Sunday, April 29, 2018

Doug Ford and the Rise of the Beastly Bigots

You don't see or hear much from Doug Ford these days. The Team Harper gang who are running his campaign are clearly planning to muzzle their monkey.

And turn his bus into a fortress where the media aren't welcome.

And who can blame them eh?

The last thing they need is the big gorilla trying to answer complicated questions with simplistic slogans he can barely memorize, and looking even more ignorant. 

Especially since this point at least, Ford is heading for a massive majority.

But as if this Gong Show, or Kong show, wasn't scary enough, now we find out the Fordzilla and his supporters are channeling another Con ape.

Big Mike Harris, the former Con premier, who left the province looking like a disaster zone, with his so-called Common Sense Revolution. 

Much has been made of the so-called Ford Nation and its potential to storm Ontario's legislature in the upcoming provincial election. But the coalition that could deliver victory to Doug Ford's Progressive Conservatives in June looks less like a new political movement — and more like a Common Sense Revolution 2.0. 

Some of Ford's rhetoric echoes what Ontario heard from his predecessor Mike Harris 23 years ago. Polls suggest his supporters look much the same as well — as does the electoral map that would make Ford the province's next premier.

As if Harris was somebody to emulate, as if voting for Ford made any sense at all.

When not only is he too dumb to run a province, he's also in hock to the religious fanatic and ugly bigot Tania Granic Allen. 

Doug Ford is no joke. And he’s not kidding about partnering with Tanya Granic Allen, one of the most regressive Progressive Conservative social conservatives in the movement he now leads.

Homophobia. Islamophobia. Anti-abortion hysteria and harassment. Demonizing gay marriage. 

Lord knows, and Ford knows, the camp of Granic Allen — an anti-gay, anti-abortion, anti-Muslim, burka-baiting candidate — put him over the top in last month’s leadership vote. No Tanya, no Tory leadership triumph.

Who holds extreme views on a lot of things:

She speaks of an “abortion holocaust,” comparing the founder of Planned Parenthood to the fomenter of the Holocaust, Adolf Hitler, according to the National Post. 

In 2014, she retweeted an image of mayoral candidate Olivia Chow caricatured as the founder of Communist China, Mao Zedong, with a caption referring to socialist “parasites.”

She told Sun News in 2013, a decade after Ontario legalized same-sex marriage, that it was the “demise of society.”


And worse, she is obsessed with demolishing the province's new sex education curriculum, which among things acknowledges for the first time the existence of LGBT children.

And since Ford needs her so much he is only too willing to give her a free pass to bigotry...

He is not only empowering Granic Allen’s strident rhetoric by giving her a bigger platform, but adding his own voice to her musings on abortion and sex ed. Echoing her demands, he has vowed to “repeal” the health curriculum and has publicly questioned the right of teenagers to abortions unless parents approve.

There is little mystery to their mutually complementary musings: Granic Allen enabled his leadership triumph, Ford is merely returning the favour by being her enabler.

And that believe it or not is where we are at in the year 2018, in Ontario, Canada.

Heading for a place that could get even Andrew Scheer excited...

And the demise of our society and its values.

Don't let it happen. Fight them all the way.

Tell the bigots their day is over.

And don't let this one win...


  1. Anonymous2:01 PM

    They may muzzle their monkey for now, Simon. However, Ontarians will get to see Duh-oug in all his oafish glory during the debates. If Wynn and Horwath can show him as the babbling, lying, homophobic fool that he is, perhaps he can be contained to a minority government, which would be like putting King Bong in shackles.
    And I think we all know how that movie ended.

    1. Hi JD...I always cheered for King Kong, until Ford came along, and I do hope that the debates will be his undoing. And the latest Mainstream poll seems to suggest that his support is softening. But there is a big urban/rural split and the possibility of a Liberal/NDP split so I guess anything could happen. But one thing is for sure, Doug Ford is and will always be unfit to be the Premier of Canada's most powerful province, and if he is elected he will drag the whole country down with him...

  2. Anonymous3:15 PM

    The progressive vote needs to settle on either the ndp or olp. I prefer the olp by miles, but if the ndp becomes the vehicle to block Ford I will gladly cast a vote for them.

    1. Anonymous3:32 PM

      I plan to do the same thing. Horwath has never impressed me, but she is a million times better than Doug Ford.

    2. Anonymous6:10 PM

      Pig shit would be a million times better than Drug Ford.

    3. Hi anonymous @3:15 PM...yes, we are going to have to encourage strategic voting if only to avoid splitting the progressive vote. It worked to a degree during the last federal election, and there is no reason it can't work again...

  3. e.a.f.3:28 PM

    As I always say when a less than progressive government is elected, you will have to live with it or die because of it. You make the choice, just like you did when you voted.

    Ford and his cabal will make a big appeal to those in religious and ethnic conservative communities. however, what they need to remember, once in office, he'll come for them, one way or another. You can bet he'll start with outlawing all signs of other religions.

    About all that will keep Ford and his cabal in check will be the Supreme Court of Canada.

    As to Ford revealing himself in a debate, what if he doesn't debate, leaving on the NDP and the Liberals to carve each other up.

    If the people of Ontario elected Doug Ford, they will get what B.C. had for 16 years, corrupt, nasty government which was more interested in their financial supporters than the children of the province. (B.C. had the B.C. Lieberals which weren't Liberals, they were Conservatives and had a number of Harper and Alberta Conservatives working for them) During the reign of the Cons in B.C. education went down hill along with health care, policing and we became internationally known for money laundering. Our housing prices sky rocketed and the fent crisis got a real good start in B.C.

    of course the people of Ontario could move next door to Quebec. Remember the late Ford and his carrying on, with his brother at his side. Guess the late night shows will have Trump and ford to make fun of.

    1. Moving back to Qu├ębec does have its appeals, I must say. I have been back in Ontario for 15 years but one does miss la belle province from time to time.

    2. hi e.a.f...If Ford does become Premier he will make Canada look like a rube nation, and we will be the laughingstock of the world. Every time Ford opens his mouth I shudder, for he reminds me of some character in a third-rate gangster movie. Not only will he end Canada's last chance to fight climate change by scrapping the carbon tax, cause massive social unrest, and damage the province's healthcare system. He is so dumb he will be easily manipulated by the Team Harper types who are running his campaign, and will no doubt run his government.
      There is no possible scenario where this is anything but a disaster...

    3. hi jrkrideau...moving back to Quebec as e.a.f. suggests is an option, but it might not be far enough away. I might have to take that job in Edinburgh that has been waiting for me for over six months, for only there could I be sure never to hear Ford's ugly dumb voice. But that would take me out of the next federal campaign, and I don't think I could do that, for with Ford and Kenney as Premiers the election of the fanatic Scheer would definitely be the end of Canada as we know it. Decisions, decisions....

  4. Anonymous4:56 PM

    It's the same old story, the left divided the Cons united. When will we ever learn?

    1. hi anon@4:56're preaching to the converted. I have always believed that progressives should unite to form one party, or at the very least a powerful movement.
      That's why I never engage in the petty partisanship of the snowflake left. But unfortunately, I and those who share my views, have made little progress over the years. Canadians insist on cheering for their own parties like they cheer for a hockey team, dumb is as dumb does,and only catastrophe will move them....

  5. The Charter of Rights will take care of the people of Ontario. What is not protected is the Enviroment. Kiss the green belt goodby should Mono Rail Ford get elected. And electrified GO, Ha Ha, more streetcars and LRT in Hamilton and Brampton, not on Dougie watch. The people of Niagara will never see a Go train service. Pity.

    1. hi Steve...the environment will be a big loser if Ford becomes premier, but I believe the healthcare system will suffer even more. When Mike Harris led the province he killed thousands of nursing jobs, and I'm pretty sure that those who want to privatize our system will have a field day. So all those older Canadians who support Ford will in a sense be digging their own graves. And yes, public transportation will also be cannibalized, and any hope of modernizing our rail system will be lost for another generation...

  6. Anonymous9:21 PM

    Poll stats before and after Dougie suggests that supporters are voting for the party and either don't know or care about the 180 shift in platform on major issues. Rather than vote splitting hopefully the NDP will target districts where the demographics show they have a real chance of winning and leave the Liberals and Cons to battle it out elsewhere.
    Its ironic that the inverted aging population profile that supports the trash and burn Con policies will suffer the most as the replacement population is constrained due to below replacement birth rates, spiteful immigration policies and regressive health care funding. Would sooner receive medical support from a supportive first generation immigrant than nada or perhaps a disgruntled nurse Wettlaufer. Seems not everyone agrees!

    1. hi RT...I hope you are right about many Con supporters not realizing that their party's platform has changed, or disappeared. For that might give us hope that they could change their minds before it's too late. But there is a big dumb streak in this country, and it just might kill any chance we have of adapting to the challenges of the modern world. And you're right, the irony is that the older people who are Ford's strongest supporters, are the ones who stand to lose the most. Just when we need a strengthened safety net and expanded medical services to deal with an aging population, they won't be there. And let's be absolutely clear, that will cause more suffering and premature death than this country has ever seen...