Thursday, April 05, 2018

Has Donald Trump Really Fired Dr Evil?

As we all know Donald Trump is becoming more and more unstable.

As the voices in his head get louder and louder.

I dare anyone to read this story and not conclude that he is losing his marbles. 

And of course we all know that nobody in his cabinet is safe.

And that he's desperately trying to change the subject.

By bringing in reinforcements to help him blow up the world...

But could it really be true that he's fired Dr Evil?


And what will Andrew Scheer and his Mini Me Hamish Marshall have to say when they hear the news?

Yes, that just what I feared.

It's a pretty scary situation when you can't tell who makes a better Dr Evil.

But one thing is for sure eh?

Nobody will be safe before they're both in the place where they both truly belong....


  1. Jackie Blue2:03 PM

    It's not Trump or Scheer I fear so much as the suicide cult that follows them and wants to force everyone else off a cliff and into a pit of despair.

    You have a Nazi over in the comments section of another post, Simon. Calling Trudeau a "rootless cosmopolitan" when we all know exactly what that means. I like to think I just handed his ass to him. I hope and (for the first time in my life) pray that Trudeau does the same to the rest of them, their jackbooted leader, and Nerd Goebbels next October.

    1. hi Jackie...yes, I have been disappointed by the number of Canadians who can't seem to understand what Scheer and Ford could do to this country, if they ever served together. A lot of them are always looking for ways to make people lose hope, and become as gloomy as them. I sympathize with those poor people, but try to avoid them as much as possible. And their negativity goes in one ear and out the other...

  2. I dare anyone to read this story and not conclude that he is losing his marbles.

    Well, becoming a bit more unstable perhaps, but I do not see a really marked increase in nuttiness. This is just the Trump we have seen over the last 2--3 years. Delusional and intellectually challenged. He just had the opportunities to show this all at once.

    1. hi jrkrideau...I guess I must be more sensitive than you. But when I read that story I was appalled. It's not that Trump is stark raving mad, but he is in a state that could be easily aggravated by any crisis, and I can't help feeling that we are heading for a disaster. I'll be glad to be proved wrong... ;)

  3. Pruit deserves to ride in the truck bed of a coal burner. Who knows if the Trump cabinet consults him. Aside from the riduclous tax cuts, increase in military spending, the margin thing Trump is doing is gutting the enviroment. Just like Big Doug will do.

  4. Trump seems to have some kind of low esteem process that makes him need to be in the headlines at the top every day.

    1. hi Steve...I don't think there is any doubt that trump is a very insecure person, probably as a result of being raised by a very demanding father, and an indifferent mother who didn't do enough to rescue him from Fred. It seems bizarre that a man so rich and so powerful needs to be constantly reinforced by others. But it's a human thing, and the problem is that if he doesn't get that reinforcement, and things turn ugly, he could react vey badly and take us all with him...

  5. Anonymous9:28 PM

    Thanks for the Mike Myers clip Simon, Dr Evil is one my favourite villains! However, I can't see Scheer playing the part. The evil is there but he's too boring. 😉

    1. hi anon@9:28 PM...You're welcome, Dr Evil is one of my favourite villains, as you may have noticed ahem. As for whether Scheer is up for the part, I agree he is boring, but I'll wait to decide until they shave his head in prison, and he really looks the part... ;)

  6. Anonymous12:43 PM

    Scott Pruitt is my choice for DR. Evil. Trump is more like Fat Bastard. Loud, obnoxious and your picture of him playing tennis with his fat ass on display sealed it for me Simon.

    1. Hi JD....Pruitt certainly has all the qualifications to be Dr Evil, and Trump does look a lot like Fat Bastard. However, since they claim FB comes from Scotland I'd rather not discuss that matter... ;)

  7. Anonymous8:37 PM

  8. Anonymous2:53 PM

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