Thursday, June 14, 2018

Inside One of Donald Trump's Prison For Children

It's called the Case Padre or Father House in English. 

It looks at first glance like a school or a recreation centre.

But it's actually a converted Walmart where the Trump regime sends immigrant kids forcibly separated from their parents.

And this is the first time reporters have been allowed to tour this shelter or prison. 

And as if that facility wasn't grotesque enough, then there's Big Brother or Big Father Trump on the wall with a slogan he once tweeted:

Which couldn't be more obscene.

Or as the New York Times Editorial board writes, couldn't be more immoral. 

It may be hard to believe that this is happening in the United States in 2018, that hundreds of children are being snatched from their parents, frequently under false pretenses, often screaming, and placed in vast warehouselike centers like the former Walmart in Brownsville, Tex., where nearly 1,500 boys now spend their days. The parents often don’t know where their children are, or when they will see them again.

Or more evil.

It seems to elude the administration and its cheerleaders that this is not about crime or security, but about the most elemental human values; that ordering armed border guards to cruelly and needlessly rip children from mothers — in one case, while she was breast-feeding the child — goes against fundamental American values and undercuts its standing in the world.

And while the Times has a list of things Americans can do right now, the only lasting solution is to work to defeat Trump.

And then send him to the prison where he rightfully belongs...


Riley's sister said...

CBC ran a story today about the border town Ogdensburg NY encouraging Canadians to continue to cross border shop. Not on your life, baby! The only message the Trumpists understand is financial. Any thinking person can find a better place to spend their money.

Anonymous said...

I think it's a great idea. Maybe it will make other lawbreakers think twice before they cross the border.

Filcher said...

You think it is a good idea because you are an utter failure as a human being.

Anonymous said...

I don't think you're stupid. I know you're stupid.

mr perfect

Jackie Blue said...

One of these kids is going to try and escape these kennels someday, and the U.S. will have their own Chanie Wenjack tragedy. Unlike Canada, however, the U.S. will never admit any wrongdoing, let alone even try to make amends -- especially in terms of monetary recompense. Not when something like a third of the populace still refuses to accept the outcome of the Civil War.

This is a horrific atrocity on the scale of the Japanese internment if not a precursor to the Nazi camps. Gitmo is already another fresh stain on Amerika's legacy, and the fascist NSGOP outright refused to let Obama shut it down. It's time for the international community to step in. The U.N. sent aid workers to study conditions in the most blighted and impoverished sections of the country and found that they were comparable to third-world conditions. Black people were poisoned in Flint, MI and continue to get lynched with bullets by trigger-happy cops. The DoJ with its racist, neo-Confederate AG has declared Black Lives Matter a terrorist group and amped up surveillance on Muslims, even as the FBI itself says that the #1 threat by far is white supremacist groups and the so-called "men's rights movement" that produced an "incel" attack in Toronto earlier this year and the precursor to it in California. The GOP is beholden to the NRA which is underwritten by Russian money, and kids continue to die in mass shootings, which are shrugged off as the price we pay for "freedom." Sessions actually justified holding these children in camps by resorting to (what else) the Bible. Are we a theocracy now?

In any event, Amerika has hit rock bottom. Time to stage an intervention. The photo of the centrist, female chancellor of Germany staring down Amerika's own Dumkopführer speaks volumes about where we are and where we're headed next. As a first step (and we're seeing this in part with the tariff retaliation), sanctions are long overdue. Maybe it's time, like a CEO getting forced out of the company he founded by a no-confidence vote of shareholders (a "Steve Jobs scenario"), for a "charter member" to get booted from the U.N. so that we can't keep throwing a monkey wrench in the pursuit of human rights because paranoid, racist, authoritarian Republicans throw a snit fit one way or the other.

We need truth and reconciliation. Not wishy-washy bothsiderism and certainly not mealy-mouthed Orwellian newspeak excuses like "national security" or "economic anxiety." For I was a stranger and you took me in...

e.a.f. said...

This is working well for two groups. the PRIVATE FOR PROFIT PRISONS AND THE CARTELS.

All these children and adults are being sent to a PRIVATE FOR PROFIT PRISON OR DENTENTION centre. These corporations are thrilled with this increase in people coming into their jails. they expect to increase their profits by 5%. a memo to each other. I don't think this is just about Latinos and undocumented people. this is about increasing the profits for the FOR PROFIT PRIVATE PRISON CORPORATIONS

I'm sure their stock is trading higher these days on the N.Y. stock exchange. Once their profits increase they can increase their donations to Republicans.

ICE has started arresting people who are in the U.S.A. legally on all sorts of things. (check Crooks and Liars)

It is a method to keep Latinos from voting come Nov. because you can bet your next pension cheque ICE will be at all the major polling centers during the election. Huge round ups. The detain people, they don;t get to vote and will be released the day after the election. works wonderfully well, just ask Putin

ICE is the new Gestapo and the U.S.A. created them.