Friday, March 02, 2018

The Day Putin Told Trump The Bromance Is Over

It was never as torrid an affair as many people imagined. The two political thugs were forced to admire each other from afar.

Thank goodness.

But it was an affair. Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin slathered praise all over each other.

While I, like so many others I'm sure, just hoped that the two men would stare into each others eyes, and agree to NOT blow us up.

And of course Trump assured us that if anyone could make a deal with Putin he could, because he knew more about diplomacy than the diplomats. Or was it the generals?

But sadly, and as usual, he was wrong.

And now this bully bromance could end really badly. Not with a whimper, but a bang or a BOOM.

And so much for Trump's boyfriend. 

Deploying emotional language and an animation of a cruise missile streaking toward North America, Russian President Vladimir Putin used an annual speech to his nation on Thursday to claim Russia was developing new nuclear weapons that he said could overcome any U.S. missile defenses.

“No one listened to us,” Putin said. “Listen to us now.” 

For that sounds ominous, this is alarming enough.

For the first time, Putin claimed that Russia had successfully tested nuclear-propulsion engines that would allow nuclear-tipped cruise missiles and underwater drones to travel for virtually unlimited distances and evade traditional defenses.

These stealthy underwater drones are the stuff of nightmares...

With their ability to creep up undetected to the North American coast line, and blow every city from Vancouver to San Francisco out of the water, or into the water.

What this analyst has to say is chilling:

An independent Russian military analyst, Alexander Golts, said that weapons experts he had spoken to after the speech “were all in shock, as was I.” 

 “This is the start of a new Cold War,” Golts said. “This is an effort to scare the West.”

And as if all of that wasn't bad enough, now we also have to worry about how Trump might react to Putin's belligerent language.

Especially since if you take a closer look at that animation... 

It's clear that the missiles are aimed at the central part of Florida.

Which includes Palm Beach, the home of Trump's Mar-A-Lago estate.

So I can only imagine what he would have to say about that...

And the really good news?

I don't have to imagine what many Americans are going to think, when it dawns on them that the same gang that helped Trump win, is now threatening to exterminate them.

There's going to be hell to pay.

It will increase the odds that Trump will be impeached...

And if we're lucky by the time Mueller and/or the angry mob is finished with Trump.

There won't be much left of him. 

And if we're not lucky, there won't be much left of us either.

Praise the Lord. 

Or duck and cover.

The Cold War is back again....


  1. Putin is only defending Russia from an aggressive USA. Who broke the promise not to put NATO forces on Russian borders? Who over through a legitimate goverment in Ukraine and installed one threatening ethnic cleansing of Russians in Ukraine. Which country surrounded Russia with anti ballistic missiles in violation of every treaty.

    The world has learned, if you cant NUKE America, its going to own you.

    1. hi Steve...well thanks for sharing that theory, and there is some truth to it. Iraq, Libya, Afghanistan as opposed to North Korea. But since Putin is probably only spouting off to try to increase his majority in the upcoming Russian elections, I'm still not impressed, nor do I think it was necessary...

  2. Simon,

    For the American's, the cold war never ended. The continuous creep of NATO to the Russian borders is belligerent but not against any treaty or formal agreement. It was just arrogance and belligerence. The colour revolutions including the coup d'etat in Ukraine was part of a hot war, thankfully Russia did not take the bait. The American war in Syria was tied to Russia from the beginning as well. It just became obvious to the layperson once Russia took an active role to destroy the American created and funded monster called ISIS (and their compatriots, the White Helmets).

    Last but not least, how would America react if Russia placed ABM batteries (which can also be offensive missile launchers) on the Mexican and Canadian borders to protect Russia against missiles from say, Australia... This is what the US has done by placing advanced ABM batteries in Poland and Romania to protect against non-existent Iranian missiles.

    Read Putin's speech. It has a lot of Russian oriented election rhetoric but it is fact based about how the US has been aggressive to the point where Putin and Russia are correct in making the statement that no one listened to them to date and that the West should listen now.

    We are also not hearing much about the offensive weapons that the US is deploying. They recently announced that they want to fight a war in/from space. In military terms, this means they likely have those weapons in place already.

    I am not a fan of Russia or Putin but they are acting logically to protect their national interests, including their citizens. Those interests may indeed conflict with other countries interests but that is the same everywhere. It can be argued as well that Kim Jong Un is acting logically (if bombastically) as well but that is a different situation with a common antagonist.

    Where's Waldo

    1. Allegedly the White Hats are to ISIS what the Sein Fein was to the IRA. Wake up Zombies your being played cause the MAN controls your brain.

      RT is Russian spin, NYT, CNN is American Spin. Somewhere between the two is a nugget of truth. Like any clock both sides are correct a couple of times a day telling the other side what it does not want to known.

    2. just wanted to say that TOR is a NSA mainframe. Beyond Top Secret
      a silly intellectual honey trap. If its online or in person, the only way you will know its real is a face to face with a Ouji board.

    3. Hi Waldo...I'm not a Cold War warrior. I actually like the Russian people, and wish we could improve relations with them. I would kill to spend a day or two in the Hermitage Museum, or spend a day at the site of the Battle of Stalingrad paying tribute to those who broke the back of the Nazi death machine. But I dislike Putin almost as much as I dislike Trump, and I don't believe either of them should be threatening to nuke each other. For the more we suggest that a nuclear war is winnable, the more it is likely to happen...

  3. Anonymous1:02 PM

    It's not over, Simon. The bromance may be waning but the mutual dependency remains strong. Trump still won't implement the sanctions legislated by the congress. Putin still won't reveal whatever kompromat they have on Trump. Trump admires demagogues and aspires to join them. Who leads that pack but Putin?

    1. hi anon@1:02 PM...yes, you're right, the bromance may be over, but the danger persists, and might actually increase. You know what couples are like. When they're in love they can't blow enough kisses at each other, but when they break up they can't throw enough things at each other. Sad... ;)

  4. Not saying Putin is a saint, but compared to some of our allies he is King Arthur. Erogon in Turkey, Mohamamd in Saudia Arabia, Netanyahoo in Israel, crazy guy in the Pines and I could go on an on.

  5. Anonymous5:14 PM

    If the bromance is over then somebody better tell Trump Simon. As far as I know he has said or tweeted nothing about Putin's dangerous rhetoric yet when Kim Jong does the same the twitter shitstorm is filled with fire and fury at the guy he'd never call short and fat.
    Maybe Trump hopes he can save their relationship because in spite of everything that's happened, he has never uttered a disparaging word against his BCF(best comrade forever) Vlad.
    Or maybe what's really happening here is that Putin can see the writing on the wall and the Trump/Russia connection will soon be fully exposed in all its criminality and possibly treasonous behaviours. The repercussions would not be good for either.
    While the Trump white house keeps descending into complete madness the head cuckoo is either too stupid or refuses to see that the image of the bombs dropping on Florida was aimed squarely at him. Putin's pissed and he's just without consequence, pissed all over Trump.

    1. hi JD...I think Trump may still be in love, but Putin at least must realize that he has made a terrible mistake. He was so intent on punishing his Bride of Dracula Hillary Clinton, that he helped elect a mentally unstable Frankenstein, and now he's in real trouble, we all are. And the fact that Putin is allowed to threaten the United States in such a manner, and Trump still says nothing, can only make you wonder what the Russians have on him. It's insanity. The die was cast the day Trump was elected, and we'll be lucky to survive him...

  6. Jackie Blue5:37 PM

    And the really good news? I don't have to imagine what many Americans are going to think, when it dawns on them that the same gang that helped Trump win, is now threatening to exterminate them. There's going to be hell to pay. It will increase the odds that Trump will be impeached...

    Hate to break it to you Simon, but the Trump cult literally is a death cult on a national scale, and the craven GOP politicians and their billionaire paymasters don't care one bit, as long as they get to die with all their riches intact and not a single dime ever being given to the undeserving poor. They don't care that they can't take it with them, as long as they don't have to give it to someone else. Interesting fact: February 28th was the 25th anniversary of the start of the Waco siege. It just happened to coincide with a bizarre ceremony held by the Moonies (remember them?) in which they sought to defend the NRA and Trump from "attacks" by those evil vicious liberals by -- get this -- marrying their guns. Right, because letting a deranged cult hoard weapons for the end times in the name of "religious freedom" is always a good idea...

    But this is just the latest installment in the long, strange, bad acid trip we've all been experiencing since November of 2016, the Moonie wedding and Waco anniversary being a symbolic blip on the radar representing the far greater madness that threatens to destroy us all. The biglier threat is that of the mainstream Dominionist Republicans (i.e. Mike Pence and Ted Cruz), who believe steadfastly that nuclear war and total annihilation of the planet (the "realm of the flesh") must come about in order for Christ to take the souls of the faithful into heaven and condemn the wicked or unbelievers (i.e. the "wrong" Christians) to hell. They don't want peace, because it gets in the way of their mass-suicide fantasy. They will gladly accept and even embrace death for themselves, as long as it means the people they hate have to get punished in the same way whether they like it or not. Their cognitive-dissonance rationale is that they're going to be the ones who got into the promised land, while those "dirty libs" are the ones going to hell. That it might be Russia who ends up nuking us anyway only fulfills that aspect of their Hollywoodized prophecy that the returned messiah is none other than Reagan himself. And they're desperate for it to happen. They want it. They can taste it. They're going to engulf the whole world in orange Kool-Aid or, well... die trying.

    Never underestimate the power of stupid people in large groups. Especially when their particular brand of stupidity comes with tainted holy water from the church of the poisoned mind. They put the "cult" in Culture Club, all right. It's not all Christians, of course, and certainly not all religious believers. It's this bloodthirsty faction of hate-filled, apocalyptic, pyromaniacal evangelicals that's gained control of the natural governing party of the most powerful country in the world, and is egging on its deluded, aggressive egotist of a "leader" to poke as many beehives as he can so that everyone can experience the righteous glory of being stung to death en masse. The further irony? The vast majority of them are... "WASPs"...

    1. Hi Jackie...I hope you're wrong, because if at least some Republicans don't come to their senses after all the crazy things that happened last week, we probably are doomed. And I'm going to have to get the hell out of North America and go hide in the Scottish highlands.
      I used to think that some of the people who live there were a little too dour and boring for me. But now they strike me as incredibly stable model citizens. I bought my plane ticket the other day, but now I'm worried I might have to leave sooner, like TOMORROW!!! So if you don't hear from me again, know that I am safe, and thinking of you all... ;)

  7. Anonymous6:16 PM

    Sorry Comrade but I have to hit the eject button now as your ass is on fire although you may not know it yet. Happy landing and good luck! Has Putin discovered a stealthy coup is in progress where the Dotard gets to play with a few toys until its Mueller time or have I just been sucked into the vortex? This spy vs spy story has certainly been a thriller with all of the elements except for the who done it corpses. The only possible one so far is one of Steele's informants who died from a heart attack while resting in the trunk of his car. So perhaps it really isn't over yet,just a twist in the plot line.

    Simon,as you have commented Scheer should take some notes on what can happen when you align yourself with foreign interests to promote propaganda. Probably too stupid to realize Trudeau was just toying with him during question period by saying he trusted the Canadian intelligence assessment of the India story and asked the Monger if he believed something different. The Rebel, Hamish, Scheer ,foreign collusion its all there; just not nearly as much pomp and circumstance as our American cousins. Likely they will just keep working on it but they have been warned

  8. Hi RT...I still can't believe that so many Canadians are so naive about the activities of foreign intelligence services. Or that the Con media should be so ignorant and shameless. But yes, there is evidence of collusion here at home. I've been noticing the hands of Hamish Marshall and the ones of the Con's digital director Stephen Taylor all over the web. And I hope to write something about that soon. Unless I end up in a trunk of a car. ;)
    But this is the bottom line: unless progressives step up their game, and stop fighting themselves instead of the real enemy, our country could be in big trouble, all over again. And you know what they say about those who repeat the same mistake, but expect a different result...