Tuesday, June 03, 2014

Tim Hudak's Sacred Oath and the Big Whopper

Well I see that Tim Hudak still will not admit that he can't count, and that his Million Job Plan is nothing but a scam.

But he has come up with a new and daring scheme to try to make it look like his platform is Canadian rather than American.

Require his cabinet ministers to swear an oath to Ontario. 

Progressive Conservative Leader Tim Hudak has seized on an issue sure to be a linchpin in Tuesday’s leaders’ debate with a pledge to slap strict accountability rules on cabinet ministers if his party wins the June 12 election. Hudak says all cabinet members would have to sign an “oath to Ontario” guaranteeing they will respect taxpayer dollars, reduce red tape and never raise taxes.

As opposed to say Quebec or Alberta.

But then he had to do something eh? 

To try to conceal the fact that his Million Job boondoggle was Made in America, and that he's really working for the Koch brothers. 

But sadly for him, every time he tries to call something "The Truth" as he does in this latest ad...

It turns out to be just another collection of whoppers. 

This is the latest ad from the Ontario Progressive Conservatives. They call it “Truth”. But in fact, it features their leader saying at least one thing that is demonstrably and unequivocally untrue and one other statement that is unlikely to be true.

A million people didn't wake up this morning without a job in Ontario.

Nope. Sorry. That’s not the truth. Not even close to the truth. In some joints, that would be a called a flat-out lie.

Statistics Canada says that there are 555,000 Ontarians who want a job but do not have one. Not a million. About half that many. But, say some Hudak apologists, what about those who have a part-time job but really want a full-time job? To you I say: Whether or not they like the job they have, those people still “woke up this morning” with a job.

And as for his claim that no new jobs will be created if the Ontario government does nothing, well that's not true either.

In fact, an economist the Progressive Conservatives themselves are citing today as evidence that their Million Jobs Plan can work is actually saying quite the opposite, that doing nothing would at least create half-a-million jobs and would quite likely create a million new jobs.

Which of course makes his plan to kill 100,000 good jobs even more ridiculous...

But then who can blame him for being desperate? Or blame the police for going after him.

"There is no room for the divisive "Tea Party" style politics that Mr. Hudak would bring to Ontario. From what we have seen during his past as Leader of the Opposition through to the illogical present day promise to fire one hundred thousand people to try and create one million jobs, it is clear that Mr. Hudak subscribes to the far right wing teachings that have led to chaos in the "Right to Work" states south of the border."

When even they know that Hudak is working for the Koch brothers, not the province of Ontario.

And they know a Con artist when they see one...

Which of course leaves the wouldbe Con "Crime Buster" caught in yet another compromising position...

And what are the ordinary people of Ontario to conclude?

Oh that's easy eh?

Tim Hudak speaks with a forked tongue.

He doesn't know what he's doing.

And of course, you can't put lipstick on a Con gila...

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  1. e.a.f.11:45 PM

    this is funny. An oath to Ontario? Obviously been spending too much time with the amerikans. we swear allegiance to the "Crown/Queen". Oh, maybe Ontario is leaving Canada and so that will be o.k. wonder where we are going to move the national capital.

    Not raise taxes? good one. so if there is some catastrophy, which costs the province billions, they'll just borrow the money and not pay it back or close all schools and hospitals to pay for the problem. Lets see how that goes once his corporate sponsors want money.

    Hudak is good for a laugh. Just hope the people of Ontario don't vote him into office.

    1. Anonymous6:05 AM

      "they'll just borrow the money and not pay it back or close all schools and hospitals to pay for the problem"
      Hey, they're doing that in amerika and look how well it's working out for them . . . highest national debt in their history with China already owning them financially, only their peeples are too stupid to know it. Our timmy kind of reminds me of another even-more-famous Timmy from South Park, only that one made a lot more sense.

    2. Not raising taxes worked in California. Proposition 13 was so successful it managed to pretty well distroy what was one of the best education systems in the USA.

      Vote for Hudak : he can really distroy the province, Mike Harris is envious

    3. hi e.a.f...you're right, that absurd oath is right out of America, like Hudak himself. Once upon a time that would have been immediately obvious, but so Americanised have we become that these days the fact that a leadership candidate is running on a a Republican platform is apparently not a problem. Hudak is indeed a joke, but should he become Premier it will be a real nightmare...

  2. hi anon 6.05 am...yes, for a guy who has been steeped like a tea bag in American culture all his life, Hudak seems not to have noticed what has happened to one state after another after they committed themselves to not raising taxes. The unfortunate part is that his message is could fall on fertile ground in this country where so many want first-class services but don't want to pay for them...

  3. hi jrkrideau...yes proposition 13 is a good example of what I was saying in the last comment. The anti-tax message spread all over the U.S. bankrupting one state after the other, and forcing them to cut all kinds of services. What I fear is that Hudak is so dumb, he doesn't really care what happens to our education system. The very thought that he could head a Canadian province in the 21st Century fills me with horror. And he absolutely must be stopped....