Monday, May 30, 2016

The Cons Claim Rona Ambrose Didn't Call Justin Trudeau a Woman

It was for me the lowest moment of the Con convention. The sight of Rona Ambrose strutting across the stage bragging about her party's feminist credentials.

While making a "joke" about Justin Trudeau as the first female Prime Minister.

As only a Con could.

But now Ambrose's office is claiming that never happened.

And that despite the fact that what she said is on tape, she never intended to insult Justin. 

Interim Conservative leader Rona Ambrose may have misspoken — or at least was misinterpreted — when she suggested in her speech Friday at the Conservative convention that Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is a woman, her office says.

“The notion that there was a deliberate attempt to insult anyone is just untrue,” said Mike Storeshaw, a spokesman for Ambrose.

So let's listen to the tape again and see what you think.

And then read what Jerald Sabin has to say:

Jerald Sabin, a research associate with the Carleton Centre for Community Innovation, said Ambrose’s comment was odd, because there are a lot of barriers to women participating in politics. “So on the one hand [Ambrose] celebrated the Conservative Party’s history with women’s leaders and women’s firsts — and then to turn around and kind of kick Trudeau in the same breath, there is something dichotomous about that, there is something odd about those two lines,” he said. 

According to Sabin, who recently co-authored a study that showed that the 2015 election focused on the manliness of federal party leaders, with Trudeau often portrayed as subordinate in a field of aggressive alpha males, Ambrose’s swipe was part of a long pattern of attack on Trudeau’s masculinity.

And then travel back in time with me, and remember these ads with the little sparkly things swirling around Trudeau's head...

Or better still watch this video... 

And then read this article.

Immediately after Trudeau won his party’s leadership race, the Tories unleashed a torrent of ads attacking the newly minted Liberal leader. This is nothing new, of course. The Conservatives are well versed in the art of the political takedown; just ask Stéphane Dion and Michael Ignatieff. But what makes the ‘Justin’ ads different is the unseemly gender baiting aspect to them.

Remember how low the depraved Stephen Harper and his scummy PMO monsters took this country...

And now read what Tim Powers, one of the few decent Con strategists has to say about what Ambrose said.

“I’ll be blunt, it wasn’t helpful, she could have just pointed out the history because it looks kind of petty,” said Powers. 

He said Ambrose has done well as interim leader because she’s avoided sounding petty, and he thought her comment about Trudeau was “a little silly.”

And why he thinks she did it.

“Certainly lots of the corridor chatter at that convention was all about Trudeau…’a free ride…look at what he’s doing’ and I think some of the elected politicians probably felt the need to give the activists something to be motivated about because that’s the group of people in the end you have to motivate but was that the best way to do it – she’s my friend – but I would say ‘no’ and she of all people would know that too,” said Powers.

So hopefully you'll understand why I believe this.

Rona Ambrose should be ashamed of herself for managing to insult both women, and  guys like me, who are trying to fight the misogyny and the homophobia that still poison our society.

The Cons are born liars.

Whatever the Con media says, it's still the disgusting Harper Party...

And needless to say in the name of human decency.

We really must fight back.

And we can't bury the Cons soon enough...

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  1. John B.11:31 PM

    Never forego an opportunity to throw some red meat over to the sniggering masses of the CRAP Party base, just to remind them that they're in the right place. The most disgusting part of the story is that the most devoted of the party faithful are starting to believe that this airhead is some sort of political mastermind.

    1. hi John...Anyone who thinks that Rona Ambrose is a political mastermind, must be the kind of person who needs to be watered instead of fed. She is nothing but a dumb ideologue with a vicious streak. And she is as shameless and as classless as the rest of them...

  2. Damn our lying eyes again, eh Simon?


    1. hi Scotian...yes, isn't it depressing? The really don't have an ounce of class, and those dumbasses still take us for fools....

  3. Anonymous7:29 AM

    If that pack of idiot women don't stop insulting Sophie Trudeau they should sink into the slime where they belong. We try to teach our 14 year old daughters to respect everyone and here is a public example of how we don't want them to behave.

    1. hi anon...well it's not just women, the male Cons are as bad or worse. But yes, you would think that Ambrose being a woman, would know better. But she's as dumb as a spoon, really nasty, and no example to the decent young women of Canada...

  4. Anonymous8:17 AM

    Simon are you and Sebastien okay? I found this article and there was a brutal assault earlier this month.

    1. hi anon...yes a couple of people in Montreal sent me that story, and both Seb and I had a bit of a chuckle. Although it isn't funny of course. But both of us studied military martial arts for years, so if we had been there those bullies would still be in hospital. Or worse. But thank you for your concern...

  5. I can't write what I think!