Sunday, April 08, 2018

Doug Ford And The Bigot Elephant In The Room

It's now a recurring nightmare. The hellish vision of Doug Ford swinging from the CN tower and bellowing like King Kong:

"I'm da Premier of Ontario!!!!" 

Now that the polls show him apparently heading for a gorilla of a majority. 

And as if that wasn't bad enough, then there's this other poll suggesting that men are mostly responsible for what would be an act of collective madness. 

Which I found even more disturbing.

For only that could explain a front page like this one...

Where the grubby alt right "prophet" Jordan Peterson gets to make an outrageous statement like that one, while promoting his reactionary views.

And whip up even more hatred of Wynne in a province where, like Rachel Notley in Alberta, she is already the target  of vicious online abuse. 

It has been a torrent so sickening and relentless that her staff released some examples last year.

@Kathleen_Wynne actually, please hang yourself, or do a shotgun mic, or leave your car running in your garage. Just please end it now. 

 @Kathleen_Wynne it would been so #Inspiring to see you fall flat on your face breaking yr nose & all covered with blood as u spit teeth.

On it went, vile beyond description. “Wrinkly bitch.” “Subhuman, dirty dyke.” “Lying cheating c—-.”

Which is so ugly and so violent it can only be the product of misogyny and homophobia.

A homophobia Ford and his supporters are already spreading like syphilis...

Along with a violent misogyny similar to the one Hillary Clinton experienced during the U.S. election campaign...

And at a time when the #MeToo movement is experiencing a backlash, is the only thing in my opinion that can account for the huge gender gap in the polls.

The invisible elephant in the room, which also explains why so many old Con men hate Justin Trudeau with the same murderous passion.

And why they are always trying to feminize him...

As if to say a "real man" doesn't stand up for the rights of women and gay people.

When in my opinion, the opposite is true. History is on Trudeau's side.

And those who attack  him in such a frothy manner, but would support a bully like Doug Ford.

Are neither "real men" nor real Canadians, and as cowardly as the grubby Fordzilla himself...

And the good news?

The Con media may be trying to normalize ape Ford, and is either too biased or too dumb to understand the real motivation of many of his good ol' boy supporters.

But there are still enough women, and good men of all all ages to wipe the smiles off their faces.

And all over Ontario the Resistance is stirring.

The message is going out. 

If you want to save Ontario, and the rest of Canada.

If you don't want to be the laughing stock of the world.

Don't vote for this sexist pig. Don't vote for this Con clown...


  1. Anonymous10:36 AM

    I told you months ago he was going to be the next Premier. You're so arrogant you just laughed it off.

    Who's laughing now punk?

    1. Anonymous11:52 AM

      "Who's laughing now punk?"
      Apparently white trash Con scum like you who is more befitting the label of punk than Simon ever will be.
      Ford may win and that's fine with me because along the way, the true blue idiots on the right will be fully exposed for all the world to see and King Bong could very well turn people off of conservatism for at least a generation.

    2. Jackie Blue1:09 PM

      We are. Laughing at screeching gorillas like you who would vote for or support a troglodyte like Drug Ford or Dotard Trump, just to "punish libs" and make yourself feel better about your obvious insecurities. We will continue marching forward while you collapse and never reach the finish line. We are marathoners. You can't even get up off your couch or out of the computer chair. We know that this is your last gasp of feigned relevance before the future comes crushing down on you like a ton of bricks that won't make it into Trump's nonexistent wall.

      And when it does, we will laugh again. Just like a Looney Tunes cartoon gag when the dynamite cake blows up in your face. Fuck your feelings, snowflake. You're dithpicable, and you don't know us very well. That's all, folks.

      Women fear men will kill them. Men fear women will laugh at them. -Margaret Atwood

    3. Anonymous1:50 PM

      Simon's optimism blinds his judgment. Either that or he's just plain dumb.

    4. Hi anon@10:36 AM....Do you normally go around calling people who disagree with you punks? I realize you Ford Nation types have no class, but can't you pretend at least to have some manners. As for your ape leader, I don't remember you consulting your tiny crystal balls and predicting he'd be Premier. But whatever, try to restrain your enthusiasm. I have a feeling that Dougie could lose polling points quicker than a KFC chicken loses its feathers... ๐Ÿ˜บ

    5. Jackie Blue3:13 PM

      @anon 1:50 -- another brilliant verbal utterance from an inbred con voter. Perhaps if more people were optimistic and empathetic like Simon or Justin Trudeau, we wouldn't be in this mess. Instead, decent people are always having to ward off the likes of retrograde con trash like Ford, Trump, Scheer, Kenney, Harper, Le Pen, McConnell, Ryan... and their low-IQ, sociopathic, bullying sycophants who don't care what's best for the country or their fellow human beings as long as they get to call liberals "dumb."

      I'm sick of the likes of you cavemen. Go stick your tiki torch where the sunny ways don't shine.

    6. Hi JD...thanks for coming to my defence, and pointing out to that rude Con what could happen if King Bong does become Premier. First of all he'd almost certainly have to be removed from office, after trying to turn our fledgling weed industry into something resembling his one-time hash empire, with dealers on every corner. And secondly after a year or so of Dougie, nobody will dare elect Scheer, and Justin Trudeau will get an even larger majority than he got last time. So the way I see it, we can't lose...๐Ÿ˜Ž

    7. Hi Jackie...Thanks for saying what I felt like saying but didn't dare. ๐Ÿ˜‰ It is important that this is not a sprint it's a marathon, and that we are still heading in the right direction, and will eventually win. I wish we could get to that progressive Promised Land sooner, but we will and it will be glorious...


    8. Hi anon@1:50 PM...OMG, is that you again Jethro Clampett? And now YOU are calling me dumb? For at least the 100th time let me remind you that there is no contradiction between being smart and optimistic. Sure every now and then I am disappointed, but because I'm optimistic it never lasts long. So I go down the road of life happy as can be, while you sit on your porch shaking your fist at passersby, and looking absolutely miserable.Sad...๐Ÿค”

  2. Ford is going to fall apart when he actually has to explain how he's going to make up for the $6.5 billion he will lose from cap and trade. Ford was a two-piece know nothing councilor who just talked and delivered nothing. His record will destroy his before elections. He's like Trump, just another big mouth, know-nothing, out of control nutjob.
    God help Ontario if we elect this rightwing nutbag or Canada that Christofascist nutbar Scheer!


    1. Hi Dark Nite....yes, thanks for pointing out the massive black hole at the centre of Ford's ghastly Death Star. I can hardly wait to see him explain where he's going to find those $6.5 billion he won't be getting from cap and trade. Not to mention why he's not lifting a finger to try to fight climate change. He is as you say just another low budget version of Trump, and a right-wing nutjob. But the good news is that if we get Ford, we will almost certainly never get Scheer...

  3. Jackie Blue1:01 PM

    Interesting you should post this, Simon. I had a dream just last night that the cons went after Justin Trudeau with an attack ad framing Sophie as Canada's Hillary Clinton, a "nasty woman" with political ambitions of her own. That Justin would need to be cut down in 2019 in order to stop a "Clinton dynasty moving north." Then at a rally, he got tampons thrown at him by a bunch of Rebel orcs in red hats like when Pierre got beer bottles thrown his way in 1968. When the "camera" cut away to the crowd, I could see Scheer being one of them -- with his "girlfriend" Faith Goldy -- and calling out "Justine!"

    I don't believe Sophie has any designs of her own on public office. Perhaps, if she ever did, she's seen what these horrible men (and some women -- like Scheer's Manson Girls -- every group has kapos) have said and done to and about her husband, their children and even poor Margaret, not to mention Hillary Clinton herself. But if she did ever decide to throw her toque in the ring, I have no doubt that her husband, untold numbers of women, and a number of enlightened men, would support her. Not just in Canada, but the USA and elsewhere in the world. I know I would.

    I am so sick of these these reactionary, white (or orange) men in the old-boy network. Whether the explosive wreck that is Pinto Ford becomes premier or not, he will absolutely be met with a resistance like perhaps Ontario and Canada have never seen before. So, for that matter, will the antigay bigot Jason Kenney and the Pepe-worshiping, Mercernary nerdbro coalition of Hamish "Chris Wylie Coyote" Marshall and Andrew "Maple Pence" Scheer.

    Hell hath no fury like millions of women scorned.

    1. Anonymous3:32 PM

      Is that the same women who got Hilary elected....or not. Lol

    2. Hi anon@3:32 PM...I suggest you don't revisit the election, or I might be forced to remind you that Hillary Clinton got several million more votes than Trump. When I'd much rather remind you that women along with the newest generation are now leading the Resistance, so you Cons don't stand a chance. Sorry....

    3. Jackie Blue4:34 PM

      You forget she won the popular vote, and Trump was installed by Putin and our obsolete Three-Fifths Compromise gerrymandered electoral college system. George Shrub in 2000 was installed by his idiot brother and the SCOTUS' malfeasance in Florida.

      In 2004 he only won the popular vote because the country was afraid to upset the apple cart by electing another president after a war he started (on false pretenses), and because unpatriotic Republicans smeared John Kerry as an enemy within. He tanked the economy; he destroyed the Middle East; and he turned out to be one of the worst presidents we've ever had. Bush's abject failure led to a surge by none other than Barack Obama. Obama remains tremendously popular in retirement, infinitely more so than human sewage Trump, who is destined to go down as the worst -- by far, the absolute worst -- president in all 240 years of this country and probably one of the worst heads of government any country in the world has ever had. History will not be kind to him, to Harper, or, for that matter, to Reagan, Thatcher, Nixon, or really any conservative demagogue and austerity fanatic over the past 50 years. Reality has a liberal bias, which is why liberals always do it better.

      The majority of people aren't buying what the cons are selling. Technicalities notwithstanding, there are a lot more of us than there are of you. Face it: the only way cons can win anymore is to lie and cheat. They have no platform that reasonable people can embrace; their core coalition of white-wing deplorables is dwindling, and so they just rely on underhanded tactics and character assassination.

      Women, especially women of color and LGBT, are fed up with your 1950s time-warp crap. Either get with the current year, or get out of the way. I suggest the latter, it'll be less painful.

  4. Hi Jackie....Gawd, that's horrible dream. All that's missing from that one I'd Ezra Levant on a broom stick, or coming at you like Norman Bates' mummified mother๐Ÿ™€But yes,seriously, what I believe we are witnessing is the old boy network striking back at the hard fought gains of women. And it is so disgusting. But I don't know any of my male friends who think like that, the young generation might not be perfect, but it is better than than those Con troglodytes. And when we join forces with all those righteously angry women, we will teach those reactionaries a lesson they will never forget...

  5. Anonymous4:42 PM

    Cons better be careful what they wish for, a Ford government will almost certainly guarantee that Justin Trudeau rules as long as his papi did (minus the 6 month break). An effect that Christine Elliott or even Patrick Brown would not have had on the masses. Meanwhile, all the smart people who aren't carrying a shit tonne of debt will flee the province.

    1. Jackie Blue6:04 PM

      A devil's bargain if there ever was one, but if it means keeping Justin Trudeau in charge long enough that one or more of the babby Trudeaus can take over the helm when he's all through, then I say go ahead and elect the ape.

      I for one would welcome your new Prime Minister Hadrien Trudeau Jr., because it's 2055.

  6. Anonymous10:51 PM

    Dougie inherited a ready made fan club of evangelists and angry older white men thanks to the anti Trudeau propaganda efforts of Hamish and the SmearMonger. Add to that the financially secure F...YOU I am all right crowd along with those drowning in hydro bills and the election is his to loose. Yes the Con party is so corrupt their leadership race was a scam and Dougie is transparently incompetent but people want change and the federal guys spent significant time and money laying the ground work for 2019. In their feeble minds they decided to step it up a year and go provincial in 2018 laying the ground work for federal win in 2019.
    What could go wrong? In the short term perhaps the majority of voters depending on the government for a paycheck or the stable social environment and services they offer will get out and vote resulting in a coalition government. In the longer term a year of incompetent Dougie should temper the desire to do a repeat in the 2019 federal election.
    I am not a kumbaya socialist but the unfortunate reality is the more political capital wasted supporting the Dougies of the world the more powerful the 1 % and competing nations become. Its up to us to ensure the Cons of this world do not rob us of the future. Paul Simon probably had a Dougie clone in mind with the lyrics "you know the nearer to your destination the more you're slip slidin' away"!

  7. Did you know that Doug Ford-Drumpf is also endorsed by the racist "pro-Western values" Proud Boys of Canada? Google their Twitter account and there is Dougie being promoted by these white power bigots.

  8. Anonymous12:15 PM

    It's so cute seeing the Liberal supporters here screaming out of one side of their faces about the nature of Ford supporters whilst running around calling them every name in the book out of the other side.

    The only thing that exceeds the stupidity of PMO/Wynne trolls is their sheer arrogance.