Thursday, March 01, 2018

Is Andrew Scheer Slowly Losing His Marbles?

Ever since the Liberal government tabled its new budget, Andrew Scheer has been looking distinctly under the weather.

Or as one might say a little less delicately, looking like a man losing his marbles.

But while we can all understand how he feels. The new budget is a masterful political document that will boost Justin Trudeau's already very good chance of winning the next election.

Scheer's behaviour can only be described as bizarre.

He's not asking any questions about the budget. All he's interested in doing is asking more questions about that fake news India story.

And in his never-ending attempts to destroy Justin Trudeau, he's now sounding like an INDIAN diplomat. 

Supporting the Indian government's version of reality, rather than the one offered up by Canada's intelligence experts.  

Justin Trudeau is defending his national-security adviser Daniel Jean after India publicly denied that it was behind the presence of a convicted would-be assassin during the Prime Minister's trip to the country last week.

While completely dismissing what he's calling Trudeau's "conspiracy theory."

When in fact, as even the Times of India reports, it's clear that Jaspal Atwal has a warm, very warm relationship with Indian government agencies. 

So as even John Ivison can figure out, it's entirely possible that this absurd diplomatic operetta, is both a cockup AND a conspiracy. 

I received a briefing from a senior security source last week (I agreed at the time to protect his anonymity and so will abide by that agreement). He did not allege the Indian government engineered Atwal’s invitations to the events in Mumbai and New Delhi. In fact, he said Sarai was the source of the invitation and either ignored Atwal’s conviction because it was 30 years old, or was unaware of his nefarious past.

But, while the security source did not suggest the Indian authorities had invited Atwal to the two Canadian government receptions, he did say it was convenient for some members of the Indian intelligence service to “stir up controversy” over Canada’s perceived softness on Sikh extremism.

It seems entirely possible that this is a rare case of both cock up and conspiracy in operation at the same time – the MP made a rookie mistake, but only after Atwal was placed on the board by actors inside the Indian government.

And by dismissing the claim that it could be a conspiracy, Scheer could very well be aiding and abetting an attempt by a foreign government to embarrass Canada. 

Working to damage his own country, just like he did when he threatened to sabotage the NAFTA negotiations...

And for the same crass political reason: Scheer's crazed desire to destroy Justin Trudeau.

Which even the old Cons at the Globe editorial board now agree, is getting out of hand.

It is telling that Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi didn't make a big deal out of the Atwal gaffe. On the contrary, he helped Mr. Trudeau end his trip on a high note by giving him a warm welcome and treating him like a valued friend. 

And yet the opposition is portraying Mr. Atwal as a security threat and unapologetic terrorist, while some in India are playing his clumsy presence in Mr. Trudeau's entourage as proof that Canada is soft on Sikh nationalism. 

None of those allegations is borne out by the facts. Mr. Atwal should not be on any politician's guest list, but neither is he evidence of a deeper scandal.

It will be interesting to see whether Scheer will be able to back down from this fake news scandal without looking like even more of an idiot.

Or more of a maniac...

Or more of a traitor.

But one thing is already clear.

The Cons really do hate this country, and their media stooges have destroyed whatever credibility they had left.

And the best thing we can do to save our Canada, is to make sure we destroy them both...


  1. Anonymous10:09 AM

    It's getting out of hand and the worst part is that angry old cons like Coyne and Glavin are being treated as experts on this file.

    1. hi anon...yes, it is getting out of hand, it's starting to remind me of the Salem witch trials. And to see Andrew Coyne or that ghastly old Con Terry Glavin pontificating like they knew what they were talking about, is enough to make one vomit. It's time those Cold War warriors shut up, and staggered off to retirement....

  2. The more Atwal talks, the more intriguing he is.

    He has talked to Trudeau, attended Con events under Harper in Ottawa, has been asked for help by Jenny Sims NDP and Brenda Locke Lib. While these may be just talk, he has produced photos of himself with Christie Clark and Michael Ignatieff and a reference letter from Con Garmand Greywal.

    He managed to go from blacklisted to welcome in India.

    It seems he is a tireless self promoter skilled at insinuating himself into the company of politicians of all stripes. The question unanswered is why he does it and who he is working for.

    1. hi rumleyfips...that unanswered question is at the heart of this fake scandal. My guess is that he is probably working for the Indian government, since he depends on them to supply him with a visa every time he wants to visit India. But he may be just one of those power groupies who pursue the rich and the famous with dogged determination.
      Whatever he is though, he is a small player, and this "scandal" has bee so overblown it's ridiculous...

  3. Anonymous1:28 PM

    From the Con's tired old bag of tricks comes yet another attempt to turn a nothing burger into a something burger. No scandal here so let's create one.
    Of course India's government would deny any involvement though any of India's news outlets that I've checked tells a different story. That would be the story the Cons don't want us to hear and which backs up JT's claims.
    Conversely, if it was the government backing JT and the media saying otherwise then the Cons would be backing the Indian media. Whatever fits their narrative to make JT look bad is okay for them and facts be damned. They remind me of an old broken washing machine we used to have. All it could do was a spin cycle, spin, spin, spin.
    As Scheer keeps using the same blatant tactics that helped obliterate Harper in 2015, it would indeed confirm as you suggest Simon, Schmeagol's marbles have definately left the building.

    1. hi does seem as if the Cons have only one gear in their clown car. Attack, attack, attack, or as you say spin, spin, spin. And yes, they can't seem to stop imitating the Harper regime, despite all the evidence that Canadians don't like that kind of dirty politics. It's infuriating, it's insanity, it's disgusting. But I suppose we should be grateful that they can't helping acting like beasts, for the more Canadians see their true colours, the easier it will be to total them in the next election...

  4. Anonymous3:23 PM

    The Cons have such one-track minds, they couldn't conceive that it could be both a mistake and a conspiracy. The Liberals have apologized for the mistake, now the Cons must apologize for being to dumb to see that they have been suckered by the Indian government, and are playing their game. It is, as you say Simon, either idiocy or treason.

    1. hi anon@3:23...yes, like most wannabe totalitarians the Cons have a very black and white view of the world, and are incapable of nuance. And that same one dimensional mind, also prevents them from understanding that what happened to Trudeau in India could be both a mistake and a conspiracy. Which makes them too dumb to govern in a world growing more not less complex. Those hairy Con cave people are really holding us back, and should either be sent to a zoo, or returned to the savage jungle they came from...

  5. Anonymous5:07 PM

    Not only have the Cons starting to realize they have betrayed this country, now according to a story I just read they have half a million Sikhs in Canada mad at them. Which is great news for the Liberals and really bad news for the Cons and their NDP buddykins.

    1. hi anon@5:07...yes, I'm going to have to write something about that, because it's too good to ignore. And it is indeed bad for the Cons and the NDP. They don't know what they are doing, and they are definitely going hell in a hand basket...

  6. Its pretty obvious that the dinner party guest was an asset of someone. The visit just exposed that. The Indian Gov is probably furious with the Strange for keeping this name in the headlines in two counties.

    1. hi Steve...I'm glad you think that, because I do too. It seems obvious to me that the former terrorist has been turned, and is working for more than himself. And you're right, the Indian government is probably regretting its clumsy attempt to embarrass Canada on the Khalistan question. And my question is, who the hell gave them the right to tell us what to do and think? As well as why are the Cons acting more like Indians than Canadians? Why do they hate Canada so much?

  7. Anonymous6:20 PM

    When I first saw the Rebel inspired videos portraying Trudeau on a family vacation arriving in India complete with a fake vacation itinerary and seeming negative local news commentary it seemed that the Marshall Ezra connection had really stepped up their game. The planning and cost of putting more than one reporter on the ground to generate propaganda seemed somewhat beyond their normally cheap tabloid approach. Now it seems they tag teamed with another group that had an ax to grind with the fact that most Canadian governments do not discriminate against certain Indian immigrants based on their personal and religious beliefs. Scheer's role in this whole affair is unforgivable and he will eventually pay the price but like all things Con it takes out a lot of innocents as collateral damage. In this case the Schmearmongel reminds me of a faustian archeologist madly digging up old bones in the hopes they will somehow give him magical powers instead of destroying him.
    Why does he want to dig up and perpetuate the 1980's Hindu Sikh conflict that resulted in thousands of lost lives in India and spilled over into Canada contributing to the Air India tragedy. The man has no soul!

    1. hi RT...exactly, the Cons are playing with fire. Justin Trudeau waded into the crossfire of that Hindu Sikh conflict, but at least his motives were pure if a bit naive. While the Cons are just trying to stir up hatred, as only they can. The Sikh Canadian community in this country is a big and a proud one, it has been here for a long time, and it needs no lessons from the Cons or Narendra Modi's Hindu extremists. And neither do the rest of us. Our ghastly Con media should hang its head in shame....

  8. Jackie Blue6:42 PM

    Wow. This John Ivison guy sounds like he's Canada's Bill Kristol. Kristol (not Billy Crystal the actor-comedian of similar name, albeit with different spelling) was one of the most fervent believers in and cheerleaders for the Bush-Cheney oil wars, but is now being labeled a RINO "cuck" and a traitor by the rabid hate base because he's become one of the most determined attack dogs against Trump from within his own party. Seems like the same is true of Mr. Ivison, though I doubt he's seen the light altogether and has gone over fully to the bright side: A true-blue con who recognizes that his party has gone so far off the rails into loony land, that even he's had a cockup or breakdown and is starting to sound reasonable and making sense. He'll lose his job soon enough unless he starts toeing the line again, that's for sure.

    As for Andrew Scheer, as we all know, he is an obvious hypocrite whose "Pink Shirt Day" message looked like an absolute joke. More like Brown Shirt Day in his case. All he does is bully Trudeau during QP, and look the other way when the DeploRebel basket cases sharpen their knives and train their crosshairs on him and his family. One guy replying to a Terry Glavin tweet said that he hopes India nukes Ottawa. I clicked through to find the rest of this guy's history, and sure enough, it didn't take long for the hate base to drag Xavier, the oldest, into their rampant abuse of the children that's already targeted Ella and Hadrien. It was either that guy on the Glavin thread, or one of his buddies or sticky sock puppets, who posted a picture of father and son wearing the colorful, traditional garb while meditating at Gandhi's temple, and said, "this kid is going to get his @$$ whooped when he goes back to school. Good."

    I ended up signing up for a Twitter just to follow the Parkland kids and report the Trudeau haters. Doubtful anything will be done on Twitter's part, but one thing is for certain: To paraphrase Kanye West, Andrew Scheer doesn't care about Sikh people, and he doesn't care about child people. He doesn't care about any people. He is the antithesis of "people kindness." He certainly doesn't care about Canadians. He just cares about his "sorry" self, and the useful idiots in his frothing hate base for as many conned votes they'll send his way before he throws them under the bus. Shame on him and shame on all of them, the media hacks included. Make Trudeau Prime Minister Again and Again and Again and Again and Again and Again.

    1. hi's interesting that Ivison, the notorious Con fluffer, should be the one with the best understanding of what really happened in India. I attribute this to the fact that he is from Scotland, so he has a better understanding than most of the nationalist/separatist forces at play in India. But of course the Cons don't care for nuance, they just want to stir up hatred any way they can. and by playing their dirty game the stooges in the Con media have disgraced themselves beyond redemption.
      And should be boycotted until they can show more respect for the Canadian people they are supposed to be serving...

  9. Scheer may not know he is losing his marbles because he can't count. He seem eager to alienate 500,000 Canadian Sikhs to curry favour with 300,000 Hindus. Hardly an intelligent plan.