Monday, June 02, 2014

The Tea Bagger Tim Hudak and the American Invasion

Damn. What a happy coincidence. Last night I was complaining about how the Liberals and the NDP were failing to go after Tim Hudak for his botched million job plan.

And for his connections to American right-wing extremists like the sinister Koch brothers, in whose think tanks that plan was hatched.

But today the Liberals came through on both fronts.

By releasing a video to let people know that Hudak can't count...

The brutish oaf.

And by making it absolutely clear where his wacko plan came from. 

Tim Hudak turned to leading lights on the American right – from Tea Party-linked think tanks to anti-tax crusaders – in his effort to craft an unabashedly small-government platform.

The itinerary, previously obtained separately by The Globe, lists meetings with Grover Norquist, famous for getting most Republican legislators to sign a promise not to hike taxes; Chris Edwards, director of fiscal policy at the libertarian Cato Institute; and labour expert James Sherk at the Heritage Foundation, a think tank led by a former Tea Party senator.

Making it clear that it was Made in America. 

And revealing the ghastly gila monster Tim Hudak to be, as I have described him. 

A creature of the Koch brothers...

Because although the Globe reporter somehow managed to write that whole story without mentioning their names.

The American economist Benjamin Zycher who "analyzed" Hudak's plan works for the American Enterprise Institute...

Which is heavily funded by the brothers.

Chris Edwards, who believes that killing government jobs creates prosperity, and described Hudak as a "good listener", works for the Cato Institute.

Formerly known as the Charles Koch Foundation.

Grover Norquist is the founder and president of Americans for Tax Reform which is also believed to be heavily funded by the Kochtopus.

And is best known for this quote:

"I'm not in favor of abolishing the government. I just want to shrink it down to the size where we can drown it in the bathtub."

And they are not as the Globe article suggests, bold visionaries of a brighter smaller government. They are right-wing Republican extremists, part of a vast conspiracy to cripple government, kill unions, drive down wages, deny climate change, destroy medicare and turn most of us into helpless slaves, while the rich get richer and richer.

They have now clearly decided that Canada should be their next target. Because as you know the Koch brothers have a keen interest in this country. 

And the fact that Tim Hudak has just become the first Canadian politician to campaign on their platform is not something that can be shrugged off or celebrated.

“It’s quite remarkable: We’re seeing a tough budget during a campaign,” said University of Moncton economist Donald Savoie. “If Hudak is successful, there’s a message for all politicians, that Canadians may be far readier for this than we assume.”

It's a huge story, it's a scandal, it's a threat to our country and its values, it's an American invasion, and it's practically TREASONOUS.

And the good news?

When combined with his bogus plan to create jobs, and his very real plan to kill 100,000 good government jobs it should help destroy the ghastly gila...

Yup. Bring on the attack ads. 

I can't wait to make mine eh?

This should be as easy as shooting a tea bag in a tea cup.

Tim Hudak is as dumb as a spoon.

He is working for the Koch brothers.

And he would turn us into Amerika...

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Steve said...

love the last image. Its to bad Canadian pols can not be so bold. I mean that literally, if any mainstream pol was to say America was a bad place there would be hell to pay..

Steve said...

Tim could not be more dangerous.
Who needs water when you have a tea party?

John B. said...

We must determine whether these foreign individuals and “special interest groups” have a “radical ideological agenda” and whether they have Canada’s best interests in mind. We will put Joe Oliver on the case.

Enjoy this one:

@55 sec

"But when I was at - doing my economics … (garbled word) … at the University of Western Ontario I started to read Hayek and Friedman; I started to understand that I was conservative. And those are principles that have always guided me in my time in public life ..."

Or should I say, "Listen and weep?" Just take a look at this pathetic performance from 2010 when Hudak had already achieved the leadership of the Ontario CRAP Party. This is what political discourse has come to in America and in Canada since these disturbed teenagers discovered they could make a living by chasing an economics degree and then spending the rest of their lives seeking to glad-hand with the economic elites by repeating bits of selected simplistic crap that Hayek, Friedman and “Starve-the-Beast” Norquist have said and misstating the ideas of Adam Smith and Edmund Burke.

Anonymous said...

I'm voting liberal but to be honest with myself, I feel that they are all the same. All three of them. I am feeling so very discouraged after reading thread after thread on Facebook of comments made by very angry people. What will be the outcome of all this anger? So many people are so very angry at Kathleen that it scares me. We can only hope that it does not mean a victory for Hudak! Even though I say that they are all the same, I do realize that there is always a lesser evil! I feel that this anger is clouding people's judgment. They don't seem to realize that if Hudak wins the election, he will do worse than Kathleen has ever done. Much, much worse! May God have mercy on us if Hudak wins! Also, I feel that the ads are not strong enough. What you publish on your blog carries so much more weight and it gets to the point! Your stuff is powerful but it's only seen by a handful of people, unfortunately!

Noah Patterson said...

The truly terrifying thing is that none of this will even reach Ontario voter's ears and Hudak will bring this monster into Ontario, into Canada, because voters have some absurd "punish the Liberals" view.
What is happening in Ontario right now is a note-for-note repeat of the situation that brought Harper to power in Canada. Do people not learn, or are they really that callous and selfish, or just plain stupid?

Or, they just won't vote at all because they've become so cynical and jaded, and of course that lack of voting just gives Hudak the edge.

e.a.f. said...

The Koch brothers financially contribute to the Fraser Institute in B.C. Its a right wing think tank, which supports the B.C. Liberals but they are as far from an Ontario Liberal as you can get.
What the Fraser Institute's "policies" gotten for people in B.C. a war with the teachers since 2002. Every time the provincial government (Christy Clark) gets taken to court by the teachesr: Clark looses. . The kids, they're trying to get an education in a system which is grossly under financed; have classes of 30 kids and in Greater Vancouver you can bet half the kids don't have English as a first language. One in five children live below the poverty line in B.C. and that is O.K,. with the Kochs, the Fraser Institute and Premier Christy Clark.

, Mothers on disability pensions were having child support deducted dollar for dollar, Clark's response was the province needed the $17Million they clawed back each yr. They were in fact mining for money in the pockets of children who live at 50% below the poverty line. The film industry gets about $284Million a year in tax rebates and the mining industry has almost a billion dollars coming from tax rebates.

If Ontario elects Hudak and his Koch brother friends you can look forward to fewer child protection staff; more children will be abused and die.
There will be no one to help families in crisis.
In B.C. you can have a class of 30, 50% not speaking English properly, with 4 disabled kids and no aids.

Senior's care homes, will go with the lowest bidder, firing unionized staff. that gets you more impoverished children because their parents have salary drops from $18 an hr. to $12 an hr. (the prevailing thought is $20 an hr. is required for a "living wage" in Vancouver)

You get tolls which you have to pay to get to work, but highways and bridges in vacation country, not so much.

You get a reduction in hospital care. They are replacing R.Ns. with LPN and care aids. In one health authority it was reported they eliminated 100 registered nursing positions.

the best part, the Kochs have bought into the resource industry in Canada in a big way so expect to see more pipelines, less environmental protection.

Having lived in a province with 10 yrs of Koch brother friendly policies, what we have is:

- the highest rate of child poverty in Canada for 10 yrs (18.4%);

- a provincial deficit of $60 BILLION and climbing. (Its gone up over 30% since Christy Clark took office);

- a lack of regards for the environment;

- privitization of anything private corporations can make a buck at (yes they charge seniors in the Fraser valley $25 a month to use their wheelchairs).

So if you like how things are going in B.C. by all means Vote Hudak and the Koch brothers. If you don't want to have B.C. living conditions in Ontario GO OUT AND VOTE FOR ANY PARY THAT ISN'T ONTARIO CONSERVATIVE. The Hell's Angles are a better option.

kootcoot said...

"And the fact that Tim Hudak has just become the first Canadian politician to campaign on their platform is not something that can be shrugged off or celebrated."

Though Tim Hudak may be the most flagrant Koch sucker to date, don't imagine that KKKRove, the Kochs and Grover among others haven;t been involved in Canadian federal elections with seminars on voter suppression, finanacial assistance and even helping man election war rooms IN CANADA during the 2011 election, all the better to co-ordinate robo-calls and other sleazy Reformatory tricks.

I'm keeping my fingers crossed that Spiteful Steve and his Royal Con Mounted A-holes won't be able to shut down the Sona trial that started today. It is difficult to stay confident though when one watches so far only those that Steve is done with go down. If politics and the justice system can't mitigate the destruction this monster and his hideous associates are doing to Canada it will eventually come to out and out violent revolution.....when you ain't got nothin' you got nothing to lose!

Anonymous said...

This is all about going global governance. First is the globe, being set up into Unions. We already have the European Union.

Putin has grabbed his Union. Putin already has the Crimea
Asia Pacific round-up. Putin signs economic Alliance with, Kazakhstan and Belarus

I believe Harper and his planeload went to Israel, to help set up a Union with, Israel, Georgia and Egypt.

There will be a South American Union and so on.

Mexico, the US and Canada will be, the North American Union (NAU) Rumor has it, Harper's so called majority was rigged. Big business has demanded the NAU, to get going.

Two Americans Wenzel and Parker, directly participated in two Conservative campaigns in Ontario. Front Porch Strategies were accused of the robo-calls, that came out of the US. Cote said, he didn't have jurisdiction to chase down the robo-calls from America.

We have American Police operating in Canada, exempt from our Laws. Obama hammered out Obamacare, similar to our health plan. Harper encourages Canadians to shop in the US, even making it easier to bring back more goods. There was talk of, having our cost of living, in line with the US cost of living.

Big business has been pushing for the NAU
May 18/2011

At the last meeting of the 3 Amigo's.
Kerry signals advance of NAU Plan

Rumor also has it? Harper and ex BC Liberal Premier Gordon Campbell, were the two chosen from Bilderberg meetings, to do the dirty deeds. They were the two thought evil enough sociopaths, to do the dirty work.The BC Liberals work for Harper. Harper nearly burst into tears when, Campbell was forced to resign. Harper rewarded Campbell the post as, High Commissioner to the U.K. Premier Christy Clark, is another Harper butt kisser.

Harper is the front man for the NAU

Stephen Harper-New World Front Man.
Dec 18/2010

Harper his so called Cons, the Campbell/Clark BC Liberals are very ugly and evil entities.

deb said...

thanks for this post, I had no idea the Koch brothers were soo heavily involved with BC, I shouldnt be surprised, and yeah the bc libs are the old socreds, and they are now planning another name change:P I really hate the fact that we got stuck with this party for another term. Dix should have tried harder in the ads, and the GOTV campaigns, everyone that he had it in the bag. Me, I still think the election was rigged:P