Friday, March 30, 2018

Why Doug Ford Must Never Become Premier

As you probably know, I honestly believe that Doug Ford is unfit to lead anything, let alone the province of Ontario.

And that if that brutish Con clown ever does become Premier, he might bring down the whole country.

While making us look like Trumpland North, just smaller and even more ignorant. 

So the rest of the civilized world can laugh at us, and think of Canada, again, as a primitive place populated by rubes and rednecks.

Not the cool place they thought we were, briefly.

For sadly Ford really doesn't know anything about anything, and he just proved that again.

By claiming Ontario could save money, by cutting the CBC's funding. 

The new leader of Ontario’s PCs thinks he can cut funding for something Ontario doesn’t actually pay for? 

Responding to Ontario’s 2018 budget Wednesday, Doug Ford raised fresh questions about his basic understanding of the issues when he offered reporters a nonsensical suggestion about how he could save Ontario money: cut funding for the CBC.

Only problem with that idea? The Province of Ontario doesn’t fund the CBC – that’s the federal government’s job.

Yup. It's THAT bad. If he loses a few more IQ points we will have to water him.

Before he sets the whole country on fire...

And the good news?

Whatever happens, Ford is going to drag down Andrew Scheer. They both share the same Trump-like policies, simple and bestial.

They are both trying to conceal their ties to religious fanatics and right-wing extremists.

Citing a story first reported by PressProgress, Queen’s Park Today’s Allison Smith questioned Ford about his interview with a social conservative group, floating the idea of giving parents new powers to block pregnant teens from accessing safe abortion services.

Ford’s policy would be likely unconstitutional, violate doctor-patient confidentiality rules and expose pregnant teenagers to violence. 

But when pressed on the issue, Smith says Ford lied to reporters and blamed it on a “gotcha question” from the CBC – to be clear, Ford made the promise in an interview with a hardline right-wing anti-abortion group, not the CBC.

They both lie like Trump.

And like Ford, Scheer also wants to bleed the CBC to death...

As I pointed out yesterday.

Which should make it really easy to understand where both men are coming from, and what they might do to the Canada we know and love.

So with a little bit of luck both Con clowns will go down.

One after the other...


  1. It is rather frightening when one realizes that Rob Ford was the more likable, decent, and capable of the two Ford brothers.

    As an Ontarian who does not live in Toronto, it was fun to laugh at the clown mayor. He was amusing, and really could not do a lot of damage even in Toronto.

    A Premier of a province the size of Ontario is a horse (pig in his case?) of a different colour.

    Damn it, I'am getting tired of campaigning but I guess it's time to haul out the campaign boots again.

    1. Anonymous3:53 PM

      "As an Ontarian who does not live in Toronto, it was fun to laugh at the clown mayor. He was amusing, and really could not do a lot of damage even in Toronto."

      My sister lived there during Rob's reign of error and she tells me it was not amusing and that he did a lot of real damage.

    2. Yes, a good friend of mine is a social worker there and an activist in her union and Rob- and his bro - did a lot of harm. Rob actually also destroyed an existing cycle path. When he was sober enough to do anything. He didn't only abuse just about every substance known to man, he abused the population of Toronto and its region.

    3. Hi jrkrideau...I agree, a Ford at City Hall was bad, but most of the damage was only done to Canada's reputation abroad. I remember being shocked when people in even the smallest highland villages asked me about Rob. But having Doug Ford as Premier would be an absolute disaster. We live in challenging times, and he is definitely not up to the challenge of administering an $800 billion economy...

    4. Hi JD...Much of the damage Rob Ford did was not visible at the time. It was what he didn't do rather than what he did that set the city back. Him and his brother had no vision of the future, so nothing was done to prepare the city for that future, and an enormous amount of infrastructure work had to be done as soon as he was replaced. And Toronto is still trying to catch up to other modern cities in the world. The Ford name is dirt as far as I am concerned...

    5. hi lagatta....the very first thing Rob Ford said when he became mayor was "the war on the car is over." Even though there was no war on the car, Toronto was choking in its own fumes, and compared to other modern cities in the world was way behind when it came to building bike paths. Ford also campaigned loudly in favour of punishing drug abusers rather than treating them, which was doubly hypocritical. And of course, his rancid homophobia made LGBT people feel unwelcome, which was totally disgusting...

    6. @ Simon 9:03 AM
      I remember being shocked when people in even the smallest highland villages asked me about Rob.

      I know someone who was working with the UN in Jordanian refugee camps just as Rob was getting rolling.

      The first he heard of Rob was when American collegues started calling (and laughing).

    7. @ Anonymous3:53 PM
      Rob Ford did some nasty damage to Toronto, granted but it was minor compared to the damage a rouge Premier can do.

      I lived through the Harris regime. He damn near wreaked the health system, threatened the education system an his welfare "reform" literally killed people across the province.

      Here is a graph of homeless deaths in Toronto after the Harris cuts. The McGuinty Liberals did not improve matters. It is harder, policically to raise welfare payments than to cut them.

      The hospital reforms were badly needed, unfortunately like all Cons since the 1970's the Harris Gov't were too incompetent to do it properly. Even when it is a good idea, you can pretty well guarantee that that the Cons will screw it up through some mixture of incompetence and corruption.

    8. The serious damage Ford did was destroy the wonderful Transit city plan. Right now the whole city could have access to LRT. Instead the Scarbough people will lose what they have and get a one stop subway that will run empty.

  2. Anonymous3:47 PM

    I hope someone asks King Bong what he would do to fix the Phoenix pay system. The ignoramus would probably reply, "well duh, we have nothing to do with how they pay their staff in Arizona".
    That's a great pic of King Bong and Chimp Scheer Simon. Harper's ratty old coat fits him perfectly.

    1. hi JD....I wouldn't be surprised if Ford thought the Phoenix pay system had something to do with Arizona, he is that ignorant. But sadly many people have an irrational hatred for Wynne, for reasons I will try to explain in a post this weekend, and Horwath is not a strong candidate, so anything could happen....

  3. Anonymous5:01 PM

    A poll released today has the cons knocked down to minority government. Perhaps there is hope.

    1. hi anon@5:01 PM...yes I saw it, and I hope that is just a sign of things to come. A Liberal/NDP or NDP/Liberal coalition would be fine with me, as long as Ford loses...

  4. Anonymous8:08 PM

    The moronic mantra "Its time for change, nothing can be worse than the status quo" combined with some illusionary electorate enrichment promises will be hard to defeat. Then again if Dougie is not kept in a drug induced happy place he may be able to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.

    1. hi RT...yes, this mantra that "it's time for a change" makes no sense when the change is Doug Ford, and the province's economy is doing better than most countries in the G7. I haven't been impressed by some of the things the Wynne Liberals have done, like for example scraping proposed toll on one of the major arteries entering the city. And I fault it for not having the imagination or the courage to adequately prepare the province for the future. But as I said, it has been reasonably competent, the social peace has been maintained, and I see Doug Ford acting like a bull in a china shop and bringing the province, and the country, to its knees...

    2. "Its time for change, nothing can be worse than the status quo"

      King Log and King Stork?

  5. e.a.f.1:00 AM

    If the voters elect Ford, they will get the government they deserve. They know what he is and if they want that, of course it won't help those who won't be voting for him so its going to be very important everyone votes in this election.

    Ford will have his base as Trump and they will believe what he says just like Trump's base believes what he says. he lies, but they believe it. Ford will be no different.

    Perhaps they may cAtch Ford in some activity between now and then which will preclude his running for office. He knew his brother the Mayor was involved in drugs and did them while in office, people want to elect some one who did that and didn't do anything about it???? Perhaps he'll invite some of his late brother's "friends" to join him once he is elected? Perhaps he will ask Scheer's best friend to assist him with finances????

    1. hi e.a.f...yes they will indeed get the government they deserve, and to avoid that fate the rest of us are going to have to work very hard to make sanity prevail. Ford is probably not going to make very many mistakes on a day to day basis, since he has many of Harper's old team managing his campaign. So our only hope is that the other candidates can expose his abysmal ignorance during one of the debates. For if he does get elected it will take a decade to repair the damage he could do, and in these challenging times no city can afford that...

    2. I dont buy the goverment we deserve, democracy is alway right bullshit. There is so much going on behind the curtain we dont know.For example people like the hamster using military grade pych ops on the voters. People like Doug becomming leader because of the second ballot and a mysterious canditate who packed in the right wing nuts to the convention.

  6. Ford is Trump's arrogance with Sarah Palins brain.

  7. I am one who said Trump should be president if Hillary is the other choice.
    I have not change my opinon on that despite the fact I never worried about Hillary and nuclear war.

    But Doug Ford as Premier of Ontario would be the death of a dream. A dream of Bill Davis a conservative. A dream that is alive today. For if you really look down deep at the ecomomic wonders of the world, despite human rights
    and global warming execptions given to others Ontario is going to be in the top ten if not higher. Doug Ford would move us backward to medivial situation he can manage.