Saturday, April 28, 2018

Andrew Scheer's Most Miserable Birthday

It will be his birthday soon. One year since since he became Con leader and began his crusade to become Prime Minister.

After a Con leadership race marred by the lack of decent candidates, allegations of massive corruption, including claims that a small army of "fake conservatives" came stumbling out to vote for him, and then disappeared like zombies.

So you'd think that Andrew Scheer would be happy to have survived that leadership race, and still be Con leader. Or at least happy he hasn't yet been charged with electoral fraud.

But he's not. And it's probably NOT going to be a happy birthday...

Not when Justin Trudeau, Scheer's Great Satan, is STILL more popular.  

Despite all the help him and his Cons have received from their cheerleaders in the media.

Like the old hoofer John Ivison...

Who has been kicking up a storm, in a desperate attempt to save Scheer's job, and his own.

And not when a growing number of Scheer's own supporters don't like his holy vision of what their party should be.

They feel he's burying the Cons, making it almost impossible to attract fresh meat.

So it seems some of his rivals are already making plans to bury HIM. 

Next month, Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer will celebrate the first anniversary of his successful bid to succeed Stephen Harper in the probable knowledge that some of his former rivals — as well as other ambitious Conservatives — are holding a bit of a deathwatch on his leadership.

If Scheer does not bring his party to power next year, or at least manage to reduce the Liberals to a minority government, he too will likely be living on borrowed time as leader.

The deathwatch has begun. And you know what that means... 

Bernier will be BACK!!! 

Conservative MP Maxime Bernier says he stands by the suggestion Andrew Scheer won the leadership thanks to “fake” Conservatives and still intends to one day publish the book where he made those allegations.

And he's NOT sorry he accused Scheer of stealing the leadership race.

Asked if he stands by his comments in the excerpt, Bernier said “for sure.” “What I wrote, I believe in that,” Bernier said. “And the book will be published one day, and you have to be patient.”

Which means that sooner or later those zombies will come back to haunt Scheer.

And so will Stephen Harper.

For every time Scheer accuses Justin Trudeau of waging war on church groups with his summer job program...

He risks reminding Canadians of how Harper waged war on women and LGBT Canadians...

As Dale Smith points out here. 

Reminder: the Conservatives did engage in that kind of behaviour. They wantonly defunded all manner of organizations, whether they ensured that women in developing countries could access safe abortions, whether they advocated for women’s equality here in Canada, or if they were ecumenical social justice organizations that engaged in education and outreach at home and abroad. They defunded the Court Challenges Programme which helped ensure that minority groups like the LGBT community could do the work of bringing their challenges to the Supreme Court of Canada (because it’s expensive and law firms can’t do it all pro bono).

They cut funding to HIV and AIDS services organizations and diverted all manner of funding to a vaccine initiative that they then flaked out on and frittered away millions of dollars so that they had no impact (and the results of those cuts are still being felt today as the current government wants to shift funding priorities to prevention). They prioritized refugee resettlement for Christians in the Middle East over Muslims. They engaged in abusive auditing over charitable organizations that opposed them ideologically.

For all Canadians should be reminded that Harper acted like a miserable misogynist and beastly bigot.

And that if Scheer was ever elected Prime Minister he'd be even worse.

At least that's what we're going to tell voters in the coming campaign eh?

Gosh. Spare a thought for poor old Schmeagol.

And while he's still with us.

Don't forget to wish him a happy happy birthday funeral...


  1. Anonymous3:38 PM

    I knew Bernier's move was no accident. Him and others are sensing weakness, they know Scheer and his theocons are steering the party in the wrong direction, which might give them a short term boost but will kill them in the long run. If Scheer keeps sinking in the polls expect the grumbling to get louder and louder.

    1. hi anon @3:38 PM...Bernier is the most unhappy camper, having lost the race very narrowly and on the thirteenth ballot. But there are others who backed his candidacy or are more closely associated with what's left of the "progressive" wing of the party who could become more active if Scheer's popularity heads south, or he loses more by-elections. But I doubt anything will happen before the next election...

  2. Anonymous4:07 PM

    One of the latest Con videos claims Justin Trudeau is the one who is desperate. I think Scheer and his alt-right fanatics are losing their grip on reality. Can the end be far off?

    1. hi anon@4:07 PM...yes I saw that, and having Lisa Raitt among others deliver that message couldn't be more hilarious. I think what's happening is that the alt-right/religious fanatics who are running the propaganda machine have to convince party members they are on the right track, as well as attack their opponents like rabid hyenas. If Scheer continues to sag in the polls, it will be the fanatics' turn soon...

  3. Anonymous4:33 PM

    The Cons hooped themselves from the moment they chose Scheer to be their leader. It was a desperation move, and it was always going to end badly. Scheer was given an inch and he took a mile. The more Canadians know about him, the more they will reject him.

    1. hi anon@4:33 PM...the way Scheer won the leadership race was extremely suspicious. And any other party would have held a complete and public investigation. But not the Cons, they had all the ballots speedily destroyed, to cover up any evidence of massive fraud. Which makes Scheer's victory, in my opinion, even more tainted...

    2. I also and still do believe "the leadership race was extremely suspicious"! As I see it.....RA is the only 'smart Con'!

  4. Anonymous8:12 PM

    It's sickening to think that Harper was able to stop funding services for people with HIV/AIDS and the media and most Canadians didn't give a damn. What a sick country, no wonder Doug Ford is so popular.

    1. Hi anon@ 8:12 PM...It was a criminal act, and the Harper regime should have been charged with attempted murder. But the media failed to report what was going on, and the Cons were able to fool people into believing that people like Harper and Kenney were fighting for the rights of LGBT people in places like Iran, but just not in Canada. And sadly I'm not surprised. Canada is an aging society where old prejudices are still strong, and it will not become a more decent place until the new generation takes over...

  5. Anonymous8:59 PM

    A good reminder that the party of double speak with their fair elections, freedom of religion , oily economic action plans is now the party of outrage. Fortunately they have hitched their wagon to a regressive jackass rather than a phony stable genius of a business leader. Although the Con featured fear and bigoted side shows are motivational, it's simplistic monetary greed that draws the crowd and Scheer does not have any credibility in this area. Regardless the tag team antics between himself, his Alberta brethren and a simpler Ontarian version of the US stable genius should keep him secure as party leader until after the next election.

    1. hi RT...I'm not sure that greed is the biggest weapon in the Con arsenal. I think xenophobia and racism are threatening to become the biggest motivators, especially if the flow of asylum seekers turns into a torrent. In Britain racism led to the Brexit victory, and a new study has just shown that racism was the biggest factor in Trump's victory. So you can count on the Cons to play the racist card to maximum effect. On the other hand I believe that a Ford victory in Ontario and a Kenney victory in Alberta will boost Justin Trudeau's chances of winning another majority in the next election. So the glass is half full...

    2. e.a.f.3:36 PM

      Simon, its one way of thinking of it and people can move from Province to province to avoid a Ford and/or Kenney government. But where do you go if the Cons run the country.

      Lets hope the NDP and Ontario Liberals do not spend any time attacking each other, but only the Cons.

      Racism does work, however, if some ridings are very heavily populated by a "minority" the Cons will pander to them in the most disgusting manner.

      Kenny may not make it in Alberta given his really out there religious mind set. Ford won't have that problem in Ontario. We can only wait and see and hope.