Sunday, April 01, 2018

The Many Unholy Lies of Andrew Scheer

Andrew Scheer claims to be a great Canadian and a great Christian. Not necessarily in that order.

And his Easter card has a sinister looking cross on it big enough to crucify us all.

Or at least crucify those who offend him and his bloodthirsty Godzilla the most. 

You know, liberated women, Muslims, LGBT Canadians, environmentalists, drug users, atheists, and of course the Great Satan Justin Trudeau, for whom Hell is too good.

But sadly for Scheer, he may have all the qualities of a religious fanatic, but he's no model Christian.

For among other things, him and his monstrous Cons simply can't stop bearing false witness, or lying like thieves.

And what started off as a trickle, has now become an avalanche of fake news, that is threatening to bury the next election campaign under a mountain of lies.

Like this one, which claims that Bill C-71 is a dastardly plot to bring back the gun registry...

Which it most certainly is not, and the Cons know it.

But is instead a series of common sense measures designed to lessen the chance that something like this could happen here...

Then there's this lie, which claims that Canada's debt has hit a new high...

When in fact the Cons got there first.

And Canada's economy is doing better than it has for over a decade.

Then there's this grotesque lie, brought to you by Michelle Rempel,  which suggests that Service Canada has outlawed the words Mr and Mrs...

When it has done no such thing. Canadians will still be able to call themselves what they want.

But couples like this one won't have to choose between Mr and Mrs to register themselves and their children...

And will now have the right to register as parent one, and parent two.

Which Rempel must know, if she is sober, and only shows how low she has fallen.

And then of course there's this outrageous lie, which I've written about before, that claims that Bill Morneau called Lisa Raitt a "neanderthal."

When as I have pointed out, and will keep pointing out, Morneau did not, and was only replying to Raitt's charge that he didn't really care about women's rights. 

Morneau seemed taken aback by Raitt's line of questioning. 

"I actually find your line of questioning to be offensive," he said, adding that he and the government "absolutely believe" that promoting women into positions of leadership is a key to a successful economy. 

 "We will drag along the Neanderthals who don't agree with that and that will be our continuing approach," he added, in apparent reference to Conservatives. 

"I'm not a Neanderthal," retorted Raitt.

But that hasn't stopped the Cons from heavily promoting that lie...

Or stopped Raitt from portraying herself as a victim in this absurd video... 

But of course that video may be hilarious, but what's happening isn't funny.

For as I said at the beginning, the Cons are trying to bury us under an avalanche of fake news, just like Trump and his ghastly gang have done in the U.S., where there is never enough time to correct one lie, before it's replaced by another.

And democracy doesn't stand a chance.

So whether or not you believe Raitt to be a neanderthal or not, she is running with the wrong crowd...

And unless we are prepared to fight back, and expose them and their leader for what they are, more American than Canadian.

They will bury the truth.

And this monster will kill our country....  


  1. Anonymous11:39 AM

    Morneau defined Neanderthals as people who don't agree that "promoting women into positions of leadership is a key to a successful economy." So by claiming that he was talking about her, Raitt ends up admitting she's against promoting women. That's not a good hat to be wearing, especially for a woman in a position of leadership.

    1. Jackie Blue1:50 PM

      Logic isn't her strong suit, obviously. Unfortunately, neither is it for a nonzero cohort of idiots who wouldn't even care if Morneau complimented her. They hate just to hate. They really are knuckle-dragging cavemen who get off on thumping their chests and bashing Libs with their powerful club.

      Science even shows that cons have a different brain structure that responds more rapidly to fear, doesn't have much capability for empathy, and doesn't process complex information like the brains of liberals. Justin probably has a quantum processor in that noggin of his. But as for the craniums of Scheer and his Rebel caveman cult, and their mirror image Trumpists in the U.S.? A divide-by-zero error.

      We really are looking at two different political animals. Literally, a bunch of monkey-minded evolutionary holdovers sabotaging the process for everyone else.

    2. Anonymous2:09 AM

      "The amygdala is an almond-shaped structure deep in the brain that is active during states of fear and anxiety."
      Which in the pathetic Con world of fear and loathing, is active and enlarged at all times. I'll go even further and say the enlargement places undue pressures on the brain tissue(or blubber)surrounding the gland and affects a Con's ability to reasonably judge and respond to any given situation. The more severe cases can cause involuntary mouth breathing accompanied by drooling and lashing out at perceived enemies.
      The Cons should be thanking Morneau for his comment as it clearly indicates that from an evolutionary standpoint, calling a Con a Neanderthal is actually a compliment.

    3. Hi're right, Rait either doesn't know what she was talking about, or she is losing her marbles. Morneau was actually reinforcing her claim that more needs to be done in the struggle for equality, he was attacking her enemies not her, and the fact that even the media can't seem to realize that is truly disturbing...

    4. hi Jackie...In her rabid desire to attack Morneau, the idiot Raitt got mown down by the Con attack machine which these days it totally out of control. Fear is the main motivator, but the Cons have degenerated into a cult with no higher goal than the personal destruction of their opponents. The good news is it might help them in the short run, but in time it will destroy them...

    5. Hi RT...I hadn't thought of that one. ;) But you're right, I recently read an interesting story about our neanderthal ancestors, and one could make the argument that they were better than our bestial Cons. That fear gland might once have been a useful evolutionary tool, but now it only makes them scary monsters who spend much of their time attacking their own shadows. If we want to evolve to a higher plane, there can be no room for Cons...

  2. Jackie Blue11:47 AM

    Justin is more of a Christian than the lying beast Andy-Christ will ever be -- and certainly more than the orange demon in the bad place below. Welcoming the stranger, throwing the priests of Mammon and Moloch out of the temple, giving a voice to women and the underserved. A teacher, a storyteller, a forward-thinking reformer who just wants us to "be kind to people-kind." Really, what's so wrong with that? It doesn't make for yuge clicks and terrific, incredible ratings?

    This CNN article highlights how some scholars have been re-examining the Easter story in the light of contemporary feminist activism and demonstrating that it was actually much more gender-egalitarian than the old men rewrote it to be. First I read it, all I could think was, "Because it's 30 AD". :)

    But I find myself shaking, crying, losing sleep at night worried that the mob will vote for Barabbas and send the lamb to slaughter. As they have with their golden-showers hog beast who "in the spirit of Easter" is tweeting the gospel of hatred, calling to banish the stranger and "purify" the land.

    I want to believe that this too shall pass and the long, national nightmare will be over. I can't bring myself to check the "good news" because the good news is bad news and if it isn't, it's fake news. I hope the light of spring brings sunshine as a disinfectant to the disease of con sinners bearing false witness and honoring the gods of greed and self.

    And then, like so much rotten Easter eggs, I hope they get cracked at the ballot box and served up as an omelet, so they can be the ones to eat crow.

    I hope your holiday weekend turns out well Simon, and I hope the best for Canada. I really like Justin. Not just because he's handsome but because he's a genuinely decent leader and an all-around nice guy.

    "I don't know how to love him." :)

    1. Hi Jackie...don't worry, we are going through some dark times thanks to the Con media who have elevated Andrew Scheer over Justin Trudeau. But that won't last, for polls still show that many Canadians have no idea what Scheer really stands for. And the more they discover the truth about Schmeagol, the more they will reject him. As for my holiday weekend, it was just perfect. I spent it fixing up my boat, and getting ready to launch it in a few weeks time, so it was a welcome escape from all the bad news. I hope you had a good Easter weekend too, and remember after that comes summer. Whee!!! :)

  3. QP this morning, India, India, India. I wonder if he sent out passover cards?
    Or like every good Christian blames the Jews for Jesus death?

    1. Hi Steve...I'm not watching Question Period until that absurd India story is over. The Cons seem to think they have hit pay dirt, but to me it seems like madness.

  4. Anonymous12:44 PM

    cons serve and lead the ignorant

    1. Jackie Blue1:39 PM

      Article is about Republicans, but there's really no difference between them and your version.

      I just hope there aren't enough anxious, ill-informed fence-sitters who believe this fake news and would give enough aid to the die-hard morons come next year. Don't crucify him, Canada, please?

    2. hi anon@12:44 PM...The Cons do indeed serve the ignorant. When I read their comments these days I find so many of them not just dumb but crazy. The Cons have become a cult more American than Canadian, and they are a huge threat to the Canada we know and love...

  5. Anonymous6:28 PM

    The loser Lisa Raitt claims the Liberals are desperate? What a joke. The Cons are looking more like the Trump Party every day. Either that or they are having some kind of collective mental breakdown. It's party time in Jonestown and let's hope it ends the same way.

    1. Jackie Blue7:34 PM

      Speaking of desperate: I had a thought the other day about Indiagate. It seems to be the Conadian version of


      Hillary testified at the Inquisition for 18 hours. The cons held Parliament (and Justin, who we all know is their primary target) for 20. Sooner or later you'll see Ezra holding a fundraiser telethon for "free speech" (as in, grift that mysteriously vanishes into his wallet). Jerry Lewis he is not.

      And believe me, I hope as much as anyone that they run out of bluster and collapse sooner rather than later.

    2. hi anon@6:28 PM...yes, if you supply the chips, or the oats, I'll supply the Kool Aid. I found that video totally bizarre, and it seems to back up a story I heard recently that Raitt was so unhappy she was threatening to resign. So she it seems is the desperate one, and I wouldn't be surprised if she is gone by the end of the summer...

    3. Hi Jackie...I think that's a very good comparison. Benghazi became such a rallying cry for the Republicans the story was wildly overblown, and the facts ceased to matter. I think Indiagate is so absurd it makes me question the sanity of the Cons, but maybe it's just another sign that the Cons are more American than Canadian, and is another reason decent Canadians must reject them before they sell this country down the river...

  6. Anonymous6:48 PM

    The lush Rempel used to claim she was the "new face" of the Conservative party. Now she's just another member of Scheer's bigot party. As you said Simon, how low has she fallen.

    1. Anonymous9:36 PM

      One of the most bizarre Rempel videos is the one where Trudeau is blamed for doing enough to stop other forms of bestiality when all it would take is a simple one liner in the criminal code. I started to visualize what the one liner might be but stopped when I realized Lady Godiva probably would have ended up with 20 years for her ride or if someone snapped a photo of pooch the leg humper. Priorities and solutions are so simple in a Cons world but Trudeau just doesn't get it. Just too distracted with all that other fluff such as global warming, the fentanyl crisis, trade, supporting the provinces in positioning people and resources to remain competitive in a rapidly changing world etc.

    2. hi anon@6:48...strangely enough it seems that Rempel and Raitt are suffering from the same problem. Both are discovering that Scheer thinks they are both too "liberal" and are now trying to convince him that they can act as crazy as Candice Bergen and Rachael Harder, Scheer's favourite female disciple. Only that can explain their behaviour and it couldn't be more pathetic...

    3. Hi RT...I almost watched that bestiality video, but in the end I chickened out. I love animals too much, and these days Rempel makes me feel like vomiting. She is clearly choosing the most clickbait of topics to try to build up her ratty YouTube channel, and it doesn't look good on her. The other day she shot one in what seemed like her bedroom, so I hate to think what she might do next. As I explained above, I believe that she is discovering that Scheer doesn't care for her much, she hardly ever gets to say anything in parliament, so her YouTube channel is an attempt to try to raise her profile. And quite frankly I wouldn't be at all surprised if she becomes a regular on the Rebel...

  7. Anonymous3:40 AM

    In the seemingly endless cesspool of RepugniCon fake news and third world propaganda, there is a constant that the ability for citizens to make sound decisions based on facts is lost and as evidenced in the US, can lead to the most abhorrent of people attaining high office.
    Scheer's ridiculous propaganda ads need to met head on with countering facts so Canadians can make sound decisions before the next election. If a business were to use the same tactics as the Cons to attract customers they would leave themselves wide open to lawsuits for false advertising, slander, defamation and fraud, so why are the Con clowns seemingly exempt from that?
    Scheer and his army of Orks have proven that the only way they can win is by Schmearing the Libs on an industrial level while their odious hidden agenda(rewarding their benefactors etc.)is lost in the haze.
    I don't think sunny ways will cut it in 2019 Simon. JT needs to roll up his sleeves and meet these bullies head on. Fight their bullshit with facts. Decent, intelligent Canadians will see through the fog and as such will send Scheer to an embarassing and deserved defeat in 2019.

    1. Hi JD...I agree with you. I think the Liberals have to roll up their sleeves, and start fighting back against the Cons. As you point out, right now the Cons are being allowed to get away with murder and that cannot be allowed to continue. The neanderthal story is a perfect example of that. Even though the allegation is not supported by the transcript, the Cons are now producing one video after the other claiming it is. So the Liberals need to shoot down that nonsense before more people believe it. I'm all for sunny ways, but times change and I would save those sunny ways for the party after the next election....

  8. Its hard to believe but I believe that Scheer makes Harper look statesmanlike.