Tuesday, April 03, 2018

The Con Media's Shameful Attempt to Shame the Liberals

As we all know the Con media's assault on Justin Trudeau during his trip to India was something to behold.

Relentless, vicious, and since most of the Con media covered it from Ottawa and Toronto, abysmally ignorant of what was really going on in India.

And hyped to the point of absurdity.

But our shabby, shuffling Con stooges did do Justin some damage, by claiming that he had SHAMED us in the eyes of the world !!! 

Which was also nonsense, but because it's Canada, it had some of the dumbest hosers in the land running around shouting things like "Jesus Christ in a hotdog bun, we've been HUMILIATED !!#@!

And since it worked so well, and gave Andrew Scheer such a boost, they're now calling him Little Rocket Man, or the Flying Messiah.

The Con media is doing it again.

With the notorious Con fluffer, and Harper groupie John Ibbitson, screaming hysterically that the Liberals should stop shaming Canadians!!!! 

Someone needs to send this Liberal government an urgent message: Stop calling us deplorables!

Attacking Catherine McKenna for admitting that she was frustrated with climate change deniers.

Environment Minister Catherine McKenna, under calm but persistent questioning from Evan Solomon on CTV’s Question Period, blurted out Sunday that “I have no time for folks who are like, you know, ‘we shouldn’t take action,’ ” on climate change.

As any sane person should be, since climate change is the biggest threat we face.

Or going after Bill Morneau claiming he was wrong to be calling people who don't believe in women's rights "neanderthals." 

When in the 18th year of the 21st Century that's exactly who they are. 

While conveniently forgetting to mention that Lisa Raitt is lying when she claims that Morneau called her a "neanderthal."

When in fact he didn't, and what that clearly shows is that Raitt is a shameful liar, and is running with the wrong crowd.

And that Ibbitson is a Con stooge who should be ashamed of himself, for among other things writing nonsense like this:

Many people who own big cars and trucks worry about global warming. But they also worry about their fuel bill. And they certainly do not need or want to be lectured to by Catherine McKenna. (And the men who typically own those pickup trucks don’t appreciate being called sexist Neanderthals by Bill Morneau.)

Which as Dale Smith points out makes absolutely no sense.

And this doesn't either

Another example, on a different subject: You can be pro-choice and queer-friendly and still think it’s wrong for the Liberals to cut funding for a summer jobs programs to faith groups that aren’t, as the NDP’s David Christopherson demonstrated last month.

When in fact this monstrous campaign is just another Big Lie.

The truth is exactly the opposite.

And if Ibbitson thinks that women and gay Canadians approve of using their tax dollars to fund groups that would openly discriminate against them.

Or use the money to put up signs like these all over the place...

As Scheer is so obsessed with doing.

Ibby must be seriously mistaken, or desperately deluded, or even more eager to pleasure his corporate bosses than even I had imagined.

And needs to be lectured himself, as he would lecture us. And understand this:

This is Canada, not Trumpland. The Liberals are just standing up for our Canadian values.

That's not called arrogance, it's called decency.

And if the Con media still doesn't get the message, they should beware of a backlash that could drive them out of business.

For Canadians are sick to death of their naked bias.

And enough is enough....


  1. Anonymous10:55 AM

    Well it’s falling on deaf ears again. Nanos has the Liberals back up to 39%, the same as their Election Day total. So much capital and credibility wasted to put Trudeau into a momentary slump.

    1. hi anon...I saw that Nanos poll, and I hope it reflects reality more than some other recent polls have. What they all seem to have in common though is an interesting alliance between those under 35 and those over 60. I like to think that combination of youthful energy and mature wisdom means we can't lose... ;)

  2. Time for some positive reporting......I'm sick of negatively!

    1. hi Kathleen...I know what you mean, and I'm sure millions of Canadians feel like you do. There is a limit to how much bad news we can absorb day after day. But there is nothing we can do about it, these are the times we live in. What we must do is use all of this ugliness to motivate us, and keep moving forward towards the light of a better world...

  3. Jackie Blue12:36 PM

    STOP SCHMEARING THE KIDS, ANDY!!! That ad with the Trudeau family departing the plane in traditional garb is not only racist as all get-out, but it should be illegal to use the PM's family as fodder in attack ads! What the hell is wrong with them? And who wrote that ad copy about wanting to "get off" with a picture of Justin and Sophie's children???

    Nowhere do you see Justin or the Liberals using pictures of Scheer's children to criticize his anti-choice voting record. In fact, the Liberals haven't used Scheer's family in their ads at all! Only the cons expose Xavier, Ella-Grace and Hadrien to bullying. Just like Democrats refrain from any mention of Barron Trump save for expressing sympathy for him, but Republicans pulled out all the stops to bully Chelsea Clinton and especially Malia and Sasha Obama. They're so obsessed with fetuses they lose sight of how their actions are harming kids AFTER they are born!

    This is absolutely disgusting on their part. THESE. ARE. CHILDREN!!! If anything happens to Justin, Sophie or especially their kids, or if they get bullied in school because of the con attacks on their father (not to mention the Rebel trolls' own harassment of them on social media -- hint, hint, Hamish, that's your storm troopers on the march), it will be all the fault of Andrew Scheer and the con media for not biting their tongue in their relentless partisan attacks against the prime minister. And that is not the job of the press, to act as a propaganda mouthpiece for the right-wing and spread lies and cruelty and not even give air to the other side to fight back.

    This is a pitchfork-mob mentality and it terrifies me to see this happening. The U.S. now has its own Postmedia disinfo monopoly in Sinclair. As though Koch PBS and the Murdoch monster weren't enough. Not to mention the wildfire of hate that's all over the Internet.

    The Conservative Party of Canada are not just liars, cyberbullies, and cheats. They are CHILD ABUSERS. In the name of "free speech" at that. Makes me wonder what other kind of skeletons are in their war chest!

    1. Hi Jackie...that ad copy was taken from a column by Don Martin, who along with the Postmedia gang was one of those responsible for making Canadians believe that Justin Trudeau had embarrassed us in the eyes of the world. Unfortunately many Canadians still have fragile egos dating back to our colonized times, so it did have an effect, and put a dent in Trudeau's popularity. I'm not worried though because the fact is Justin is still one of the most admired leaders in the world, and the reason Scheer has risen in the polls is because many Canadians still have no idea who he is. We can correct that, and expose the Cons as the most un-Canadian party this country has ever known. So I'm still optimistic that even sunnier days are ahead...

  4. Anonymous2:12 PM

    So only the sing of Justin’s prasises is to be allowed eh?

    The Little Prince is a joke and more and more of the country is coming to see that.

    1. Jackie Blue3:18 PM

      The Andy-Christ is a fascist and a liar, and not enough of the country has been able to see that. Perhaps ask yourself what kind of a man travels in the circle of a hatemonger like Ezra Levant or allows his party to use the prime minister's children as fodder for their attack ads. Including troll-bot bullying on Facebook and Twitter. Face it: cons are deplorables and evolutionary holdovers no matter what side of the border they're on.

    2. Anonymous5:42 PM

      Yawn. He’s fascists is he? Spare me. When he has Liberals beaten or killed then come back with that little jem.

      Till then, grow up.

    3. Anonymous5:47 PM

      No, the little trolls are the joke and the country already knows that.

    4. Jackie Blue6:20 PM

      @anon 2:12/5:42 -- What's the conversion rate between loonies and rubles, and how much of either is Comrade Hamish paying you? Russian troll dropout, go back to language school...

    5. hi anon@2:12 PM... "So only the sing of Justin’s prasises is to be allowed eh?" My God what does that mean? And what's wrong with a Little Prince, when compared to the creepy Smiler Scheer, or the perverted Spanky Trump? You guys need to get out more often...

  5. Anonymous2:34 PM

    The good ol' Con media can always be trusted to gin up a fake scandal when the real scandal is that JT is in the oil companies' back pockets. So the media report how McKenna has no time for climate deniers (i.e. the Con base), while ignoring how Trudeau's vaunted environmental Bill 69 is set to continue the Harper policy of exempting the majority of new tar sands projects from environmental assessment. When "climate change is the biggest challenge we face," that's the real scandal!

    1. And if the Con's get elected, they will simply burn the Tar Sands in place, while thowing Mooslim's and LBGTQ into the fires.

    2. Jackie Blue8:29 PM

      @Jay Farquharson -- and if Trump puts troops on the northern border like he's planning on doing with Mexico, Andrew Quisling would welcome them right in.

      "Onward, Christian soldiers! Make Canada Russia Again!"

    3. Yup, and people like Anon. will be more than happy to fill the roles of "Good Germans".

      But Treason Tribble's not going to send the Army to the border, or build the wall, or win a Tradewar. He's just gonna keep stealing millions of dollars frum the rubes.

    4. hi anon@2:34 PM....I haven't had a chance to properly study Bill 69, it's 412 pages long, but what I do know is that it is a huge improvement over what we had before, and it can be further improved in committee. So if you are interested in doing more than just wailing away he's what you can do about it:


      And all I would add is that since some in Big Oil think Bill 69 will stop any plans for new pipelines dead in their tracks, and Jason Kenney absolutely hates it, it can't be all bad....

    5. Anonymous10:35 AM

      I'd love to comment on the government's bill, Simon, but there's no point because they haven't said what projects the new law would apply to. It's a bit like saying you're going to reduce speed limits, but then refusing to say whether you'd reduce them on all roads, or only divided highways, or only residential streets, or only accident-prone roads, or only new roads, or something else.

      It's hard to offer meaningful comment without knowing where the law will apply. And I'm not interested in what Jason Kenney or the oil lobbyists have to say - I already know they're full of crap!

    6. I looked at that story on Desmog but clicked away when they pointed out that it was not based on fact but on supposition.

  6. Now they are going after the cost of Trudeau trips and saying they are a waste of money. Never did the press go after Harper trips, even when he spent a million to bring his own limo to India. Its the same as Obama, the right documented the cost of every trip. For GWB weekly flight to Texas crickets. Its disgusting and the Liberals need to fight back. NAMING NAMES

    1. hi Steve...yes, unfortunately the Con media is so biased that scandals like Pierre Poilievre's junket to Taiwan are ignored, while the Con stooges obsess over the overnight bag the Aga Khan gave Justin. And I agree with you, theLiberals havebrrn too nice and now is the time to start fighting back....

  7. Anonymous10:38 PM

    The disconnect between the virtual world and reality is growing at an exponential pace. Perhaps in some areas it doesn't matter as eventually differences in reality and the virtual collide. When it does the individual either learns and adapts to the reality of the situation or becomes a casualty. In the political arena the virtual still has to eventually concede to reality but unfortunately it applies to countries and all individuals whether they believed or not. Even without the help of the new virtual generators history is full of examples where the envisioned and the real were in stark contrast. We look at the history of Nazi Germany or the turmoil in Venezuela and wonder why the people did not see the obvious. But here we are, rapidly embracing a virtual political world on social media where fake people,personal attacks,exclusion bias, phony science, half truths and lies combined with a win-loose game mentality is going to propel the perpetrators to power on the promise they are going to squash The Others, take back the country and make it a champion among nations.
    The attached article describes how rapidly the virtual story line is evolving https://www.thestar.com/opinion/star-columnists/2018/02/04/the-increasing-sophistication-of-political-deception-on-social-media.html


    1. hi RT...all that you say is true, but at least now people are starting to realize where our love for social media is taking us. I just read an article about how Google and Apple and others want us to have their Siri speakers left on in our houses so they can listen for key words and "serve" us better. Good luck with that one. I have and always will limit my exposure to social media, everybody should. But as I said, the more informed we are about its dangers the better equipped we will be to fight off any attempts to steal the next election...

  8. e.a.f.11:35 PM

    If people don't understand their interests are not the same as the financial elites who run these press organizations, perhaps they need a few years of Scheer and his right wing agenda. You would have thought they would have learned something after 10 years of Harper.

    I simply ignore the b.s. these media people are peddling. I know who pays them. Why would I trust what they say?

    1. hi e.a.f....what shocked me was seeing even the weather people spreading that "fake news" propaganda, so I'm not surprised that so many were and are being fooled. Unfortunately not only are those messages being spread by the MSM, they are also being amplified by social media, fake websites, and bots. But as I told RT, the more informed people are about the dangers, the less they can be manipulated...

  9. Anonymous5:01 AM

    Simon: It isn't just the "Con media" who made fun of Trudeau's India trip. John Oliver isn't exactly part of the "Con media". Nor is The Daily Show's Trevor Noah:

    Even John Oliver took a turn ripping into Trudeau’s trip to India

    John Oliver - Trudeau in India


    1. e.a.f.10:35 PM

      Oliver and Noah are comedians and all politicians are fair game. What they do is very different from what the MSM is doing.

  10. Anonymous1:01 PM

    There's a lot of really pathetic things in what the Cons are doing, but what really gets me is that the Carbon Tax is the Free Market (TM) solution to the climate crisis. And even that is decried as "Communist" by the likes of Doug Ford and Andrew Scheer.

    It's the same way the Affordable Care Act in the US was talked about despite it coming from the right-wing Heritage Foundation.

  11. Anonymous2:35 PM

    New national security committee to look at Jaspal Atwal controversy (April 10/18)