Thursday, June 12, 2014

Are the Hudak Cons Trying to Steal the Ontario Election?

I guess it makes sense. Tim Hudak is incapable of coming up with an original idea, for obvious reasons.

So he is always borrowing them from others.

He borrowed his economic platform from the Koch brothers. Mike Harris' old gang is running his campaign.

And now he's clearly taken his voter suppression idea from the Harper Cons. 

The Ontario Liberals have filed a complaint with Elections Ontario alleging possible "voter suppression" after letters were sent from Tory campaigns in two ridings — one in London, the other in Ottawa — containing mistaken information about where to vote in Thursday's election.

Because he knows that the more he can suppress the vote, the better his chances of winning.

And he is no doubt hoping for a little help from this strange campaign. 

Which was created by a Conservative political activist, Paul Synott.

For voters in Ontario and Manitoba, declining your vote is a valid option if you do not wish to vote for any of the candidates on the ballot. You must still show up at your polling place and register as if you were going to vote. After being handed your ballot, you simply return it to the Deputy Returning Officer and state that you are declining your vote.

Who although he claims his campaign is aimed at all three parties, asks people to target these "Top Ten" ridings. 

And eight out of ten of those ridings just happen to be ones the Liberals or the NDP won in the last provincial election. But the Harper Conservatives won in the last federal election. So the Hudak Cons might reasonably hope could be winnable this time.

Which seems to me to be more than an unfortunate coincidence.

But here's what I don't understand. Why when we know how the Cons like to play dirty, are progressives apologizing for stuff as harmless as this? 

Ontario Liberal candidate Steve Del Duca has issued an apology for a campaign flyer that features an image of PC Leader Tim Hudak laughing maniacally as he walks away from an exploding hospital.

When the image could be so much worse...

Considering that Hudak would demolish hospitals all over Ontario.

The Ontario Health Coalition calls the health platforms of all three parties “perfunctory and shallow,” but is especially concerned with the Tory plan to merge 146 hospital corporations, covering nearly 230 local hospitals, into 30 to 40 “hubs.”

Coalition executive director Natalie Mehra says PC Leader Tim Hudak’s plans are similar to the large-scale hospital restructuring that occurred under former Conservative premier Mike Harris, but would go much further.

While doing his best to privatize medicare, to pleasure his inner monster AND the Koch brothers.

But isn't that always the case eh?

Progressives just stand there and take it like punching bags. Instead of fighting back and giving the Cons a taste of their own medicine.

Or just telling it like it is, as the brilliant progressive blogger FFIBS does in this video...

Timmy won't laugh from FFIBS on Vimeo.

Because that is the REAL Tim Hudak.

And until we learn to tell it like it is, or fight back as hard as we can, we'll always be taking it like punching bags, or lying in a pool of our own blood.

Oh well. In a few hours I'll be heading out of the door to try to get out the vote in my riding. 

And join other progressives in the desperate battle to try to defeat the most American candidate this country has ever seen.

For the sake of our poor, brutalized, broken and bleeding Canada.

Pray that we succeed...

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bcwaterboy said...

Fingers crossed Simon that my beloved home Ontario doesn't get stuck with this insufferable moron. With voter turnout predicted to be at an all-time low, the back-woods may just give the dim wit the keys to Queen's Park and then all bets are off as to how low the province will sink. As I said, fingers crossed and hope that polls are wrong as in they were in BC and Wynne gets the majority mandate she deserves.

the salamander said...

.. glad to hear you're helping 'get out the vote' .. ie being active, informed and concerned within your community.

That's the complete opposite of mass robotic & mass live calling.. & other crass impersonal saturation methodology, dogma, deceit and wedge politicking & attack.

This is like a WWF event.. a Rock n Rolla bible thumpin Revival session
Ontario as the loud local opening event, then a quaint mayoral event.. then the biggie, the FEDERAL 'Election'
where all stops are pulled out.. screw the rules.. it will take years to sort out if ever.. or get to court
Hell even today we are just hearing about suitcases with millions to finance Mulroney federally
Paper bags of cash? Ha ! ! Full suitcases to facilitate Canada buying foreign aircraft ? (sound familiar?)

Hopefully, Hudak loses.. Wynne gets put under the magnifying glass of suspicion & Horvath gets a fair chance.
We can help Horvath learn.. but we can teach Hudak & Wynne and their political machines nothing.. ZERO
The Green Party needs to be seen & heard.. and refine how it may function riding to riding.. I like them too!

We can see a minority government looming in Ontario.. I for one, see that as an absolute necessity.
And I also don't ever want to see a 'majority' government federally, again in my lifetime.
I want to see elected public servants looking after the constituents & citizens of the riding that elected them..
as a matter of fact.. I see the end of political parties coming over the horizon.. like a biblical sandstorm

.. and yea the evangelicals, the corporatistas, the bigots & greasy mealy partisans were flushed by the sandwinds
driven.. ridden.. chased off like cowardly jackals as the winds of change blasted away their camouflage
And the black swans followed their tawdry retreat to the bleary tar sand tailing ponds
the last holdout of the rheumy eyed Joe Oliver, the bat faced Poilievre, the furious VanLoan
where Jenni Byne cackled in delirium alongside the raving twit Novak.. the fanged Hudak & flatulent Ford
and the luckless Lecce & smarmy De Lorey croaked evermore beside the toady Clement

And on the 3rd day of the 3rd month.. The brittle Beast Harper jetted to Geneva with his security cadres
and looking down on the scarred land, the empty boreal wreckage, famously questioned..

'Over what land are we?' ..
so completely addled n coddled was he, by his own ignorance..
'I don't recognize it... is it Israel? The Promised Land?.'

And, Herr Harper was over Canada.. and Canada was over Harper ..

the salamanders have spoken ....

Steve said...

I am very worried at this moment that the tea party has taken over the world. If tea party tim wins or even shows well in this election we are all doomed to an Al Qaeda future.

Steve said...

Yahoo, two down one left to go. bye bye Stevo

Beijing York said...

Hooray! This ON election was a nail biter with the threat of Hudak winning. So relieved with the backlash against Hudak's tea bagger policies.

Simon said...

hi bcwaterboy....well it turns out the polls were wrong, the pundits looked like idiots, and the province was saved !!! And as I just finished saying in my latest post Ontario and Canada are still progressive. It couldn't be a better result, and now we can concentrate on taking the Harper Cons down...

Simon said...

hi salamander...and now the people has spoken and Hudak is with us no longer. It shows that the Cons are living in a parallel reality, they don't understand how much the Harperites have tainted their brand. And their next on the list...

Simon said...

hi said it, two down, one left to go. The Tea party of Canada just fell flat on its face with a sickening thud. And the Harperites are next...

Simon said...

Hi Beijing....yes it has been horrible having to live for weeks with the ghastly thought that Tim Hudak could be the next Premier of Ontario. But when I herded my friends to the polls, and saw all the young people there, I knew that Hudak wasn't going anywhere. I believe this is the beginning of the end for the hardline Cons in this country, and that this just shows that Canada is still a progressive country. At the end of the day I was too beat to party. But I'll make up for it in the next four or five days... ;)