Saturday, April 14, 2018

Donald Trump, James Comey, and the Great Distraction

It was quite a performance by Donald Trump, one that no doubt made millions of people wonder they would survive him. 

For first he went after the former FBI director James Comey, with an early morning tweet storm yesterday, that had to be seen to be believed.

After Comey in a new book made it clear what he thinks of Trump.

A man he believes acts more like a mob boss than a president. 

“This president is unethical, and untethered to truth and institutional values,” Mr. Comey writes in the book, saying his service to Mr. Trump recalled for him the days when he investigated the mob in New York. “The silent circle of assent. The boss in complete control. The loyalty oaths. The us-versus-them worldview. The lying about all things, large and small, in service to some code of loyalty that put the organization above morality and above the truth.” 

And whose morally depraved behaviour Comey claims, is threatening the very future of the United States.

Then Trump got some bad news from the grim reaper Robert Mueller, who is threatening HIS future...

And could send eventually send him to the Big House.

Trump's sleazy lawyer Michael Cohen is under criminal investigation.

Michael Cohen, President Donald Trump's personal attorney, is "under criminal investigation," the Justice Department said Friday. In response to Cohen's motion to restrain the evidence collected in Monday's raids of his home and office, the US attorney in New York asserted the raids were authorized by a federal judge to seek evidence of conduct "for which Cohen is under criminal investigation."

An old story may be coming back to haunt him, or grab him by his pussy or tiny little thing.

Monday's raids included a search for communications related to efforts to suppress negative information ahead of the election, including communications that Trump had with Cohen regarding the infamous "Access Hollywood" tape that captured Trump making lewd remarks about women that surfaced a month before the election

And *gasp" they've got recordings.

So when the White House suddenly announced that Trump would address the nation, no doubt many wondered whether this would be the start of the Third World War. 

But luckily for us it turned out to be just a great distraction, or another example of a wag the dog strategy.

Unless of course you live in Syria...

For it seem that Jim Mattis, the man they call the Monk Warrior or Mad Dog, was apparently able to restrain Trump.

In sending missiles and bombs at Syria, President Trump hit more targets and used more firepower than he did in a similar military strike last year. But in the end, he opted for what was still a restrained operation that was evidently calculated to avoid provoking Syria’s patrons in Russia and Iran into retaliating.

In the days before the strike, Defense Secretary Jim Mattis cautioned against a quick assault without a more thought-through strategy. He expressed concern about the potential for escalating the conflict by drawing Russia and Iran into a deeper confrontation with the United States in a country where all three have forces on the ground.

But for how much longer?

How much longer can that maniac be restrained?

How many more days like yesterday must the people of America and the rest of the world endure?

Before Ol' Spanky is removed from office, by whatever means necessary.

Or drowns in his own corruption...


  1. With Cohen's records seized, we may be a little closer to Trump being shown as the crooked money launder that I have always thought he was.

    A man he believes acts more like a mob boss than a president.

    Reportedly, Trump had mob contacts in New York when he was younger. Mob bosses may well have been role models for him.

    Michael Cohen was known to have occasionally taped his conversations with others and would play them back for colleagues.

    Clearly, Michael Cohen never heard of the Nixon tapes.

    Defense Secretary Jim Mattis cautioned against a quick assault without a more thought-through strategy.

    He was a senior commander in the Iraq boondoggle. He may have learned a little bit. He may even have some sense of self-preservation even if he is pretty crazy by most standards. Of course, “pretty crazy by most standards” is “reassuringly normal” by White House standards.

    1. The Sopranos would tell us anyone who is a big time developer in NYC is mobbed up.

    2. Hi jrkrideau...yes, I too have always thought that the Trump crime family will be brought down by their corrupt financial dealings. His grandfather ran brothels, his father Fred was a cheap hustler very close to the mob. And judging from the way he's running his government, I'm pretty sure Trump is guilty of all sorts of dirty deals. As for Mattis all I can say is I hope he sticks around, for he is the only one who can restrain John Bolton, who is the worst kind of war monger. However, the Warrior Monk is also known as Mad Dog, and as I have pointed out before, holds a grudge against Iran who he blames for the bombing of the marine barracks in Beirut. So this movie could still make Dr Strangelove look like a nursery rhyme...

    3. His first public act as a very young man was to deny an apartment to a solvent African-American NURSE with excellent references. A racist shit on top of everything else, and as we know Daddy was very chummy with the KLAN.

  2. I was glad to see Russia and the US play Kabubki theater. So the US spent likely a half a billion dollars to bounce some rocks in Syria. Respecting the Taxpayers.

    1. Hi Steve...I was relieved that the U.S. seems to have limited its strikes to a couple of buildings, and that Trump didn't listen to Bolton who apparently wanted some kind of shock and awe attack. But if Bolton is already calling for those kind of attacks, after only one week on the job, I fear for the future for that kind of behaviour can only lead to disaster...

  3. Anonymous2:17 PM

    Jrkrideau: Check out this piece in Vanity Fair from June 2017 about Trump's mentor, all around scumbag Roy Cohn who above all else was a mob lawyer. Trump definitely had the connections to launder money through his real estate holding.

    mr perfect

  4. Anonymous2:47 PM

    So the architect of turn America into a great gleaming Trump tower thinks like a mob boss instead of a real estate promoter. Its not much consolation but at least its easier to understand his priorities and strategy to some extent. Rather than sell the MAGA concept to a majority of voters the priority of a good mob boss is to bring gang America under total control. Next on the list has to be the justice department. They are hard nuts to crack as the individuals in positions of power may have different views and motivations on peripheral values but the vision of justice and freedom lies at the core. Its no easy task keeping the righteous distracted and pacified while building a core of like minded lieutenants. Well at least externally he has Putin and Netti but its a fragile alliance with sporadic tests to verify there are no double crosses in the works. Mob bosses are such an untrusting lot and always on the look out for signs of a shift in loyalty.


    1. hi RT....Trump is a mob boss who puts loyalty to himself above all things. As proof of that, his Twitter site is now running a big picture of Nikki Haley with the quote "When our President draws a red line our President enforces a red line."
      And the rest of his Twitter pronouncements this morning feature yet another attack on James Comey, which is the kind of stuff you might have expected from Al Capone if he had ben on Twitter. The man is a grotesque mobster, and I can't wait to see him led away in handcuffs...

    2. Hey careful there, Al Capone had some good points compared to Trump. And he was smarter even if he did not know what street Canada live on.

  5. Anonymous3:23 PM

    James Comey is a good and honest man, I believe James Comey.

    1. The easter bunny always delievers

  6. Anonymous6:22 PM

    With Trump and White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders both bashing Comey and his book ("A Higher Loyalty"), they're helping to make it a bestseller. 8-)

    The first Comey interview to discuss the book will be Sunday (April 16, 10:00 pm) on ABC-TV.

    Everybody Knows 2.0

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    And everybody knows that it’s now or never
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    Video: Leonard Cohen — Everybody Knows (Lyrics)

    Video: Everybody Knows

    Lyrics: Everybody Knows

    1. comey is a POS Crooked Hillary capture

    2. hi anon@6:22 PM...Thank you for the song. The Resistance needs more songs like that, and a greater sense of mission. Although I don't have much of a singing voice, I too write songs to cheer me up and help keep me motivated...

  7. Anonymous6:22 PM

    When I heard that Trump was going to speak to Americans a chill went through my body, I wondered whether we were on the brink of a world war. Later I was relieved to hear that it was a "limited" strike. But as you say, how much longer can that maniac be restrained?

    1. hi anon@6:22 PM... I felt the same way, and I was only able to relax when I saw Mattis come on and say the strike was a limited one. But the television coverage reminded me of the lead up to the Iraq war which I was against from day one. So goodness knows what the future holds, for the man is a maniac, and the world is a much more dangerous place than it was back then...

  8. Anonymous6:34 PM

    A retired US general said on CNN today that a total of 112 missiles were dropped yesterday over the 3 sites, and seventy percent of them were Tomahawk missiles. I looked up the cost of just one Tomahawk: between $1 million and and $1.4 million:

    How many displaced Syrian refugees living in N. Syria camps could you bring to the US for $70 million?

    1. math is hard that more than 112 million according to your calculations for actual missles. How much did it cost to lanch them, your looking at half a billion easy.

    2. Anonymous12:03 AM

      And don't forget the consultancy fees for Fox and Friends.

    3. hi anon@6:34 PM... Yes, I know, the only real winners are the members of the military industrial complex, and it is obscene. The amount of money spent on weapons would be more than enough to provide billions of poor people in this world with a decent standard of living, but the men who rule the world are still acting like "warriors" have always acted. And it's simply pathetic...

    4. Last reasonable estimate I have seen for the cost is roughly 250 million (note that UK and France do not use Tomahawk missiles and the earlier estimates did not include costs for refitting missile tubes--something I never thought of, I had thought of them like a gun barrel.)

      Overall, with military logistics included, we are probably looking at about 300 million US$ to blow up the three abandoned bases that they managed to hit. Cheap at the price.

  9. Anonymous10:18 PM

    On MSNBC today, one pundit said a story that should not be overlooked is Trump’s pardon of Scooter Libby. Trump announced it right after Cohen’s home, office and hotel room were raided by the FBI. Valerie Plame said Trump’s pardon sends a signal that a person can commit perjury, and Trump will pardon him if he remains loyal. Is Trump planning to pardon Manfort? Will he pardon Cohen if he is charged with one or more crimes?

    1. hi anon@ 10:18 PM...yes, there can be no doubt that Trump, like a good mob boss, is sending out the message: don't squeal and you will be rewarded. I haven't the slightest doubt that is why he is attacking the FBI and other law enforcement agencies, so that he can claim they are more corrupt than the criminals, and act accordingly. The fact that they elected a president like that one should haunt every American...

  10. e.a.f.3:17 PM

    The part I like is. Robert Mueller is the prosecutor who sent Gotti to jail, the Teflon Don.

    Trump can rant on and on about Comey but it won't do him any good. He just looks like an idiot. His base will believe him, but it will be those suburban women and African American Mothers who will unseat him and his in the upcoming elections. Trump's big mouth won't help him one bit and then there is the no small matter of the "teachers revolt" in 5 American states.

    1. I remember reading a bit about Gotti a few years ago. But Mueller got Gotti! My faith in Mueller just went up amazingly.

  11. Anonymous7:35 AM

    Mueller meets Trump

    A Tale of Two Trumps

  12. Anonymous7:42 AM

    Oh For Fox Sake

  13. Anonymous3:33 PM

    Canadian singer Jann Arden appears in controversial new James Comey book