Monday, March 05, 2018

The Real Reason The Con Media Went After Justin Trudeau

Ever since the Con media ganged up to go after Justin Trudeau and his budget like a pack of rabid rats, I've been wondering what could have triggered such a frenzied 
orgy of naked bias.

For it was frenzied, it was deeply disturbing, I had never seen anything like it. It was like the old white men of the parliamentary press gang had been overcome by some strange musky fever.

And were now humming sympathetically, or rutting prematurely, channelling the toxic Trudeau hate of the religious fanatic Andrew Scheer...

And doing all they could to make him Prime Minister.

So I really needed to know what was this madness? And from what dark or idiot place was it coming from? 

I knew that the good ol' boys of the parliamentary press gang had been forced by dire economic circumstances to cover Trudeau's visit to India from Ottawa, or Toronto.

And since they were flying blind, and knew jack shit about India, and were solely focused on trying to bring down our young Prime Minister, they missed the bigger story.

And fed Canadians a false narrative. 

A false narrative shaped as much by what they included, like their obsession with what the Trudeau family was wearing, as by what they left out.

Like why they were wearing them.

But it still didn't make sense. Why did those Con stooges think they could fool Canadians into believing this cardboard caricature?

Which reeks of racism and homophobia.

And think that they could get away with it?

Why were they so upset, or so inflamed with toxic Trudeau hate, that they even muted coverage of the Liberal's woman friendly budget?

So they could keep on beating the India story,  like a dead horse.

And then I saw this tweet from the angry old Con dotard Charles Adler, and it all became  only too obvious...

The toxic Trudeau hate of the Cons.

And the naked bias of their media stooges.

Can only really be explained as part of a wider backlash against women and the #MeToo movement.

And because Trudeau has gone to extraordinary lengths to promote gender equality, that's why they hate him so much.

And that's why they hate his budget.

For while some Canadians may be annoyed with Trudeau for his pipeline policies, or for failing to change our electoral system, nothing else can explain this kind of diseased hatred.

And when you see the way the Con dotards in our bought media offer up late explanations without a hint of remorse.

By invoking the royal WE without ever admitting responsibility for THEIR false narrative.

Or you see the way the good ol' boys have been celebrating their victory over Trudeau and a majority of the women in this country.

They cannot be condemned enough.

For that is indeed what those sexist apes have become.

And the good news? 

Trudeau's strong support of the women's right's movement is a central part of the new generation's wave of demands for change. 

This new wave of demands for change opens several windows, ones that have been firmly closed for decades. The first is gender equity, or more precisely tough affirmative action measures to overturn patriarchy in government, business and the professions. Justin Trudeau has been sneered at for his championing of this agenda, even in the somewhat unlikely forum of intergovernmental trade negotiations. Smart money should probably be on his eventual success at shifting this important new political ground.

He is on the right side of history, and it may well be his most lasting legacy. 

For there is no more important issue than the equality between men and women.

And if those reactionary Con dotards think they can hold back the future...

They have got another thought coming.

For the future is coming at them like a human tidal wave... 

And it will sweep them all away.

I support that struggle, all my female and male friends support that struggle.

We need to go after those who don't harder than ever, including some of the Con dotards in our own ranks.

But if we join forces, women and men of all ages, we will build a better more equal Canada.

And we will send this monstrous Trumpkin and his ugly Con followers back to the hellish past where they belong...

Burn down the patriarchy.

Boycott the Con media.

And bury the Harper Party forever...


  1. Anonymous3:20 PM

    Unfortunately Canada is at least a couple of years behind the United States, so the #MeToo movement isn't as big here as it is south of the border. I'm not saying that it won't help us defeat the Cons, but with the media so firmly in the hands of the dotards it's going to be a brutal struggle.

    1. I strongly disagree with you there, at least in terms of the women's movement here in Québec. Please read "Ten thousand roses", by Judy Rebick, about the Bread and Roses movement and other achievements of our movement. Not all social movements have to parrot the forms taken in the US.

    2. Hi anon@3:20PM....don't worry, Canadians are a complacent and passive lot, but when they finally understand what Scheer and his social conservatives intend to do to this country, they'll be rioting n the streets...

    3. Hi Lagatta...I think what anon@3:20 PM is warning about is that without any support from the MSM it will he harder to mobilize large numbers of Canadians, at least outside Quebec. The activists will turn out, but how many others?

  2. It is ridiculous even the star is joining the nonsense.

    1. Hi Steve....the Star is no longer a progressive paper. It's just another anti-Trudeau rag, staffed by dotards, and almost always sucking up to the Cons. My guess is that they are being kept afloat by Big Oil or the Koch brothers or whatever, in return for favouring the Cons. Like all the other members of the Con media, the sooner they die the better...

  3. Jackie Blue3:33 PM

    I have to say, Simon: I've been losing sleep worrying about the safety of PMJT and his family. If only because I know what's happened in the USA to young idealists who threaten to upend powerful forces, stand up for the downtrodden, and break the status quo. And I don't think any PM in Canada's history has ever been met with this level of hatred. Not even his father. Certainly not with the fourth estate turning into a fifth column because they've sold their souls to Mammon. Like David Bowie said: I'm afraid of Americans. But I'm also afraid of Canadians who want to emulate them.

    Some of the radio stations in the U.S. are playing songs from the tumultuous year of 1968. Including Dion's "Abraham, Martin & John." On my coffee table is a special edition of Time magazine profiling the events that took place those fifty years ago. 1968 was a happy year for Canada, coming off the golden-anniversary Expo celebration of the previous year and then Justin's dad becoming PM to lead Canada into a brighter, more progressive future. But Pierre-Elliott Trudeau is not on the cover of this Time magazine. Bobby Kennedy is. And with what I'm seeing in the U.S., with Trump as a combination of Nixon and George Wallace who just now said he'd like to see the U.S. "try it out" what Xi is doing in China to become president for life, a party that's so committed to entrenching their dying hegemony of "law and order" at home and around the world that they sell out to the bloody evil empire of Russia, and their northern equivalents no doubt chomping at the bit to follow in the elephant's footsteps...

    I worry for PMJT. I worry about "régime change." I worry about the cons mimicking the GOP playbook, whether it's Ezra cosplaying as Bannon to help Scheer cheat his way into power while the press delivers a shrug, or the party selling out to the NRA and by extension Russia, serving up "thoughts and prayers" after another "good guy with a gun" storms Parliament Hill. I worry about Justin Trudeau becoming another Bobby Kennedy like I worried about Barack Obama being another Martin Luther King, and it's making me sick.

    The rich old white men's patriarchy and the war machine does need to be castrated. And Trump, the GOP, the Crappers, and their deplorable constituents like "Glenn Dumont" who put PMJT in Pepé's crosshairs, need to be sent into permanent unemployment and ostracism from civilized society before anyone else gets hurt. They're evil. Pure evil. But it's going to be a protracted battle and I really, really, really hope that you guys are keeping your elections -- and that bright young feminist beacon of hope -- safe from the dangerous dotards who want to repeat history by changing it for the worst. Make Trudeau Prime Minister Again and make 1968 a distant memory again. Our '68, not yours.

    1. Hi Jackie....You have good reason to be worried about the safety of Justin Trudeau, for no Canadian leader has been vilified and threatened so much. It's the reason I started to support him, even though I had always voted for the NDP. Unfortunately the legacy of Harper and the influence of Trump have corrupted this country, and there is violent talk everywhere. The stakes have never been higher, and the next election may well determine whether Canada will live or die..

  4. Anonymous4:38 PM

    None of this matters. The Ipsos poll is a crock and that Indian trip will soon be forgotten. In two years time when it comes down to Trudeau vs Scheer, it will be another Liberal majority.

  5. Anonymous6:05 PM

    Only in a dotard country could the Cons be leading in the polls only two years after the Harper regime went down in flames. The Ipso poll may be a hiccup, but the fact that the two parties are so close is unbelievable and disgusting.

    1. Hi anon@6:05 PM....I share your frustration, and I too find it hard to believe that the Cons could be ahead of the Liberals after all the atrocities they have committed. But don't be discouraged, we haven't really started to fight, and when we do I'm sure we will defeat them once and for all...

    2. Anonymous11:57 AM

      It's highly possible, maybe not probable the the bots released are infiltrating polls. We need to push government hard on finding a way to reduce, if not eliminate them. We have laws, that I believe, can be used to prosecute this behaviour. If I'm wrong, fine. But it's looking possible to me. And this ... I'd love some comments to this post if possible.

  6. Anonymous6:27 PM

    I agree with Simon, we need to go after the Cons in our own ranks. Progressive Bloggers is a joke. Simon is the only one who defends Trudeau, even though he voted for the NDP. While others like the dotard the Disaffected Liberal spends all his time attacking Justin. It's nuts. Where are all the other progressives hiding?

  7. Hi anon@4:38 pm...I share your doubts about the Ipsos poll, if only because I can't believe that as many milennials support Scheer as they do Trudeau. But the poll is consistent with a trend, and the Con media have been relentless, so one can't dismiss the poll entirely. I still think Trudeau will win the election, but we are going to have to get serious and hit the Cons harder than ever...

  8. Hi anon@6:27...I agree with your assessment of Progressive Bloggers, it's a shadow of what it once was. But I'm sure that as the election approaches things will look up, even though it will never be what it once was. Political blogging is dying, and Twitter which is so much easier, and more reactive, is now the main arena. As for the Disaffected Lib don't worry about him he's harmless. He is on record as saying he wished Trudeau was raped in jail, so he has no credibility and almost no readers...

  9. Anonymous7:54 PM

    The future that's coming is a nightmare. It sure isn't the utopia out of the old Coke commercial, buy the world a Coke, teach them harmony. In our infinite wisdom, of course.
    All this crap is or ever was is Cecil Rhodes in lipstick, with a lobotomy, and a dumb smile.