Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Stephen Harper, Tim Hudak, and the Con Climate Change Deniers

When I first saw this picture of Stephen Harper and Tony Abbott having breakfast together, I thought something had gone wrong with their "special relationship."

I mean they both looked so tense, and the cat looked sooooo jealous.

And that even after Abbott called Harper a "beacon" for Conservatives all over the world.

But I guess Steve didn't like the way Tony called Canada CANADIA...

And neither did Tony, for obvious reasons...

But whatever was bothering those two climate change deniers, they soon got it out of their systems, by taking turns gang banging the very idea of a carbon tax. 

Stephen Harper and Tony Abbott together took a hard line Monday against measures to limit the emissions that cause climate change if there's a threat those measures would hurt their countries' economies.

Harper praised Abbott for his work as chair of the G20, as well as for ending Australia's carbon tax. "You've used this international platform to encourage our counterparts in the major economies and beyond to boost economic growth, to lower taxes when possible and to eliminate harmful ones, most notably the job-killing carbon tax," Harper said.

And if you thought that was a ghastly spectacle, it only grew worse a few hours later.

When another climate change denier, Oily Joe Oliver, stumbled out of his crypt to meddle in the Ontario election. 

Finance Minister Joe Oliver lectured Canada's two largest provinces about their deficits and debt levels, saying he fears provincial governments will reverse the nation's economic recovery by taking on too much debt.

And, on the eve of an Ontario election, he urged the province to make similar cuts and move toward a “serious commitment to growth and a balanced budget.”

Because the Cons will do ANYTHING to help their man Tim Hudak.

Who let us not forget, had his economic platform approved by the American climate change denier Benjamin Zycher, who works for the Koch brothers, who fund climate change deniers all over the world...

And Hudak is their candidate, or their little monster. 

But what makes Oliver's intervention even more outrageous, is that if Ontario is having to struggle to bring down its deficit, it's largely because of the petro policies of him and the other oil pimps in the Con regime.

Who favoured Alberta over all the other provinces, destroyed good manufacturing jobs in Ontario's industrial heartland.

And are replacing them with lousy low wage jobs in a part-time Canada.

Over the past year, if it hadn’t been for part-time work, Canada wouldn’t have any employment growth at all. The country has added 112,200 part-time jobs in the past 12 months, but it has lost 26,700 full-time jobs. Part-time jobs now make up 19.3 per cent of all employment in this country – the highest proportion in nearly three years.

As the Canadian job market stumbles, we’re becoming a nation of part-timers – and, increasingly, not by choice.

Instead of the good green jobs of the future. The kind of jobs Tim Hudak would KILL. 

In addition to some drastic cuts to public sector jobs, Hudak’s pledge to end subsidies to wind and solar power would have the effect of killing thousands of jobs in Ontario’s newest manufacturing sector — green energy.

Because he too is a climate change denier, and that is yet another reason he must be defeated.

And what all of the above should remind us, is that we are living in a pariah country run by a criminal rogue regime. One that would put short term greed before the interests of a burning planet. 

And who, on top of all their other crimes against Canada and its values, are also leading us to economic disaster.

Oh boy. You know, I think Joe Oliver should stop meddling in a provincial election.

I think he should stop posing as a Finance Minister.

And go back to his old job of trying to convince us the water in the tar ponds is safe enough to drink...

Because surely nobody could ever accuse him of being a suppository of economic knowledge eh? 

Or could they?

And as for Stephen Harper, and the rest of his shabby gang of oil pimps, they should reflect on their actions.

For climate change WILL become a bigger and bigger issue. 

And when more Canadians understand what those climate change deniers have done , they will not be pleased.

The brutal day of reckoning will come.

The Cons will be accused of deliberately threatening the future of humanity. 

Which is unforgivable.

And the verdict will be harsh...

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  1. You have the wrong rightwing shit in your post title: this one is about Harper's Austral bro in ecocide Tony Abbott, not his underling Tim Hudak.

    1. hi lagatta....yes you're right,my old English teacher would have given me hell for putting Hudak in the headlines and using a picture of Tony Abbott. However, I thought the picture was so bizarre I wanted to share it, and as you know I do try to make people laugh even if I fail 99% of the time. I shoud also point out that I already did a post on Abbott, a day ago, and my point was that all those Cons are part of the same conspiracy. And right now, with two days to go before an election Hudak is the greatest problem we face.Finally, I should also say this: I write this blog every day for no selfish purpose. I try my best but some posts are better than others and some are really bad. I live in a grim aging country growing grimmer by the day. One out of every hundred readers leaves a comment or an idea or a criticism. Most are too complacent to even do that. This extremely humble blog may not be perfect, but at least it's there. I won't be around forever, but tonight I'll try to do better. I will answer the other commenters later when I get back from a bike ride. ...

  2. Anonymous10:12 AM

    Simon: Your readers may or may not know this. Abbott had embarrassed Australia with his incompetent handling, and apparent shameless exploitation, of the search for the missing Malaysia plane, MH370 that had vanished without a trace recently. The plane is still missing. Abbott had insisted that Australia had without doubt located the crash site off Perth, in western Australia. Abbott's confident claim was based on the 4 or 5 pings that were supposed to be from the black box of the missing plane. Now it is widely accepted that the pings most likely did not even originate from the plane and were of unknown source(s). The families of the passengers and crews were desperate for any positive news that might bring closure to their grief. There were no shortage of other more rational voices cautioning against assuming that the pings were from the plane's black box without any evidence showing that to be the case.

    That is Abbott for you. See, evidence is just an inconvenient thing for these typical Cons/cons like Abbott and Harper. No surprise that he and Harper now seem together on their agenda to oppose Obama's climate change plans.

    1. Anonymous1:10 PM

      Here is a link of underwater/acoustic scientists scolding Abbott over his premature claims that the pings were related to MH370: http://www.ibtimes.co.uk/mh370-scientists-attack-australian-pmtony-abbott-playing-politics-over-ping-reports-1449744

      Here is how "confident" Abbott was that the pings were from the plane: http://www.theguardian.com/world/video/2014/apr/11/mh370-malaysian-airines-black-box-tony-abbott-confident-video

      This is the type of guy that Abbott is: now you wonder why he and Harper apparently see eye to eye?

    2. hi anonymous 10:12 am...no I didn't realize that Abbott had exploited that tragedy so crassly, just like Stephen Harper would have done I'm sure. As I said in my post they are made for each other, they deserve each other. And hopefully they will go down together...

  3. It hurts my ears to hear Harper say fighting climate change will hurt the econony. Since when did efficiency become a bad thing, and tell German, Sweden etc their booming economies based upon green are false.

    1. hi steve...yes you're right it is painful to hear such nonsense, or see a leader show such callous disregard for the future of the planet and the lives of millions. It should be obvious that green energy will provide the jobs of the future, but Harper and Abbott and Hudak are too criminal to see it...

  4. @brucehawker2010
    It's a bit rich having a go at PM Abbott........it's not as if he's the suppository of all knowledge". DUH

    But he is a suppository (which will now become my go to name for Harper's party and caucus - the Suppositories of Canada.

    Like our Republican inbred cousins to the south, he isn't a scientist, either.....but knows more that actual scientists about science.

    This notion of losing jobs and wrecking the economy by trying to mitigate Climate Change is absurd......the economic POWERHOUSE of Europe now produce almost a third of their energy from non-carbon emitting
    sustainable sources like solar and wind (they could likely also use, and may already be doing so) tidal currents to run turbines. One recent day Gremany was almost three quarters of the its current (pun intended). The day may soon come when the blue eyed petro sheik Harper and "Rocky" Abbott will regret having to import modern technology from Germany and China,

    1. hi kootcoot...yes, it is a great expression isn't it? As soon as I saw it I knew I had to share it with you all. ;)
      But yes, it's hard to believe that someone could be so backward. And that a country like Canada is now at the bottom of the list when it comes to fighting emissions of greenhouse gases. And the worst part is not only are the Europeans doing more to green their economies, and prepare for the future, so apparently are the Chinese. We badly need a new government with new and creative ideas...

  5. Noah Patterson1:58 PM

    Clean energy is the fastest growing industry in the world, creating about one million jobs globally per year, and for every million dollars spent creates around 15 jobs, while fossil fuels create 2 jobs for the same money spent.

    Canada has for a long time been brilliantly positioned to be a world leader in clean energy development, research, and job creation. But Harper has pushed the nation in the exact opposite direction, towards poverty, ruin, and pollution - all to support his corporate masters and secure his own financial future.

    1. hi Noah...that is a stunning statistic isn't it? And as you point out, the tragedy is that a country like Canada could have been a world leader, but is now reduced to shuffling along pathetically at the back of the pack.
      But at least it makes what we must do even more obvious. Toss that reactionary Con regime into the garbage can of history, and show the the world that we are so much better than the Cons would make us appear...

  6. e.a.f.3:00 PM

    Abbott and Harper ought to get a room somewhere and set up a new political party. Just lock them in. Both countries would be better off without them. Climate change deniers are a tad late to any party. Even if people can't agree on what is causing the climate to change, it is changing. We simply can not deny the wildfires, increase in pollution, dirty water, drought, etc.

    Carbon taxes aren't a solution. They simply increase the cost of living for individuals, who frequently can't afford any more taxes, you know those working at min. wage. In B.C. we have carbon taxes. Schools and hospitals have to pay them. Its oh, so much fun when they cut school programs for kids because the schools have to pay these taxes. Not a good thing, trust me. People in the lower mainland, of Vancouver, have to pay a carbon tax of about 10 cents a litre on gas. Has it cut driving? NO. it has simply increased the cost of going to work, in an economy where one in five children live below the poverty line. Buying a new car is too cost prohibitive and it isn't that environmental either. You are still consuming and manufacturing.

    It would be better if governments simply started taking the earth into consideration. Is that going to happen? Not in north America, Russia, China, the middle east, or Africa. Until that happens, its all talk and the imposition of taxes on those who can least afford it. If you have money you don't care how much gas costs. If you don't, any money spent on gas and its taxes, takes away money from families trying to feed, house, and cloth their children.

    WE need to get back to enforcing pollution regulations. There need to be world standards and countries either meet them or there are sanctions. Even if Canada changes governments and the new one is Green, what can they do when China continues to pour all that shit into the air, destroys its rivers and land. Now if we had a policy of not importing from a country which pollutes, you have something to work with.

    1. Well said,but too logical for the Harpie!

    2. hi e.a.f....I realize that the experience in BC hasn't been as good as it should. But of course a carbon tax alone cannot do the job, it has to be accompanied by other solutions, like improving mass transit etc. But I still believe that when applied to industry it can encourage them to be greener, and create more of the jobs that will be the jobs of the future...

  7. Askingtherightquestions7:03 PM

    Simon. love your pictures and artwork!! I think anyone who watched the Harper/Abbott presser yesterday has to be amazed that Stevo finally put it in words - and I hope Canadians were listening. Your are quite right to point out that his disgraceful inaction on carbon will be his legacy!!

    1. hi askingtherightquestions.,..thank you so much for your kind words. I do my best, even though I'm sometimes so rushed I probably should do less of them, and try to make them better. However, I must say that I do enjoy making them, and even some of the REALLY bad ones make me laugh, and hopefully they do help to cheer up progressives in this dark time.
      As for Harper's "frank" comments, it's good to know where he really stands, and his words will come back to haunt him...

  8. Anonymous7:16 PM

    We are at or beyond the tipping point. Ocean acidification, Glacial and polar melt are well on their way. Steveumen Harper has done nothing in combatting this at home or abroad. He's compounded it. I fear for our future generations and the catastrophic consequences. Harper's legacy will be one looked at in disdain and embarrassment. The day he leaves office will be a joyful day indeed.

    1. hi anon...yes every day the signs are more ominous, which makes the Harper/Abbott act even more appalling. There can be nothing more evil than destroying the planet for future generations in the name of short term greed. Harper's name will live in infamy, and the day he is defeated we are going to have the biggest party this country has ever seen since the end of the Second World War. I for one have sworn a solemn oath to party until I drop...;)