Saturday, April 14, 2018

How Andrew Scheer Was Duped By An India Story. Again

Ever since Justin Trudeau's trip to India was made to look like a disaster by the shabby stooges in the Con media, Andrew Scheer has gone crazy with Indian fever.

He's still trying to make the India story sound like it's the biggest story in Canada. 

Even though it died of old age weeks ago...

But so desperate is Scheer to try to revive it, and get some of that poll boosting buzz back, he has been scouring every newspaper and supermarket tabloid in India hoping to find some evidence to use against the Prime Minister.

So you can imagine how horribly excited he must have been, when he thought he had caught Trudeau being humiliated by the Indian government.

Again !!#@!

But when I read the story Scheer was using to back up his claim, I wasn't impressed. 

External affairs minister Sushma Swaraj called off a bilateral meeting with her Canadian counterpart Chrystia Freeland, expected to be held in the last week of April, more than a month after a senior Canadian government official said "rogue political elements" in India may have orchestrated the embarrassing invitation of Khalistani militant Jaspal Atwal to a formal dinner with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau in New Delhi.

Nothing in the story seemed to support the headline:

Sushma Swaraj Cancels Meeting With Canadian Foreign Minister Over Jaspal Atwal Row

Outlook's political bias seemed only too obvious.

Outlook in one of its cover stories -- Panth And A Foreign Hand -- before Trudeau’s India visit had said that “A new real threat of Khalistani ­terror, fuelled and funded by foreign gurudwaras patronised by liberal white politicians, has revived memories of a blood-drenched era of Punjab’s history”.

And sure enough, it seems the Cons have been duped. Again.

The Indian High Commission says a story being used by Conservatives to attack the federal government over the Jaspal Atwal affair is false. 

"There was no meeting scheduled between External Affairs Minister of India and her Canadian counterpart in Ottawa," Indian High Commission press secretary Sunil Kumar Sharma wrote in an email Friday. Freeland's office also said the report is not true and that "no such meeting was in the works."

Or have been caught trying to spread fake news. Again.

Or worse, trying to con Canadians into believing that Andrew Scheer would embarrass us less abroad than Justin Trudeau...

I mean look at him. Is that Mr Jolly Ass or what?

Every time I look at that photo I burst out laughing. 

And if I was abroad, in some city somewhere, and I saw Scheer coming towards me, I'd put a paper bag over my head so nobody would know I was a Canadian...

Because the laughter would be loud, and it would be embarrassing eh?

You know, it would be nice if our shabby Con media, who did so much to hype that fake India story, would condemn Scheer for trying to bring it back from the dead.

But no such luck. 

All of the usual suspects seem to be ignoring it... 

And who can be surprised? When to condemn Scheer would be to condemn themselves, the shabby Con clowns..

So we'll just have to do it ourselves. Shove that fake story in their faces every time they mention the word India.

And remind Canadians that Scheer is not just a creepy religious fanatic, and an alt-right sympathizer, and a Trumpling if ever there was one.

He's also the kind of person who could defile that vigil in Humboldt...

In his indecent lust to destroy Justin Trudeau.

But somehow forget to mention where he was when he sent out that ghastly tweet.

On a Disney cruise in the Caribbean...

Can you believe that?

After having spent months attacking Justin Trudeau's vacation, for no good reason.

But then that's who he is.

Mr Jolly Ass or Mr Monster...

The man who is not what he appears to be.

You have been warned.

And make sure above all things. 

That he is never ever our Prime Minister...


  1. Anonymous12:47 PM

    "Every time I look at that photo I burst out laughing."
    I'm glad you're able to, Simon. Every time I look at it I want to slap that smug piece of crap right in his ratty incisors and speaking of which, I'd love to see his head cropped onto the body of a big, fat, excrement filled sewer rat.
    Seeing how the Cons are twisting or outright lying about any and all things JT, I'd say the Con Rat King Schmear, who lives and will die in the sewer, has earned it.
    These Reform-a-Con-Gop-Slop clowns have absolutely nothing to bring to Canadians policy wise and are relying solely on their fake news tweets and sickening ads to deceive Canadians into voting for them. And as usual, our useless Con media turns a blind eye to it while the truth comes to us from the Canadian arm of the American based Huffpost. How sad is that?
    When Schmeagol goes down in flames in 2019, I hope and pray that our irrelevant Con MSM goes down with the big Goofy prick as well because we really deserve so much more than this.

    1. hi JD...I understand how you feel, but we can't let our anger consume us, and violence is out of the question. We will unite, we will organize, and we will laugh that sewer rat out of office. It's true that everything decent in this country is under attack, but remember we are more than them, they are using bots to make it appear as if they speak for most Canadians when they don't, and we have yet to deploy our attack ads.
      When we do start attacking them, and we reveal their hacking and bot activity they will go down like Humpty Dumpty...

    2. Anonymous1:21 AM

      Hi Simon, I just want to clarify that I'm indeed angered but not consumed by it. The context of my swat in the yap was meant to embarrass and not injure(other than ego). It would be comparable to the days of duels when a slap with an empty glove was far more insulting than say, a punch in the nose.
      However, I can see how one could see it as otherwise and I will choose my words more carefully as I do respect your rules.

    3. Hi JD...don't worry about it, you're a good person, and I shouldn't have been so preachy. I mean I sometimes have to restrain my self from throwing something at the TV every time I see Scheer's ugly face, or hear his whining voice. But since they are always looking to use stuff against us, I have to make sure that they can't ever accuse this blog of inciting violence, like they do. So sorry about that and go in peace my son... ;)

  2. I am sure QP will cover this, expect they will spend all the time talking about what Trudeau did wrong to not arrange this meeting so it could be cancelled.

    1. Hi Steve...It's up to the Liberals and the NDP to become more aggressive and make sure that the Cons are exposed as the rats they are. Sunny days is a good way to live, but only after you have neutralized the enemy...

    2. Anonymous12:36 PM

      Agree with Simon, but if I have any regret of this government, it's their lack of ability to retake control of the narrative. One things for sure, I am looking forward to the election debates. Will Scheer run away?

    3. hi anon@12:36 PM...I agree with you, their communication skills are appalling. I know they want to be nice, but you can't be nice when you're on the ground getting kicked in the head. It's time to fight back and the harder the batter....

  3. Anonymous5:18 PM

    Scheer is a Trump class liar, but he only gets away with it because the MSM allows him to do so. It should be obvious from the Outlook article that there is a disinformation campaign aimed at trying to embarrass Canada for having a vibrant Sikh community, and a good number of them in government and other political positions. The Cons are collaborating with those who would embarrass their country, and they should be ashamed of themselves.

    1. here here. the cons are al about divide and rule. This is due to the first past the post system. This was JT big failure, not to tame that monster at first strike. The NDP are also villans in this opera.

    2. hi anon@5:18 pm...There have been many articles by Sikh Canadians that have made it clear that the Indian government is waging a campaign to try to embarrass Canada for being too friendly with our large and very peaceful Sikh community. It's the work of Hindu extremists, and by siding with them Scheer is only showing himself to be another religious extremist, in a world where we need them like we need a hole in the head....

  4. Anonymous6:15 PM

    I love those two guys with bags over their heads. If Scheer and his Cons win the next election, or Rob Ford becomes the premier of Ontario, we'll all be wearing them. This country seems to be suffering from dementia, and doesn't seem to realize how lucky it is to have a PM like Justin Trudeau.

    1. It when America made the race close enough that GWB could defeat AL Gore. It was like Pee Wee Herman defeating Bill the Science Guy.

    2. hi anon@6:15 PM...I also believe the country is behaving like some cranky old Con on a porch with a shotgun screaming at passersby. Far too many Canadians don't seem to realize how good we have it, and if they aren't careful will find themselves in a nightmare, and unable to understand what happened....

  5. Anonymous10:27 PM

    Why is the champion of Christians everywhere denying the possibility that certain factions in the Indian government/media are at odds with Canada's policy on religious freedom? Scheer should be ashamed for denying that any subversive conflict could exist in various levels of government as well as for overplaying the "terrorist card" and bringing the strong divisions between religious groups back into Canada in the hopes of achieving some minor political gain.
    I had planned to link to a Washington Post story as an example of extreme religious persecution but decided against it as it was only one horrible incident in a huge country where there are likely as many positive stories so decided on the following Wikipedia summary instead.

    "Anti-Christian violence in India refers to religiously-motivated violence against Christians in India.[1] Violence against Christians has been seen by Human Rights organization as a tactic used to meet political ends.[1].......

    In August 2017, the US Commission on International Religious Freedom (USCIRF) ranked India’s persecution severity at “Tier 2” along with Iraq and Afghanistan.[3] In the past six years, India has risen from No. 31 to No. 11 on Open Doors' World Watch List, ranking just behind Iran in persecution severity.[4][5]"

    1. hi RT...thanks for the Wikipedia summaries. I have mentioned this before, and also wondered why Scheer seems to be backing the Hindu fundamentalists who are carrying out atrocities against Christians, and Muslims. And I intend to make at least one video on that subject, for Scheer's rabid base needs to know exactly what their leader is doing. But again, as I've said before, progressives need to become more aggressive or they risk getting pushed around by the Con scum...

    2. Anonymous10:26 AM

      Hi Simon

      Progressives are holding their own on Twitter and hopefully Facebook changes will expose the propaganda rot. That leaves YouTube/Google as their 'water hose' style propaganda outlet. Even a few counter videos to trigger the "you may also like" algorithm and corresponding "subscribe" button once a video with a positive spin is watched. There are none at present, its a Reforma Con free for all!

  6. Anonymous5:03 PM

    So now you're concerned about media accountability after having a fit every time the media holds the Liberals to account? Duped twice? No, as the circus the India trip was, was very real, again thanks to media doing their job.

    It was the Indian government. No wait, it was an MP. (MP - I invited Atwal/I didn't invite Atwal).

    Atwal - I'm good buds with the PM./PMO - oh no you're not.

    Atwal - I have pictures of myself with Harper and Layton. I donated to the other parties. Look, pics of Parliamentary passes given to me by CPC MPs...yet crickets when asked for pics, actual items, and only EC record of a donation is to the Libs.

    All on matter how much you all go on about media, pollster and Opposition conspiracies.