Monday, April 23, 2018

Andrew Scheer Reaches For The Racist Card

A week ago I wrote that Andrew Scheer was looking a little desperate. And I'm sorry to report that since then his condition has deteriorated.

And now he's even more desperate.

He can't use the fake India story him and the Con media cooked up. 

It died of old age, and Scheer was left looking ridiculous.

Then he was spanked, first by the polls.

And then by Justin Trudeau.

And although Trudeau only spanked him with a feather, the nasty little bully wailed like a baby.

And now, as you can see in this new video, he's looking really ghastly.

I mean REALLY ghastly, like a man who has seen the writing on the wall...

And now realizes that whatever he thought his Godzilla, or the voices in his head told him, he's NEVER going to be Prime Minister. 

And one really has to wonder whether he's slowly losing his marbles.

But before you feel sorry for him, remember that he is one of most ugly and divisive political leaders his country has ever known.

After his Great Fallen Leader Stephen Harper of course...

And just like Harper did when times were tough, he is now getting ready to play the racist card himself.

Even though there is no reason to panic, for even if the numbers of people seeking asylum doubled, it would still only amount to the number of immigrants who arrive legally each year from one country, the Phillipines.

But what makes it even more disgusting is that we've seen this freak show before...

And it made us look bad all over the world.

But then Scheer is not only a religious fanatic, he's an alt-right sympathizer.

Which means that he is, and always will be, unfit to be a Canadian Prime Minister.

And the sooner we can send him and his good buddy Ezra Levant to the place where they both belong...

The cleaner and safer this country will look, and smell.

And the more Canadian we will be....

With a real Prime Minister who isn't a racist.

And shares our dreams and our values...


  1. Scheer does not look good in that ad.

    Does anyone here monitor oil prices? I have to wonder if Kinder Morgan's behaviour is not so much due to the Alberta--BC fight as it is to projected oil prices? Alberta oil production is expensive.

    Coal has been taking a beating the last little while. It may be that oil is next.

    1. Hi jrkrideau...My belief is that Kinder Morgan is just looking for an excuse to not build the pipeline. Oil prices are too low for it to be profitable, the market for the tarry oil is drying up, even in China. In addition, the U.S. is now flooded with oil thanks to fracking and other oil extraction techniques, so who needs Alberta's oil, or who will need it five years from now?

    2. Anonymous9:37 AM

      Oil sands profitability numbers are all over the place but on average operating costs are between $30 to $40 US a barrel with selling price $15 to $20 below West Texas Intermediate currently around $68. Capital costs are around $15 to $20 which puts the whole venture negative at current prices but most of the capital is already spent so the strategy is to pump as much as possible to stay afloat and pay the interest on the loans. An all too common business model in modern times.... no thought of who will pay the legacy costs when its all done. The magical thinking part is that the price differential will disappear when the pipelines to allow substantial shipment to Asia are built. The upside is if oil reaches $100 per barrel there is return on investment ... the downside is further price depression if conversion to electric vehicles accelerate its cheaper to fuel power stations with coal/LNG as a base case if no alternative energy sources are available.
      The future is unknown but the odds are better than 50% that rampant expansion of the tar ponds will end in tears.

  2. Anonymous1:42 PM

    Borders are oppressive anyhow. Knock em down and open the floodgates. Everyone should be able to go wherever they want.

    1. hi anon@1:42 PM...I think it must be said that Cons don't do sarcasm well. The throbbing fear glands in their heads prevent them from being funny, and the result is too crude and obvious. We have a fully functioning border, and although thanks to the monster Trump it is under strain, we can can handle anything they throw at us....

  3. Anonymous7:10 PM

    I see what you mean about that video. Scheer does look as if he is having a nervous breakdown. I think he's been floating in the deep end of the pool, and has suddenly realized he can't swim.

    1. hi anon@ 7:10 PM...I'm glad somebody out there shares my view that Scheer is showing signs of cracking up. The job is too much for him, and the thought that he could be Prime Minister is simply ridiculous. He should retire and become a church deacon just like his father. It would be good for him, and even better for us....

  4. Anonymous12:06 AM

    Scheer looks wasted, does anybody know if he drinks heavily? I know he's been travelling across the country meeting with church groups etc. But Justin Trudeau managed to go to Peru and then Europe and back again in about four or five days, and still look as fresh as a daisy. Scheer may be qualified to be the mayor of a small town, but anything bigger than that is way above his pay grade.

    1. hi anon@12:06 AM...I know Scheer drinks, I've seen pictures of him guzzling wine, while threatening to jail those who smoke marijuana. But as to whether he is developing a drinking problem, or has been hanging out with the "sommelier" Michelle Rempel I just don't know. But it must be said that Rempel is acting like a wino these days, so anything is possible. And I would only add that I think you are being far too generous by suggesting that Scheer could be the mayor of a small town. As I told the previous commenter, he must be kept away from any position of power, for his sake and ours....

  5. Happy Spring Noddy!
    The video is a pretty blatant dog whistle to "people of faith", which presumably means those who put fetal rights before a woman's rights. Or those who would dictate to others who they can love?
    In terms of endangering the economy, not only did Stephen Harper and the cons NOT get pipelines built, Stephen Harper dismantled, some say undemocratically by the ignoring of the member farmers' vote,the largest single desk seller of grain in the world, The Canadian Wheat Board.
    This action inadvertently deprived the Port of Churchill, Canada's only Arctic Gateway port, of its only viable customer, also starving the Hudson Bay Railway,operated by US owned Omnitrax, of its revenue, making that company unwilling to invest in maintenance and repair of damaged track.
    The Port of Churchill is now inaccessible except by boat or air.
    An Arctic port that cuts 3 days off shipments to Europe.
    Closed because the great economist, Stephen Harper choked off the only revenue source.
    So much for the Northern Focus Vision of Stephen Harper.
    That said, the current national and provincial governments seem in no hurry to open the line, or give it to those Keewatin Railway guys who could properly get it fixed and help their aboriginal brothers and sisters between Thompson and Churchill obtain supplies at reasonable prices.
    Personally I think Canada lost a tremendous asset when the Canadian Wheat Board was dismantled. And the evidence shows it.
    Stupid Cons, And to think those US border Barley selling rebels who started it all were pardoned as well!
    Do we get the government we deserve or should we trust in the Flying Spaghetti Monster in all her guises?
    Happy Spring Yard work, except you condo livers!

    1. Hi hinofan...Nice to hear from you again, and happy Spring to you too!!! I'm glad to see that you in good form, and thank you for reminding us how Stephen Harper dismantled the Canadian Wheat Board, with the help of his tool Brad Wall, for no good reason.
      Like you, I thought the Wheat Board had Canadian written all over it, which is of course why the Cons hated it so much. And of course Harper's "northern vision" or the "true north strong and free" was nothing but a farce. Now get out there and start raking up all those soggy leaves, dog shit etc, while I sit on my condo balcony and enjoy the view. ;) And yes, have a fabulous summer !!!

    2. As Canadian as the "Dog Shit Days of Spring!!".

  6. Anonymous12:33 AM

    Simon, I was going to ask if you were okay after yesterday's carnage on Yonge St. and noticed that you had tweeted about it last evening so that's good news on an otherwise horrible day in Toronto.

    1. hi JD...thank you for caring about me. I have been amazed and moved by how many people thought of me when they heard the news. Starting with my sister who frantically texted me from a train pulling out of Edinburgh station, and first alerted me to what was happening. I don't know what so many people thought I might have come to a sticky end, but I suspect the worst. I realize that it's only been a year since my last motorcycle accident almost killed me, but I've turned over a new leaf, and am now a model citizen... ;)

    2. Anonymous4:24 PM

      My first thought was I hope Simon is safe. Thank Dog you are. Also thanks for keeping on the miserable Con’s. I can only wallow in their filth for so long when I’d rather be enjoying Sunny Ways. ❤️ You Simon and I’m so relieved we still have you to fight them. ❤️🌈❤️ Pamela. 🌞🌞🌞

    3. Hi Pamela...thank you for thinking about me. It was a horrible tragedy, but luckily for me I wasn't anywhere that tragic scene. Thank Doggy. As for the Cons, I'm still fighting them. I thought I'd be able to retire after the collapse of the Harper regime, but Scheer and his gang are so disgusting, and threaten to return us to the bad old days, I'm going to have to postpone my retirement for a year or two. But hopefully not much longer. All the best... :)

  7. Continuing the thought. The best thing that came out of this mental illness was Toronto cops acting like cops. Most of the world the insane perp would have been cured with lead. I have to admit that would have been my choice.
    But we cant blame the player blame the game. This kind of insanity is a indication of a sick society. Trudeau tries to make the vision thing relevant but the gutter speaks so loud no one cares.

    1. hi Steve...well thank goodness you're not a police officer. And although there is a lot to be discouraged about, there are things we can do to make our country even safer. We can do more to treat those suffering from mental illness. And more to stand up for our values that have made this country a reasonably tolerant one, and are our best line of defence...