Sunday, June 01, 2014

Tim Hudak and the Made in Amerika Monster

Well I'd like to tell you I'm having totally relaxing weekend eh? But sadly I'm not.

I mean how can I relax when Stephen Harper just spent three days in my neighbourhood pretending to be Mother Theresa? Or ranting and raving like a maniac.

Which naturally enough had me deeply concerned about my own safety...

And the future of the planet. 

And then just when I thought it was safe to go out, I read this story. 

New Democratic Party leader Andrea Horwath is often asked if she’d support a minority Liberal government after the June 12 election. 

But the far more interesting question facing Horwath is not whether she’d support Kathleen Wynne’s Liberals in the event of a hung legislature. It is whether she’d support Tim Hudak’s Conservatives.

And I was forced to accept the horrible truth: despite having his Million Job Scam blown to smithereens, the Con gila monster Tim Hudak is still standing. 

And could STILL be the Premier of Ontario...

Even though he can't count.

Paul Boothe, a professor with the Ivey Business School and a former deputy minister in the Harper government, suggested the plan might create as few as 75,000 new jobs.

Pointing to labour economist Jim Stanford’s analysis, Boothe wrote the PCs conflated “person years of employment” with permanent jobs created — so each job was counted eight times over the eight-year plan.

And even though his phony plan was "approved" by an American economist  who works for the sinister Koch brothers. 

And Tim Hudak is their creature...

Which makes me wonder why neither the Liberals nor the NDP have yet put out attack ads targeting Hudak's million job boondoggle, or his American connections.

And are instead allowing him to change the subject, and start talking about whether anyone has the right to form a coalition. 

Ontario Progressive Conservative Leader Tim Hudak says he will not form a coalition government with any party – and he’s calling on the other leaders to make the same promise.

When coalitions are a legitimate part of our parliamentary system. They can be the only way to reflect the will of the majority when progressives are divided. And the whole issue is a giant distraction.

So I'm glad to see that at least someone out there has made a video pointing out that it's not just Tim Hudak's plan that is Made in America.

So is the man himself...

And of course so are that other Con monster's economic policies...

Who would do to Canada what Hudak would do to Ontario. Sell us out to foreign interests, and the Koch brothers.

And turn us into a low wage economy.

And the good news?

The sooner progressives stop pussyfooting around, stop fighting each other, and attack those alien Cons like they deserve to be attacked.

The sooner we shall destroy them.

Before they turn our country into Amerika...

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  1. Anonymous7:25 AM

    "The sooner progressives stop pussyfooting around, stop fighting each other, and attack those alien Cons like they deserve.
    The sooner we shall destroy them.
    Before they turn our country into Amerika..."

    You need to see if you can find out what kind of backroom deal horwath has made with whodat in order to secure her support for him like she seems to be evidencing as of late. Something is rotten in Denmark.
    She isn't the NDP I voted for with Layton running things and I don't like how she seems to be hell-bent on taking the NDP to the right of the libro-cons. This time, I will vote "liberal" just to try and see that whodat doesn't get to destroy Ontario by becoming the regional dictator in his Ottawa master's likeness.

    1. John B.11:31 AM

      Pay attention to what's taking place with the numbers in your riding and support the candidate most likely to keep the Ontario CRAP Party nominee out of office.

      Wynne and Horwath should stop sniping at each other. Of course, I understand that their needs may be very different from those of the working people of the province. It's probably much more important to the slugs on the shop floor than to these two ladies that Hudak be stopped.

      After having bungled the answer to the coalition question herself, Wynne should not have bothered alluding to the notion (or creating it) that the NDP may have made a deal to support Hudak in one. And if Horwath wants to carry on about "corruption" and the gas plant fiasco, the least she could do for the sake of balance would be to remind the public of the unresolved questions surrounding the hydro semi-privatizations swindles, including the establishment of the residual stranded debt, by Hudak's party the last time that it ran the government and during which time he had a seat at the cabinet table. I've been waiting for answers on this for over ten years, while I'm already fairly certain of what happened with the gas plants.

      For God's sake, let's be sensible. Regardless of any of the issues being discussed, Hudak must be returned to the customer service desk..

  2. Anonymous10:16 AM

    Dramatic reenactment of Steve's speech attacking 'international communism'....

  3. "Prime Minister Stephen Harper launched into a full-throated attack on the evils of communism at a fundraiser on Friday for a monument to its victims."

    I realize that Stephan Harper has very little international experience and his diplomatic choices have been pretty well disastrous: Failure to engage China early in his mandate, getting us kicked out of the Arab Emirates during the Afghan war, closing the Iranian Embassy..., what am I missing?

    However his rant about the evils of communism is very worrying. Is he so isolated and uninformed on international affairs not to realize that communism is basically a spent force, that Russian is an oligarchy or kleptocracy edging towards dictatorship and has nothing so do with communism? Or is he actually delusional and really thinks Russia is communistic?

    1. Noah Patterson1:13 PM

      Yes, that's hugely concerning for sure, but the real elephant in this room his Harper's love for China, who are considerably more communistic than Russia. As you say, Russia hasn't been a communist state for quite some time, and that Harper decided to go with the "evil communist" rant in his antagonism towards Russia is just damned bizarre. He's carrying on like a scenery chewing actor screaming at Russia about how awful they are, but China gets nothing but love from Harper.

      It's rather scary.

  4. As usual, my fellow progressives, this time in Ontario, shot themselves (and their political chances) in the foot with that pointless letter, thus cementing any left of centre vote going to the Lieberals...the comments above mine are a perfect example of the way that potential voters are thinking, and to even make such a wild assumption re Horvath and Hudak is depressing as hell...but not too surprising. But that is the sort of politics evidently practiced in Canada..fracture your support into splinter groups so that no one has a clue who to vote for, or is stupid and self-defeating to criticize a party during an election, unless you offer an alternative..are any of these 'superstar' progressives going to do anything but whine? You know, like run for office? No of course not, they'd rather skew the chances of anyone except the most extreme rightwingers getting in.....

  5. Horvath is the enemy. She should be a friend but maybe power grabbed hold of her.

  6. e.a.f.8:21 PM

    if Horvath even mentions supporting Hudak, if he wins, she ought to have her NDP membership revoked. Doesn't she know Hudak is just another form of a farm team for Harper. Koch brother's my god.

    An election was fine, because the Liberals did have a new leader, but anything which puts Hudak in office with a majority is very bad for people, even if some don't know it. It would be the final kiss off to the Unions from the NDP. The Ontario unions would not support the NDP, again, in this century. Horvath and Wynne need to attack Hudak, not each other. They had better role out their A game, and get with the agenda. Its about ensuring Hudak doesn't get elected or both will have no base come the next election. Perhaps Mulcair ought to have a chat with Horvath, because if the NDP is whipped out in Ontario, it does not bode well for a federal election.

  7. hi anon 7:25 am...I think I made it clear that just the idea of Horwath propping up a Hudak government makes me want to vomit. But I intentionally did not discuss it further, because at this point it is only Walkom suggesting that could happen. So I am waiting for Tuesday's debate before I let you know what I think of Horwath and the other candidates. Right now I want to focus attention on Hudak because I don't think many people really understand where he is coming from and who is really pulling his strings....

  8. hi John B....I completely agree with everything you say. Wynne and Horwath should stop attacking each other and focus on what Hudak would do to the province of Ontario. Because not only is Hudak's platform totally neanderthal, I believe what we are watching is a blatant attempt by right-wing interests in the U.S. to try to elect another Scott Walker and interfere massively in our democratic process.
    As you know, I also agree that it's time to put our country before our favourite parties and make sure that as many NDP and Liberal MPPs are elected as possible. It has to be that way, we simply can't let the fatal split in our ranks help elect another Con regime. People need to stop living in the past, and treating politics as if it was some hockey game. The stakes are too great, it's time to break out of the box, and do what we need to do to defeat the Cons. Afterwards the different progressive factions can argue as much as they like, but we cannot do anything unless we seize power...

  9. hi steve...thanks for that John Cleese skit It's funny and so true. As I mentioned in my post, the interesting thing about that deranged speech Great Leader made the other day is that it was long and he wrote it himself. Although it also sounds like the Boy Wonder Ray Novak, who due to his family history, is a ferocious Cold War anti-communist, as well as a fanatical royalist. But as I said, I think the Big Picture is that Harper is no longer capable of drawing a line between what is partisan and what is madness....

  10. hi I just told the commenter before you, the speech was bizarre not only because it seemed to come straight out of the 1980's, and as you point out, is totally out of whack with modern reality. But it does appeal to older Canadians who fled Soviet controlled countries in the aftermath of the Second World War. People who still live in the past, and still impose that outdated grill on everything. In short it's just another cheap attempt to pander for votes in one of Canada's many communities. Still the way Harper was ranting and raving is alarming, because he clearly can't tell the difference anymore between pandering and sounding like a lunatic. Finally, remember that until he became Prime Minister Harper had rarely left Canada to travel abroad. Unlike so many of his generation he wasn't interested in seeing the world. He lived in his comfy bubble, or in his head, and saw the world only as a clash of ideologies. He's an ignorant, insensitive, brutish man and that's why his foreign policy has been such a disaster and such a clown show...

  11. hi you probably know I am quite a bit to the left of the NDP, because I honestly believe that we are at a point in human history where we desperately need much more radical and imaginative solutions if we are going to save our country and the planet. So needless to say I find Horwath's policies a step in the wrong direction. However, it is also true that nothing can be done to even begin that process unless progressives do what they must to seize power. You don't let a rapist wander around the house while you argue over the best way to iron a shirt, or whose turn is is to do the dishes. But then this is Canada, the aging country, where even the idea of a coalition *gasp* sounds foreign and strangely menacing. And where so many progressives can't seem to understand that in a first past the post system confronting a united Con party, with three other VERY similar parties, is the political equivalent of slitting our own throats. When we get over that one Canada will become a left of centre country again, and probably stay that way for a long time. Until we get over it, our divisions will weaken us, and make everything more difficult...