher income people. We all pay a carbon tax on gas in B.C. but if you're making $220K a year its not a big deal. If you're struggling along at $22K a year its a very big deal. However, the Cons "suggestion" they will meet the Paris agreement targets without a carbon tax is simply bullshit. Scheer and his base simply don't care about the environment in any meaningful manner.

We need to change the way people think about the environment. That is not going to happen while we still have the federal government insisting we ship tar/oil to China through the waters of off of B.C. and risk a huge environmental disaster. Trudeau and his cabinet are not backing away from this and for that he needs to be critised but no one ought to believe Scheer would be any better.

In Vancouver the cost of gas is currently $1.61 a litre, the highest in Canada. A lot of that is tax and it is going to make life for working people very difficult, especially that carbon tax. people will not be able to stop going to work and the bus/sky train services aren't good enough. Right now it can take an hour to 2 hours each way, each day to get to work, when driving your personal car would cut the commuting time to 30 minutes. drop the carbon tax and set laws to reduce/restrict carbon out put. We might start with all those huge dump trucks and 18 wheelers driving through Greater Vancouver and have them become electric. Now that would reduce carbon emissions.

jrkrideau said...

BTW aren't religious fanatics supposed to tell the truth?

I believe there are exemptions for making money and winning elections. But if you are six years old, then you must tell the truth.

jrkrideau said...

I believe you need to read up on carbon taxes. It is possible to make them revenue neutral as, I believe, BC did. IIRC lower income people saved money overall.

Sorry, but I did not keep citations but some googling should turn up some papers on the subject from 2--3 years ago.

Anonymous said...

I don't recall signing the Kyoto, Copenhagen or Paris Accords, do you? No, a representative of our government committed Canada to those targets and it's up to the feds to implement a way of reaching them. The fact is that all of our federal leaders prioritize business as usual over the environment. But this is a zero sum game - we can't grow the tar sands, increase our consumer consumption and still meet our targets. That they pretend otherwise makes them liars.

Anonymous said...

If a carbon tax is revenue neutral it defeats the purpose of the tax. The tax is supposed to hurt, so that people reduce their carbon footprints.

But no matter what you do, a carbon tax is regressive - it hits the poor and middle class harder than the rich. As a percentage of income, the rich consume less carbon-producing resources, and can easily afford Teslas and solar arrays to further reduce their consumption.

The best way to lower GHCs is a combination of carbon taxes and regulation, with emphasis on regulation NOT written by Big Oil and other major polluters.

e.a.f. said...

excellent point! carbon taxes are not neutral, just like any other tax never has been or will be. Taxes are meant to collect money from the most people possible who are not attached to a major political party. The Carbon tax is meant for people to use less because it costs more. Now the B.C. government did provide some payments to individuals to compensate for the increased expenses, but carbon taxes effect every part of our daily lives. A rebate is not going to cover any of it. Carbon taxes make it look like the government is doing something for the environment, while doing nothing but collecting more money.

When the first tar/oil spill hits the west coast we are the ones who will have to pay for the clean up. china won't. the tanker company won't. Kinder Morgan won't and the feds can never come up with enough money to remediate the coast.

What we need is oil refineries in B.C. and Alberta instead of shipping this tar to Communist China. it is never going to lower the price of gas in B.C. The oil companies will continue to try to force B.C. residents to buy into their oily mess. Trudeau hasn't helped one bit. He may have talked a real nice talk and he smilies really, really well, but he is the one who is sending that oil/tar from Alberta onto B.C. oceans. Can you imagine a tanker a day through these water?

I know The Cons won't do any better and they will be worse for Canada, but when it comes to the environment and politicians only Elizabeth May has any balls/ovaries. She went on the picket line and was arrested.