Monday, March 26, 2018

The Excellent But Dangerous Humiliation Of Donald Trump

Well it finally happened. Donald Trump has been humiliated beyond recognition. 

And they are laughing at him all over the world.

The porn star Stormy Daniels has told her story to Anderson Cooper, and it turns out to be a combination of a low budget porn movie and The Sopranos.

I mean can you believe it? His henchmen are after the escort?

The pornographic film star Stephanie Clifford told “60 Minutes” that she struck a $130,000 deal for her silence about an alleged affair with Donald J. Trump in the final days of the 2016 campaign because she was worried about her safety and that of her young daughter.

And after smutty details like these.

Daniels said she asked Trump to take his pants down so she could spank him with a magazine with his face on the cover — and that he did so. The clip will likely be played on a cable news loop for at least the next 24 hours. 

Another eyebrow-raising detail is Daniels’s claim that Trump told her “You remind me of my daughter” — presumed to be a reference to Ivanka Trump.

Boss Trump might as well be standing there in his underwear, or wearing nothing at all. 

For from now on he will forever be known as the president  who dropped his pants, bent over, and was spanked by a porn star with a copy of Vogue magazine, with a picture of himself on the cover.

You know, cheek to cheek, so to speak.

But although he must be fuming, or trembling in his boots, at the thought of what else Daniels' lawyer, Michael Avenatti,  might have on him.

And although he must be worried about what Melania might think about all of this, because apparently she's not impressed.

Trump has been strangely silent on Twitter. And that's bad. 

Very bad.

For a humiliated Trump is a dangerous Trump.

Or as Charles Blow calls him a man at war.

Some have viewed President Trump’s recent moves as a sign of rising self-assuredness in the man. I see quite the opposite.

I see a man growing increasingly irascible as his sense of desperation surges. The world is closing in on Trump and he is in an existential fight for his own survival. 

This is precisely what makes him so dangerous: As the personal threat to him grows, his threat to the country grows.

He's out of his depth. He's making it up as he goes along. 

“Aides said there was no grand strategy to the president’s actions, and that he got up each morning this week not knowing what he would do. Much as he did as a New York businessman at Trump Tower, Mr. Trump watched television, reacted to what he saw on television and then reacted to the reaction.”

Wrangling Senate votes is a long way from prowling for playmates. This is the big leagues and this little man is feeling the stress and strain of it.

He's a Simpsons' president...

Except that this Simpsons' president could start one or more wars, that could end up setting the planet on fire.

So although the Stormy Daniels' scandal is a small one. A story of an old pervert, a much younger woman, and some really bad sex.

If it can help bring him down as Jim Carrey thinks it could...

I say go for it. Bring him down by whatever means necessary,

Before he kills us all...


  1. .. your usual, constant excellence & energy on display Simon..
    Don't know how you do it.. but you do

    1. Hi salamander...thank you for your kind comment. I must admit that I sometimes wonder why I am doing it. I've been doing it for a long time, and I had hoped to retire after Harper was defeated. But unfortunately the world is a mess, the Cons would win a majority if an election was held tomorrow, and the idea of Trump and Scheer ruling North America is enough to keep me typing away for at least another few years... :)

  2. Anonymous12:28 PM

    Speaking of killing people... once those coffins start coming home from Mali it's bye bye Trudeau.

    1. Jackie Blue8:25 PM

      In the interest of erring on the side of caution, I think this should be interpreted as a threat against the Prime Minister. There's been far too many from cons like you and it's about time you started being held accountable in a court of law. Bigly.

      Where's the button to report this to Google Blogger? Not that they'll do anything about it anyway, so what's the phone number for the R.C.M.P.? Do they accept long distance calls from the U.S.? I don't care that I'm on the wrong side of the border. Dangerous cons are dangerous cons and I've seen enough violence over here that I don't want to get repeated up north.

      Piss off, Oswald. Go directly to jail and do not collect 200 rubles.

    2. hi anon@12:28... you Cons are sick puppies. You sound like you can't wait for Canadian soldiers to be killed, my god how miserable your life must be. It's a wonder you haven't killed yourself, and maybe tomorrow will be the day. But while there is still time let me urge you to try to be a better person, and for goodness sake get a life...

    3. hi Jackie...I don't think that one is a threat. It is just another bitter Con hoping that bad things will happen to make him or her feel better. As someone wrote the other day, the Cons and Republicons, are now more interested in tearing down all around them, rather than building for the future. It's pathetic, but it is why we are going to win...

  3. Anonymous1:07 PM

    Good advice for anyone taking a job at the White House:

    mr perfect

    1. Hi Mr Perfect...thank you for that, that's funny. But also thought provoking. If spanking did make him briefly a better person, can we please hire a full time dominatrix at the White House? ;)

  4. Anonymous1:35 PM

    Dear Simon like the salamander I don't know how you do it, or more specifically how you manage to stay cheerful at a time like this one. I'm so depressed by the political situation I can hardly get out of bed. But that Simpsons' cartoon of all those people rushing out of the White House shouting "taxi, Uber, paddy wagon!" made me laugh for the first time in a long time. So thank you sweety.

    1. hi anon @1:35...I'm sorry to hear that you are feeling a bit down and out. It's only normal, the state of the world is enough to get any good person down. I feel the same way sometimes, but what keeps me going is my absolute confidence that you and I and all the others are going to defeat the bad guys and build a better world. Take some time off from the news and enjoy the arrival of Spring, but always keep that in mind, and this: the harder the struggle, the sweeter the victory... :)

  5. Anonymous4:05 PM

    Judging by her lawyer's teaser tweet I would surmise that Stormy is rather proficient as well as stealthy with her smartphone and has some very embarrassing pics or video of Donnie Douchebag. I'm not sure I could stomach those should they come to light Simon so please give me advance warning before I scroll down and see Stormy spanking Trump's fat ass or Trump having sex with himself in the mirror, ugh.
    It is as you say a small story Simon, but piled up on top of everything else going on in the Looney Tunes White House and we definately have a recipe for disaster. Mueller is closing in, Melania may slit his throat as you would a hog and Ivanka may suddenly grow a conscience and disown Daddy Douche though that's unlikely.
    Of course, the worst of all would be Fox News declaring war on Iran and N. Korea.

    1. hi JD...I don't know if Avenatti is bluffing, he claims he isn't, but whether he is or not you can be sure that Trumpy is sweating bricks. And don't worry if I ever run a pic of Trump caught in the act I will sanitize it before publishing it, because I don't have the stomach for it either. As I said in my post, I don't care who Trump slept with in the past. But he did run for a party full of sanctimonious and judgemental Republicans, so anything that can damage his popularity, the way to his impeachment has got to be a good thing. And the way he has treated women, it would be divine justice...

  6. Anonymous5:17 PM

    Trump's people are still denying that he even met Stormy Daniels, and he's still maintaining Twitter silence, which tells me that there is something that he really wants to cover-up. There are other much bigger scandals but I wouldn't be surprised if in the end his sleazy behaviour is what brings the whole house of cards tumbling down.

    1. Jackie Blue8:30 PM

      I think the something may be that "her daughter" might be his. Might as well have Bob Mueller ask Maury Povich to do some forensic analysis for the case. Seeing as the rest of this whole shitshow has been a "Jerry Springer" episode that never ends.

      If that does end up being the case, wow, I really feel sorry for that little girl. Hopefully she grows up in a happy home with mom and that nurture well outbalances nature. Nobody wants the poison of Trump's DNA in their genome.

      I feel sorry for Barron for just the same reason, and he was "legitimate."

    2. hi anon@5:17 PM...yes his silence is very unusual, Trump has gone ballistic on Twitter for far less provocation. He is apparently extremely concerned about the effect this tawdry tale might have on his polls, but it is telling that for once he seems to be doing what he is told, and curbing his Twitter behaviour. So yes, as I just told JD, bring it on baby...

    3. Hi Jackie...OMG I hadn't thought of that possibility, that would be too horrible. Trump isn't exactly the best stud around. All his kids, with the exception of poor Barron, seem to be absolutely horrible. I think he's just afraid of Daniels because from what I've read about her, she's a strong woman and can't be pushed around like I'm sure he has so many others. And needless to say I'm rooting for Stormy to bring Trump down...

    4. e.a.f.2:09 AM

      it may cause voters who were not so committed to him or the Republican Party, but if you see some of the interviews with organizations such as women for trump or Republican women for Trump, etc. They don't care about his adultery. They were clear, they voted for him because of his positions on immigration, the economy, and national security. What he does is of little interest to them because they feel he is delivering on what is of interest to them. Kind of reminds me of how some said they liked Mussilini because he made the trains run on time.

  7. Anonymous6:15 PM

    What nobody seems to care about these days is how low standards have fallen. How did we come to accept what's going on as normal? My two children are still too young to care about politics, but what will I tell them when they are old enough?

    1. Jackie Blue8:48 PM

      Explain it to them like the story of a dysfunctional family. It's really only this one wayward son of Europe who hit rock bottom due to greed, racism, bigotry, refusal to follow any rules that he didn't make up to benefit himself, and an untold number and variety of vices. That's why nobody wants anything to do with him anymore and why everyone is laughing at him. They just have to be careful, because he has explosives in his backpack and can cause a lot of damage and harm if he feels too humiliated, because he'll never look inward and recognize his own culpability for wrongdoing and try to make amends by doing the right thing.

      Other analysts have described America in this sort of kindergarten morality play or pop-psychology fashion, as the "playground bully" on the world stage or even a psychotically disturbed child who sets fires and tortures stray animals. Trump is the epitome of the American Id, in which case Green Day might have been a bit premature in christening George Dubya as the "American Idiot." There's even an anime series from Japan that depicts the major world powers as young boys with various personalities, America being an arrogant, loudmouth, vulgar chest-puffer who runs away from home too soon (you could say we were "just not ready") and abuses his polite younger brother. (Look up "Hetalia: Axis Powers," that's the title of the show.) Britain and France have their history of squabbles to be sure, but I think they both can agree that Canada turned out to be the good son while America turned out to be the menace. Hopefully Canada stays that way, and that they don't revert to emulating the playground bully by electing one just to keep up.

    2. Green Day might have been a bit premature in christening George Dubya as the "American Idiot."

      It's a moving target and George is likely to lose the title.

      If Trump wins it he will be a difficult person to dethrone from the title.

    3. hi anon@6:15 PM...I can relate to the way you feel. I was raised to believe that having manners and behaving well mattered, and when I look at the state of the world I sometimes feel overwhelmed with horror and disgust. But although I wouldn't presume to tell any parent how to raise their children, if I was a parent I would use Trump and company as an example of what not to emulate, while pointing to others as good examples, and making the contrast as obvious as possible. Let those ugly Cons be useful for something...

    4. Hi Jackie...well that's much better than my advice. Turn it into a fairy tale or a morality play. Or give them a Trump doll and a collection of large pins... :)

    5. e.a.f.2:11 AM

      By that time Trump will be old news. They will have watched enough t.v. to have figured it all out on their own. Kids form their own values, with the help of their parents or some with out it. We have only to look at the kids at the rallies this past weekend.

  8. I think the $130,000 was for fake moaning not silence. Nobody cares. The people who hated Trump will hate more, but still forgive Bill. The people who love Trump will say Bill was a rapist and Trump paid for the privilege.

    I wish there would be more coverage of Bolton, military spending. Read the latest about the F35 and try to find one bit of common sense. Ask the question why over 100 alphabet people are running as democrats? You know the big Dem win in Philly, well the winner was an army boy who is pro gun anti abortion WTF?

    1. Hi Steve. Thanks for that F35 link. I knew it was a boondoggle but I had not realized just how big of one.

      It looks like Lockheed, their retread "consultants" and the Pentagon have managed so corrupt and incompetent a progam that all they can think of is CYA and to hell with any responsibility to try and defend the USA. Fiduciary responsibility? What's that?

      Shades of the late Roman Empire where hubris overtook common sense.

    2. hi Steve...this may shock you, but I have a former army boy as a companion, and know many of them to be excellent people, although I'm not a militarist. I like people who are principled and disciplined, and as far as the Democrat in Philly is concerned, he doesn't bother me in the least. I have never asked every progressive to agree with me. I see progressives as a coalition, where I don't own the truth, and neither does anybody else. I find there are far too many progressive snowflakes who spend all their time judging others, and fighting each other, instead of the real enemy...

    3. e.a.f.2:14 AM

      here is a reality check. the Americans have only two parties, so the have to encompass a lot of people under the two tents. if the democrats disallowed membership to those who were anti abortion and pro gun, they might never get into office. its the trade off you have to make in politics. In Canada we have 4 parties and Quebec a couple more. We're lucky.

      Actually there is nothing wrong with people being anti abortion, as long as they don't try to force their beliefs on others and creating laws to out law choice. We do live in a democracy and everyone is entitled to their opinions.

  9. e.a.f.2:06 AM

    When we refer to Ms. Daniels as a pornographic actress or porn star we tread a tad to closely to making her less than she is. She is a female who makes a living in the adult entertainment business as an actress and director.

    The comments regarding "the president and the porn actress" makes it seem like he is a problem because he committed adultery with a "porn actress". No one seems to be condemning him for being a plain old fashioned adulterer. enough of vilifying Ms. Daniels.

    I watched the interview and was impressed with her openness and honesty. I believe her.

    the problem as I see it is, twice Ms. Daniels was threatened by what appear to be "associates" of dtrump or his supporters. the other major issue is the possibility of breaking the American laws concerning election finances.

    it is unlikely Trump is all that concerned about the feelings of his wife.

  10. Anonymous5:53 AM